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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Kirasyras

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kirasyras

Twisted way to Straight victory

Kirasyras Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! I am Kirasyras and this is my first guide.Here I will explain how to play AP Twisted Fate and why he is truly good champion.Please do not just look at item list and say "this sux, -1" before reading guide and actually trying it in game.Anyway I hope that everyone will find something useful here.

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Pros / Cons


    One of the best pokes in game
    High dmg whole match
    Has variety of cc
    Built in teleport
    One of the few champions which can restore mana to himself


    vulnerable to cc
    may require some practice to quickly draw right card
    low range of autoattacks

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are important part of match.It can be even game changing sometimes,but mostly helps you to score kills or escape from dangerous situations.

Best choises:

Overall nice spell,which can be used both offensively or defensively.I cant even count how many times it saved my ***, although helped to get kills.Offensive uses of Flash will be explained in skill sequence.
Another good fully aggresive spell.It actually has 2 purposes.First is to add it to your burst, it deals true damage so it is not lowered by resistances, everyone had that annoying moment when enemy escapes with about 30 hp, so ignite can secure kills.Second use is to reduce healing and regeneration.Veryy useful to cut off Soraka, Sona, Taric heals for carries, or those insane regenerations of Dr. Mundo and Swain

Not bad:

You will mostly use it defensively to escape from chasers such as Udyr,but for offensive uses it is not very good for ap because that Exhaust have low range and you want to keep yourself as far as you can.However it can still be used to shut down ad carries damage.
Although it is good spell I am not fan of this.Sure you can use it to escape but if you get some harder cc you are still dead,but when chasing someone with your team you can activate Ghost to catch him and use Pick A Card gold card to stun him.
Actually it is good if enemy has some hard cc for example Veigar Event Horizon, so you can take stun off and gtfo before he nukes you.
After recent buff it heals pretty nice amount, so it can save you and your team sometimes,never underestimate this spell.
Really good choise actually.You can telep to lane quickly or even to placed ward for good gank,so saving alot time and exp lose.
Overall good spell for ranked, but at normals not much use because there pretty rarely is a jungler, and it is support or maybe jungler job to take it.

Bad ones:

Maybe if you plan to die, but you aren't.Or...?
You have self mana restore,why the hell you want another?
Maybe, just a maybe at beggining, later it is fully useless.
Pretty good.But only on hybrids.For ap build that little ap is too low, and attack speed is useless.

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Runes hmmm...They are not game changing though but can give some early game advantage but these are my choises:


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Mpen runes are standart for casters, aditional hp will increase survivability together with Rod of Ages and some more ap is always good.
If you don't like these or don't have these are good alternatives:

Greater Mark of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Health
Yes i know greater mark of potency isn't very good but it gives a little early game dmg,actually for casters isn't any useful alternatives for marks except [[greater mark of insight. greater seal of defenseMany players prefer flat armor bonus which is useful only in beggining about after 10 lv these marks armor given surpasses flat ones,and gives some nice defense.At low levels they are not much of use, you are going mid where 90% of times you will be laning against ap carry. Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction at 18 lv gives about 8% cdr,you have 4% from masteries,and 15% from stacked deck,so total is 27% which are really good considering that you have no cdr items.And well hp rune,some hp helps to lane longer since you don't take Doran's Ring

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For masteries i go 21/0/9 but it is still possible to go 21/9/0 to have more survivability at early game.
i go this way to get more damage and in utility for mostly for runnic affinity however Expanded Mind is not very useful but still better than few movement points from Swiftness .

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Skill Sequence

Ah skills,let's see what we have and where we can use it.

probably one of the best passives which affects whole team, 2 gold pieces for every minion or monster kill, such champions as Gangplank or Ashe knows why it is awsome,if you know what i mean:)
Wild cards,our main ability in game.It has 0,65 ap scaling, and at beggining of match(couting with runes,masteries and considering that you took boots instead of doran ring) you have 22,45 ap.With Doran's Ring you have 40,25 ap.So let's count: our Wild Cards at 1 lv now deals 26,16 additional magic damage.It's base amount is 60, so 60+26=86 dmg,which is really nice amount even by lowered by enemies magic resist.
Pick a card?OK!This is our second main spell.Actually 3in1.You need to click ability then click W again when needed card is shown.(TF is probably not the best champion for those with laggy pc because of this).
Cards are:

Yellow- Deals least damage of all 3 cards, but at max lv stuns target for 2 seconds,making it invaluable at ganking.
Blue- Deals most damage of all 3 cards and restore 65% of dealt damage as mana,so you can use Wild Cards to harass and use blue card for restoring mana or just for easier last hitting.
Red- Average damage, but deals aoe damage and gives 50% slow,not bad card, it can be used for indirect harass or teamfights to deal more damage.

