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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paperthreader

Twisted Fate - Speed Dealer

Paperthreader Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twisted Fate was the first character on League of Legends that appealed to me. I've been though tons of builds with him, trying out everything from pure AP to pure AD. After much experience and testing, I've made a Twisted Fate build that is perfect for my playstyle, and maybe yours too: Attack Speed Twisted Fate. This build focuses on Stacked Deck and maximizing it's effectiveness with attack speed items.

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9x Greater Marks of Insight
At first glance, you may be confused as to why magic penetration is appropriate for an attack speed build. However, with Stacked Deck and Sword of the Divine, most of your damage will be magic damage. Pick A Card also benefits from Magic Penetration, but most of your damage won't be coming from that.

9x Greater Seals of Alacrity
These seals will give you a whopping +6.84 attack speed boost. Combined with your masteries and items you should have at least 2.400 attack speed late game. This will help keep your attack speed high without redundantly hitting the attack speed cap (2.500).

9x Greater Glyphs of Insight
These glyphs are the only logical choice for this build. Many of the bonuses from glyphs don't help this build too much, so magic penetration is the best choice.

3x Greater Quintessences of Fortitude
I use the quintessences on almost any character. They give a serious advantage early game, even after the nerf.

Other acceptable runes

Greater mark of desolation and Greater Mark of Attack Damage - While this is a magic damage focused attack speed build, some flat damage and armor penetration are also beneficial.
Greater Seal of Evasion - Lots of people carry this rune on multiple character. It's useful in almost any situation. However, for this build, Greater Seal of Attack Speed is extremely helpful and highly recommended if you want to play this build seriously.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power - This provides a neat boost to your Pick A Card and Stacked Deck

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Why 21/0/9?

Many people choose to dump 21 points into defensive masteries because Twisted Fate is rather squishy. However, I find that those 21 points in defensive masteries often go to waste because Twisted Fate should never ever initiate any teamfight ever. He also gets most of his kills when his target is stunned, where offensive masteries are far more helpful.

Offensive Masteries

Because you are a character that benefits from any and all offensive masteries, you have a lot of freedom in what to pick. Feel free to pick up whatever you like, however Archaic Knowledge and Havoc are IMPERATIVE. If you're not level 21 yet, just grab Archaic Knowledge and dump the rest of your points in whatever you like.

Utility Masteries

Unlike the offensive masteries, nothing from this build is a necessity, however everything here is beneficial to you. Perserverence can help you lane a little bit longer if you're having trouble getting to 6 before you recall. Haste (the Ghost mastery) is extremely helpful and gives your Ghost a lovely boost. Awareness can give you a level advantage (even though almost everyone and their grandmother gets this mastery now). Utility Mastery will help you keep the Red Lizard Buff for a longer period of time, which is a HUGE help in attack speed builds.

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Summoner Spells

- Flash is a MUST-HAVE on Twisted Fate. Flashing into a fight with a Gold Card can earn you a nice surprise kill. Almost always use this offensively. If you need to get away use something else, like....
- While not as necessary as Flash, Ghost is helpful in getting away. Use this in chase scenarios, whether you are the chaser or the one being chased.

The summoner spells are pretty good choices to use in any game. I high recommend using both of them, ESPECIALLY Flash. However, there a few alternatives for Ghost that you can use:
Exhaust - This is a good choice if you like chasing and also like a to 1v1 (Which Twisted Fate does a lot, thanks to Destiny). Besides weakening an opponent in a 1v1 scenario, use it like you would Ghost: In chases!
Ignite - This skill is really helpful to get a few early game kills. Use it on a fleeing enemy with little health. This should generally be used to kill runners at the end of fights, but use it at the start of fights if the other team has a healing champion like Nidalee or Soraka.
Teleport - Bring this if your team has a Teemo. Being able to teleport to his shrooms is total winsauce, it's like a second Destiny.
Heal - I don't bring this skill too often, but if it suits your playstyle, go for it.

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Oh the fun part of the build: the items! The items in this build focus on on-hit effects and attack speed.

Start with a Doran's Blade. Why? It's awesome. That's why. The Doran's items are the most cost effective items in the game. Keep this until you need more room. I usually don't sell it in most games~

Berserker's Greaves help you in early game farming. By the time you get these, you should have a few points in Stacked Deck, making you lethal. Rushing tier-2 boots early also helps you chase people down.

