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Twisted Fate Build Guide by CptTeemoOnDuty

ADC gold

Twist of fate [AD]

By CptTeemoOnDuty | Updated on December 29, 2019
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Magical Footwear

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


As an ADC
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Middle Lane
Ranked #40 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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This guide will talk about Twisted fate in another light, as an AD based champion rather than AP, you can play this in most lanes, I will focus mostly on Twisted Fate as an ADC, but it is also viable as a top/jungle or even midlaner.

Disclaimer: Some of the art in this guide isn't mine so check out the original artists for it (I edited some of the originals into things like banners).


Keep in mind items and runes are situational, I highly suggest people to adapt the runes and items to their own playstyle, some might prefer higher crit rates as other prefer higher penetration or life steal. I suggest a build with some attack speed since it will allow his bonus magic damage on Stacked Deck to shine.

Twisted fate is rather squishy, I won't suggest playing him without having a team with certain engage or a "win" strategy like splitpushing.

The best and most obvious reason you should play this is the satisfying sound of his cards clashing into enemies.

There are a lot of AD items Twisted Fate can make good use of, I'll talk about a few items I love building and the reasons why.

Runaan's Hurricane: Once you build it you will understand why, it gives him better wave clear, although it doesn't trigger when using Pick A Card it still is very useful since every side hit of Hurricane gives you a stack of Stacked Deck (So you can hear those cards clashing more often).

Rapid Firecannon: This is a "famous" item for Twisted Fate even some AP builds include it for it's ability to hit people with gold card from further distances, although you sometimes might not be able to buy it due to other items.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Like Hurricane this item allows you to get Stacked Deck more often (*cough* cards sound *cough*). Sometimes you might not want to buy it due to its cost or wanting to have a more crit / life steal build with Rapid Firecannon and Infinity Edge.

Blade of the Ruined King: A very versatile item, allows you to shred some tanks easier, a good options against tankier teams and it is a very safe item to build if you get a bit behind.

As for boots, Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads are safer options for boots, since they will give you some defensive stats, some games you might prefer mobility or attack speed boots in stead.

On-Hit Twisted fate

Lethal tempo

In this case, I myself prefer Lethal Tempo, but the other options are actually viable as well. I'd choose Fleet Footwork against champions that might poke you more too, so you can sustain in lane. Lethal Tempo on the other hand is better in full attack speed builds, like other on-hit marksman. Lastly Conqueror is not really that good considering the reset only happens for non-ranged characters, but other than Conqueror, you can pick whatever suits you best. Press the Attack is especially good against tankier champions, giving added bonus damage and building items like BOTRK early on will allow you to either surprise them while they buy magic resist or even if they buy armor shred through it with the mixed damage and on-hit damage effects.


You could again consider all three options, I chose Triumph to survive after certain fights. It can also keep you healthier in heavier fights. Overheal on the other hand could be handy as items like Blade of the Ruined King are good in this type of Twisted Fate build. Lastly Presence of Mind is only good if u struggle with mana use, I usually do not.

Legend: Alacrity

Out of the three options, this option is the best overall. It grants added attack speed, which Twisted Fate can make good use of. Other than that, the other options are very situational, Tenacity is usually not needed that much on Twisted Fate, since being hit by stuns usually results in you dying regardless of the reduced time. Lastly life steal is only usefull if you will build specific items also granting it.

Coup de grace

Another case where all three runes are good, but depending on the situation. So Coup de Grace is always ok, grants extra damage when enemies are low, which is very useful overall. Cut Down is only good when you play a very squishy approach, which sometimes can not work well because of items granting extra health, but can be good against heavier tanks. Finally Last Stand, it is only useful if you intend to play on lower health, or if you know that you'll be low in a lot of trades and fights. For example, playing against a champion that will jump on you so you will take a lot of damage, granting you the possible damage to take them down before they take you down.


I like this combo, it provides extra movement speed, easier access to boots and also cookies that help with lane sustain.


9% Attack speed
Adaptive damage
15-90 HP
Path options are mostly based on his needs, attack speed because his build focuses around it, adaptive damage to grant the extra early stats needed in lane and lastly extra health to reduce his squishyness, the health can be swapped out for armor too. Also it is worth mentioning you can also swap out the attack speed for adapative damage if so desired.

Pick cards

  • Pick while walking. You could tell yourself that you could just pick a gold card slowly before you run in a lane to gank, this isn't an option since the time might run out while you try to get close. A better option is to walk into a lane while having W active and once u get closer you select the card you want to use.
  • You can attack while picking. Some people don't seem to realize that you are able to do auto-attacks while you are picking your card, might be difficult at first to keep track of both but it isn't too difficult.


