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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necronetwork

Twisted Ankle

Necronetwork Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Sup, I play TF alot and I've noticed that alot of people build him as an AD or Hybrid damage dealer, even sometimes AP. To be honest I don't follow any of these builds, this is my own build for Twisted Fate. I do not think of myself as a professional but I encourage you to try this if you're a big TF player, if played right you are an unstoppable machine (with good teammates of course!). This is my first guide, and I am a rookie so I apologize and ask for your considerations when voting/commenting.

If you're still reading you might aswell carry on :)

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Pros / Cons

- Excellent Farmer (Red/Blue Cards)
- One of the best ultis in the game (Free teleport to anywhere on the map + enemy vision)
- Can drop em' like its hot if you're farmed and have a decent team (Voice chat works wonders!)
- Ulti can be used to check baron and other hotspots if no one has CV (Clairvoyance) on your team
- Probably the best assasin in game without stealth (and sometimes better than those!)
- Is one of the best first blood characters when laning (not midding!) with a friend.

- Insanely squishy at start
- If you suck balls at the start of the game, you will suck balls throughout. (this is easily avoidable!)
- Prone to ganks if your teammates don't call Miss (however with flash and if you pull a gold/red you can overcome this, also you can use your ulti to escape (however I don't advise this as I see it as a huge waste unless you're the last person alive)
- Reliant on Auto attacks, which means without a quicksilver or a cleanse (feel free to pick these up if they suit you) character like Heim and Teemo can steamroll you if played wrong!
IMPORTANT! It's important to remember that Pick a Cards effects (Blue mana regen/Red slow/Gold stun STILL APPLY even if you miss!)

TL;DR Version: TF is a beast

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Considering most of the damage from this build is magic, a bit of MPen never hurt anybody.

Greater Seal of Vitality (Suggested by Rudmed, thanks mate) - Fate is a squishy turd...these end up giving him a little bit more survivability in fights, and this can more often that not be the difference between life or death.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power - Some extra AP throughout the game, helps Stacked Deck (these were attack speed runes before but I tested this build with no runes whatsoever and my attack speed with a green elixer was 2.487 which is 0.013 off of cap)

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed - Twisted Fate is quite slow, so these are awesome to counter that!

TL;DR Version Get Magic Pen and AP aswell as MS quints

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A standard 21/0/9 build here, ditching crit as it isn't a necessity in this build. Getting that 1 point in Utility Mastery for Red Lizard buff!

TL;DR Version Cookie cutter 21/0/9 build - Get 1 point in Utility Master

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Sorcerer's Shoes - These give some magic pen for teams that may be stacking MR, these are also good as virtually all the damage from this build is Magical.


Mercury's Treads - These give you some MR, as well as some CC Reduction which can be important to teamfights, pick these up against teams with alot of stuns, or general AP teams.

Sword of the Divine - An excellent chunk of attack speed, an awesome passive (very similar to Stacked Deck), and finally an excellent active that helps you shred foes throughout the game (remember to use it alot!).

Wit's End - Yet again, a chunk of attack speed, 42 bonus damage per attack (whilst raising your own MR) and a bit of passive Magic Resist which never hurts!

Madred's Bloodrazor - Another bit of attack speed, some damage, a passive that deals 4% of the targets max health each hit! ...oh and a little bit of armour too ;)

Malady - A large amount of attack speed, a little bit of AP (which helps Stacked Deck a little) and another awesome passive that drops both Health and Magic Resist making all your other items Stacked Deck do more damage!

Void Staff - Some AP...shweet. Some magic pen which is excellent for our damage with our items and Stacked Deck which is nothing to shy away from. (Thanks to "Pwnzor1130" for this helpful insight)

Another item you may consider...
Frozen Mallet - Icing on the cake really, a lump of health which gives us that bit of survivability, an awesome passive that means NONE SHALL ESCAPE! *Evil Laugh*

ALTERNATIVELYyou can build the Malady and Void Staff early against a team that has alot of Magic Resist (especially Galio). Build these before Wit's End if unsure, you still need Sword of the Divine at the start.

Blessing of the Lizard Elder - It should be noted here, that this is an extremely important part of this build mid-late game. All your attacks will do even MORE damage as well as slowing and can even get killing blows on foes that run as it sometimes procs a couple of seconds after an attack!

TL;DR Version Sword of the Divine > Sorcerer's Shoes > Wit's End > Malady > Madred's Bloodrazor > Void Staff

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Absolutely essential for TF, allows him to finish mofo's off, or make like a tree and get the **** out! This is pretty much a given for all characters but it also allows you a 2nd chance if you screw up on placement of your Ulti-port.

Teleport - Another essential (in my opinion) allows you to leave your lane (ganking with your ulti usually) and come straight back, you can also use it to get out of sticky situations (like an incoming gank).

Other useful summoner spells:
Ghost Cleanse Ignite Exhaust

Summoner Spells to avoid:
Smite Revive Fortify Rally Clairvoyance Clarity Heal

TL;DR Version Use FLASH! and TELEPORT!

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Skill Sequence

Loaded Dice - Fates Passive, this is beast for you, and your other 4 team members. Each kill (minion/jungle creep/champion) grants an extra 2g. Might sound silly to some but that extra 2g every last hit adds up pretty damn fast!

Wild Cards Fates AP attack, he launches 3 cards in a \ | / direction (with fate in the middle). Generally, for this build, this skill is practically useless but at max level this can still hit fairly hard and is excellent for killing creeps.

Pick A Card Fates Bread n' Butter usable ability. Fate picks 3 cards, cycling through each one every second we have;

Red - AOE Damage and slow. Excellent for Team fights, harassing and farming.
Blue - Harder hitting and returns mana on hit. Excellent for harassing, getting mana back,
Gold- Stuns, your main card against other players, pretty self explanatory. Use it to rape!

Stacked Deck - This is TFs main damage skill, the best part's PASSIVE! meaning it does all the work by itself. HOWEVER a pro tip I will give you is this, for early game harassment, once you have both Pick A Card and Stacked Deck attack a creep 3 times for 3 charges, then pick whatever card you want, and fire it for both the Stacked Deck damage, and the damage from whatever card you picked!

Destiny - The best ulti ever, you teleport WHEREVER THE **** YOU WANT! Not only that, but you can see all dem' mudda****as' on the other team. Perfect ganking tool, pop it when you're ready to assasinate folks (especially junglers!).

TL;DR Version: Use gold cards/Gank with your ulti/Get stacked deck to 5 first

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Team Work

It is important for me to mention here, that I DO NOT mid with TF. Don't get me wrong, he's fully capable, but his skills just allow for so much more when paired with someone else. I also (almost) always play with a friend of mine, we use Skype and this makes setting up kills MUCH easier, I encourage you all to play with atleast 1 friend and use some form of Voice Chat!.

(FYI: This is my friends profile

Early game you want to focus on last hits and harassing, use blue cards ALOT and pay attention to Stacked Deck stacks and abuse the 4th hit along with that blue card.

In team fights, your main role is to dps the **** out of their carries and get the hell out, always prioritize your own life over a kill (Unless its a "worth it" situation e.g. you will die but it will be an ace).

Also you can use your ulti to mop up the mess that's left over of the wrecking ball attack your team have made.

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I will be cleaning this up and checking back alot for the comments so please tell me your thoughts, tell me if you've had success, tell me if you sucked balls. I look forward to your feedback, thanks for your patience.

On a side note, I would appreciate if folks actually tried the build before voting.