Grab a for some survivability. You'll eventually build this into Bilgewater Cutlass for some bonus lifesteal+AD, and eventually into a Hextech Gunblade. You may also build your Vampiric Scepter into a The Bloodthirster or Zeke's Harbinger if you like (Though you'll most likely hit the attack speed cap with Starks). Any lifesteal is good lifesteal.

Sword of the Divine - PERHAPS THE FUNNEST ITEM EVER. SERIOUSLY. SOMETIMES I RUSH THIS BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The attack speed bonus from this is a HUGE help to you. The passive is like a second Stacked Deck. They both activate every 4 attacks, causing a mini-nuke every 2 seconds late game. The active on this is spectacular too. Use it often: When attacking enemy champions, turrets, super minions, buff monsters, dragon, and baron. The armor penetration boosts your damage significantly, and it keeps enemies from dodging your attacks. It also makes a cool sound.

Malady - Second only to Sword of the Divine, this item owns so much. The attack speed helps you (duh), and the on hit effects help you a lot too. It lowers enemy magic resist, making you even more effective. It also deals magic damage per second, which is boosted from your runes and masteries.

B.F. Sword - By now you should be craving some attack damage, and this item will do the trick. Upgrade this to whatever you want, preferably The Black Cleaver, which will give you a nice attack speed boost. The on hit effect of this, along with Malady will support your team in teamfights! You'll also stack the effects of this pretty quickly with Twisted Fate's insane attack speed.

Madred's Bloodrazor - This item increases your damage, attack speed, and gives you yet another on-hit effect that deals even more magic damage! By the time you get this item, the game should be over.

Sorcerer's Shoes - Replace your old boots with this after you finish your build. This item will severely boost the effectiveness of your magic damage. If you miss your attack speed, just buy an Elixir of Agility for a quick fix.
If you have champions like Sivir, Nidalee, or Warwick who will boost your attack speed, buy these first. With other champion's buffs, you will exceed the attack speed cap late game, which is redundant and should be avoided at all costs.

Situational Items

Here is a list of a few items you can switch out too if your team isn't doing so hot, or if the other team has an easily countered team composition.
Thornmail - Buy this if they have 4+ pesky DPS champions. It will increase your survivability if you keep dying to them.
Banshee's Veil - If they have a 4+ magic damage carries on their team.
Quicksilver Sash - While this item is strictly situational, it can ruin a magic-heavy enemy team with it's cheap and effective MR. The active on this is very nice - USE IT. It's extremely helpful against Malzahar, Teemo, and Mordekaiser and EVERY CHAMPION THAT EVER USED CROWD CONTROL EVER. This item will save your butt over and over again if you know how to use it.
Frozen Mallet - I love this item so much. It's great for chasing and keeps you alive if you keep getting ganked. The bonus AD helps your damage a bit too.
Infinity Edge or anything else with significant AD - "Buy Infinity Edge if you are losing? Are you crazy?!" No, I'm not crazy! Only buy this if it's late game and you really need to backdoor a few turrets. Your Stacked Deck + Sword of the Divine don't effect turrets, so it's best to replace them with AD if you need to backdoor efficiently. This strategy should only be used in desperate times.

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Skills and how to use them

Stacked Deck - The main skill in this build! It let's you devastate an enemy every 4th hit. You can also use this to last-hit minions if you're greedy. During early game, use this to harass an enemy; every 4 attacks, just walk up to an enemy champion and slap them with this. This will usually take a good bit of their health and wear them down pretty quickly.

Pick a Card - This is what makes Twisted Fate who he is. Learn how to use this so that you always pick the card you want. One failed card select could ruin an entire team fight; I've seen it happen. LEARN HOW TO USE THIS. Also, pick your card while out of the enemy's sight whenever you can, the element of surprise helps you a lot since enemies learn quickly and it's easy to get out of auto-attack range.
Red Card - Use this for farming and harassing. Use this on a cluster of minions to help you push a lane faster. Also, the AoE on this is a lot bigger than many people think. Try to avoid using this directly on champions, they'll just run as soon as they notice you targeting them. Instead, use it on a minion near a champion, so they get hit by the AoE. Follow up with a few auto-attacks on them while they're slowed for a nice burst.
If you get the chance to land a direct hit on an enemy with this, try to stack it with Stacked Deck for a nice mini-nuke.
Gold Card - The best card to initiate with. If you're chasing, use the Gold Card, NOT THE Red Card. Gold Card is superior for chasing in almost any situation. It's also good if you are fleeing from a SINGLE enemy champion. However, if you're fleeing from multiple enemy champions in one area (which rarely happens since enemies usually gank from all sides) use the Red Card for a group slow. In teamfights, SPAM THIS CARD! Prioritize stunning the enemy carry and support characters. Having a single character stunned for almost half the teamfight can make a huge difference.
Blue Card - This card has arguably the least usage out of the three, but it shines in some situations. Use this when you are low on mana (which rarely happens). You can also use this to last hit minions at no cost (the cost of this skill is ALWAYS lower than the amount you gain back, don't be afraid to spam this). This is also the best card to use on turrets and jungle monsters, since stuns/slows aren't necessary for killing them.