On hit

Focused mostly as an on-hit (adc like) champion, use items like Guinsoo's Rageblade to put out a lot of attacks and shred even tanks with Blade of the Ruined King. Gold card is a 2 seconds stun and if you put out crits or even non crits that do around 300-400 dmg, you exceed your attack speed limit with Lethal Tempo and do around 900-1000dmg per second without critting. Gold card lasts 2 seconds so, you should easily one shot a squishier enemy.


Like AP Twisted Fate his kit allows him to "Roam" and "Gank" using his Destiny and Pick A Card (Gold card) to secure kills with his cc and team advantage.

While playing Twisted Fate try and find picks, after level 6 Destiny allows you to find stragglers of fights (People who escaped but got low), counter-gank the enemy jungler doing certain camps (Maybe lower health do to clearing or ganks), people after lane fights who try to back and were left alone or solo laners. Basically try to find people with Destiny during the game who are secluded from enemies.

If you want to splitpush you can also use Destiny as an escape tool, to join allied fights or to join your team to take objectives while luring the enemy towards you.

Twisted Fate needs to be able to pull gold cards frequently, red cards might help in certain situations to slow multiple enemies in stead of stunning just one, but usually in a gank you want to be able to stun an enemy, if you haven't played Twisted Fate often, try practising on pulling gold cards fast.


Twisted fate can be played as a jungler too.

I usually start taking red or blue depending on the side I start, move towards wolves then the other respective buff. After that going scuttle but being cautious of enemies (Like the enemy jungler). Then you can decide wether to gank mid or top, or even scout out enemy red/blue if the enemy jungler is slow to clear. You might expect to be able to do raptors easily with red card but from my experience it usually results in a lot of hp loss.

Hunter's potion can be completed if you struggle to keep your Health up but certain games you might not bother to buy it and use the money on an initial item.

Starting with Pick A Card allows you to stun your the camp and kite around it easier to ensure you stay healthy. As mentioned before when ganking try to pick a gold card while moving into lane, not before since you might lose the gold card before reaching an enemy trying to get away from you.

At level 6 Destiny opens the map up a lot for you as you can make almost global ganks, kill stragglers and be available for objectives more often. Counterganks and counterjungling are also a lot easier with Destiny, being able to walk in the jungle steal a buff and if cornered teleport out makes you feel a lot safer. Plus you always have a handy on hit stun available if anything happens.

Pick A Card also helps you mana use early on as blue card refunds a lot of your spend mana, for example using blue card against rift scuttle is a good way to replenish your used mana. Always make sure you have enough mana before a gank as well, since you might have to pull several gold cards if a counter gank happens and you might have to use Destiny to follow up someone who escapes the gank.


  • Not much to talk about, yay extra gold every minion whoopie. At least you'll get ahead faster or be able to recover with farm.

Wild cards

  • Don't bother leveling it, only if you think you might be able to get a kill with it when someone escapes with a sliver of health. I sometimes put a point in it early but that's about it, not much else to talk about.

Pick a card

  • Click once to get cards displayed then click again to select the card you want, you usually want gold cards to gank/engage and the others to either get extra mana or do AoE dmg.
  • This ability has a hidden passive, if you ever pull the wrong card (Blue or Red) if you are fighting an enemy, your team will proceed to blame you and call you out on it. No pressure.
  • Just in case you don't know yet, Gold stuns the target for 2s, Red does damage in a circle and slows the targets in it and Blue does most damage out of all of them (base damage) and will grant you back some mana.

Stacked deck

  • You don't need to do anything to use this ability, you'll just do more damage every few auto-attacks. Guinsoo's Rageblade and Runaan's Hurricane will make it proc way more often.
  • It has the added bonus of making an even better sound.


  • Use it to teleport to lane, who needs teleport anyway... oh yea and if you are jungle, well then blue buff here I come.
  • It's good to grant vision on enemies when you don't know where they are, for example when split pushing.
  • It's good to catch people out, lonely adc's trying to farm, squishy midlaners who just wanted to get those poor raptors or anything along those lines, also good to gank lanes.
  • One of the few things that still reveal EVERYTHING on the map, yes this includes a Twisted Fate sitting in a bush, a Vayne trying outplay you with ult, it's very good against those characters to just activate this ability just for the vision, not even to use it's second active (the teleport).

Future section for examples :D.

  • You can hear one of the best sounds in the game more often.
  • Gold card allows you to pick of enemies.
  • You'll understand the heart of the cards.

  • He is quite squishy.
  • People flaming at you for picking a blue card when you run out of mana in stead of a gold card.
  • Wishing you were able to throw cards in real life but not able to do it.

League of Legends Build Guide Author CptTeemoOnDuty
CptTeemoOnDuty Twisted Fate Guide