Stacked deck.What can i say,pretty not much use of it for ap build, but when ganking some aditional damage is always welcome(be already prepared it to proc on next hit).Anyway 15% cdr never hurt anyone.
Ah destiny!The ability which makes twisted fate god, it reveals all champions so you see incoming ganks,but most importantly-it allows you to teleport at pretty huge distance-nearly half map.It lets you to prepare quick assasination,but to have ally for additional damage is good too.
Assasination: watch map for lonely target which overextanded,would be nice if he have not much hp,and maybe your ally nearby for additional damage and maybe cc.Ok.So you teleport to bushes behind the target,before teleporting prepare gold card, Stacked Deck proc would be nice too.Ok.Now you come out of bushes and throw your gold card,then quickly use Wild Cards, while target is stunned he is easy target for it,if target still has about 10% hp use ignite,if he somehow still survives try to catch him with another stun/slow card and another Wild Cards, if he is faster think:if i Flash to him would he be close enough to use Pick A Card?If so, do it.And now?PROFIT!!!

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Items are another important part of any champion, excluding that one match where i saw morgana which played whole match with only Doran's Ring and still got pretty good amount of kills:)
Ok so my main items are:


there 2 viable choises- Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Sorcerer's Shoes.CDR boots is mostly for reducing cdr on Destiny and to assasinate more,but i more prefer Mpen boots because of more damage dealt by Q, although both are viable.


At the beggining there is 2 choises: Boots of Speed and Health Potion or Doran's Ring.Begginers with TF can choose doran,but actually mana regen is useless when you can just use blue card.Still, additional hp and some ap can help you to survive long enough to farm gold while harrasing with nice dmg.Boots+pots allows to evade skillshots,meaning that you take less dmg,and even if you get heavily harrased you can still heal up+such start do not slow your build.
Deadly items which change your damage from not bad to OMFG DID HE JUST NUKED 1/3 OF MY HP?Rush this item quickly so you can do alot damage when harassing+nice thing when poking before team fights.
While some people think that this item should take support, I believe that "you need-you take" because support is not always near.With Rabadon's Deathcap you deal have damage so meaning that if you use Wild Cards on minion wave you restore nice amount of hp,so you can stay in lane for loooong time.However if you are getting owned take Rod of Ages before this.
Not much to say, good amount of ap+40% of Mpen which allows to nuke even tanks.If doing some maths: you have 10% Mpen from masteries,20% from boots, and 40% from boots,and well roughly 5% from runes so totally 75% Mpen makes magic resist items pretty much useless.
Hmm,i wasn't actually fan of it until i got advice and tried it on TF.Then i realised-using Pick A Card activates it, you have huge amount of ap from rabadon's so you deal HUGE damage with it, no matter you use gold card for stun,or blur for mana restore,i really underrated this item before.By the way some movement speed can sometimes do wonders:)

Situational items:

These items depends on how game is going,what are the enemies,and actually what you lack,so these are possible choises.
As for caster it gives huge amount of hp,some ap,and slow on spells.So?It means that your gold card stuns and slows too,your later casted Wild Cards too.I know you may say that you already have built in slow,but I added it to situationals because it is all around item.
Defensive item actually,very useful against such abilities as Morgana Dark Binding so you survive such tricks and avoid full bursts.
Another nice item, was in my core build before but it is expensve as hell and only useful when enemy have alot ad champions,still it's active can save you from huge damage burst from for example Brand.
Underrated item for Twisted Fate it gives good amount of hp+some ap, so you are not so squishy now, passive of this item also helps to sustain in lane if you don't have chance of farming with blue card which restore both mana and hp.

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Farming.As all champions you want farm.Unlike junglers and supports you have right to take all minions kills.Best place to farm is mid lane.Unless you push alot,it is hard to gank because of low distance to your tower.At early levels you can last hit with Pick A Card blue card.Later if there are minions with low hp out of your reach and close to the enemy you can kill them with Wild Cards,although this way you will probably be pushing and placing yourself in dangerous position in case of jungler gank.

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Team Work

At team fights your job is to do ALOT aoe damage with Wild Cards.Try to hit as many enemies as possible,but don't go too close to the fight.Your next priority is to keep stunning their dps dealers, such as Vayne.Never forget that this spell shuts down channeling spells too.IN YOUR FACE KATARINA!Heh just kidding, but actually it cancels Katarina, Malzahar, Nunu ultimates so you can save alot lives by that.

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As I said this is my first guide so feel free to comments,maybe will leave any advices,if you liked it press +1:)Now I am preparing for exams,but when they end I will add screenshots, maybe video of gameplay, and I will keep this guide updated with every patch.