Wild Cards - This skill is the least useful skill in your arsenal. You max it last for a reason. Hit minion lines coming straight at you with it if you really want to push quickly. You can also harass with this, since it has the most range of all of your abilities. However, if you're in range for an auto-attack, it's almost always better to poke the enemy with an auto-attack instead.

Destiny - Twisted Fate's ultimate, my favorite ultimate. To be a successful Twisted Fate, you have to be map aware at ALL TIMES. You should be constantly glancing at the minimap and moving your camera around to see if anyone needs help, because you can turn a 2v2 into a 2v3 in a matter of seconds. Try to gank from behind if you are confident you can land a kill. If you are helping your team defend, gate to the front of the enemy. Always use this ultimate to help your team. If you get the idea the enemy is plotting something nasty, like a full-team gank, use Destiny to figure out where they are, and possibly save your team. And remember, you don't HAVE to Gate after using your ultimate, sometimes it's better if you stay where you are. You can also use this skill to reveal stealthed enemies in teamfights if you suspect they may be nearby. This skill is also what makes Twisted Fate so good at backdooring turrets. But remember, ONLY BACKDOOR IF YOUR TEAM IS LOSING. If your team is winning, the enemy team will often play very defensively, and a backdoor will often lead to your death. If you are losing, the odds of you getting away are increased because the enemy team will be too focused on pushing. However, if you overstay your visit to their side of the map, they'll probably kill you. Backdooring should be done efficiently, in a very short amount of time. If you plan to backdoor a lot, refer to the situational items in the Items section of this guide.

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How to Play

Most of the Twisted Fate strategies are mentioned in my skills section, however here is a guide on how to play, organized by level.

Levels 1-5

Farming and harassing should be your only priorities right now. If you brought Ignite, try to earn an early kill, perhaps a First Blood. With your stun, you do make a great early game killer, use it to punish overextended enemies.

Level 6

This level has a section all to itself. Why? Because it's a HUGE turning point in your playstyle; you just got your ultimate Destiny. When you hit this level, recall and buy whatever you can afford. At base, scan the lanes to see if there's anyone worth ganking. If there is, tell your team so you can organize a gank. If not, go back to your lane and farm some more. At this point of the game, you should be extremely map aware, more than anyone on your team.

Levels 7-12

During these levels you should have gotten your Sword of the Divine and maxed your Stacked Deck, your two main damage dealers. These are the levels where you begin to shine; milk your potential to it's fullest, and gank as much as possible. You should also start grabbing the Red Lizard Buff. The Red Lizard Buff is imperative for this build. You can even ward the lizards if you want, and gank anyone that tries to steal your precious buffs. As an attack speed character, you're usually the best candidate on your team for the Red Lizard Buff. If someone on your team wants it, politely ask them if you can have it; it's hard to argue with someone who can do over 2 attacks/second.

Levels 13-18

By now, the enemy team probably has a good bit of damage. This is where you become the glass cannon you truly are. The days of ganking the enemies from behind are pretty much over by the time you hit 18. However, teleporting into teamfights can turn a battle around. Use that to your advantage. Join a team fight once all the enemies have comitted to someone, try to avoid being targeted at all costs. Focus the enemy carries and supports in teamfights. And flee if they start to focus you.

Late Game

By now they game should be at it's closing with a clear winner. If that clear winner is not you, proceed to backdoor and possibly turn the game around. See the Destiny section of the Skills section for a brief guide how to backdoor. In short, backdoor if you're losing, keep on rolling if you're winning.

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Thank you for reading my guide! I hope many people can try this build and perhaps learn something from it. Comment and rate up if you liked my guide! If you didn't constructive criticism is always welcome!

Special Thanks to: BellsCall, Auzima, Kogeru, and Sadaki for playing with me and putting up with me when I get impatient LOL <333
Huge thanks to Yotipo for proofreading my guide~ I make more typos than a 3-legged Chinese cat ;A;