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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSpitInYourFace

tWitcH the Bastard Jungler S3

iSpitInYourFace Last updated on July 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there summoners,

This build is dedicated to one of my favorite champions since 2011 (old Twitch so much funnnnnn).The reason i love this rat so much (even after the rework that messed his stealth) is that he is soooo much funny to play and u have to use your brain to employ deceptive tactics.
In my opinion Twitch is born to be jungler!!! Yes he is a fine adc BUT his stealth ability (which is the best stealth ability of the game) makes him the MOST BASTARD ANNOYING ganker :D and an almost surefire 1 blooder! (i miss the days where adcs go mid! funny 95% 1 blood strategy)
Jungler Twitch must follow a specific strategy so he can carry the fact you play as a secondary ganker adc.Please give a good read on the ''Rat in the Jungle'' section and go then for a try on a normal game! I m pretty sure that you will have so much funny moments! Enjoy my sickness! :)

P.S i wanna keep this guide short and easy as my other builds are, so i dont include whole chapters for masteries/runes and abilities/items...just read the notes on them...

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- very high chance of 1 blood
- super lethal ganking skills:AD RANGED AA,STEALTH,AoE SLOW,UNDODGEBALE HIGH RANGE BOOM DMG EXPUNGE and for the lucker 40 hp victims who Flashed away ...DMG OVER TIME POISON!!!
- if the strategy goes well at 10 mins then...GG
- opponents underestimate Twitch as jungler. Exploit this fact!
- season 3 is very profitable for the rat
- opponents MUST invest some precious gold on consumables in order to keep their mentality ON mode ;)


- squishy and squishy
- if the strategy did not work then you will be behind all the mid game
- you have to be extremely aware.The rat needs good map awareness and perception
- some players will find this jungle pick as a trolling pick

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A Rat in the Jungle (step by step)

1) the game a Doran's Blade rank expunge and go red buff! Ask help from your teammates

2) dont let your teammates pull hard! THEY just give a little pull and finish it alone USING Smite (MAKE IT CLEAR TO YOUR TEAMMATES AND WARN YOUR MID ALLY THAT YOU WILL GANK AFTER RED)
the reason for using Smite and no hard pull is that u have to gain 2 lvl after red buff with no extra delay...if it happens not to gain lvl after red go for wraiths fast!

3) if things worked good then u are lvl 2 and the enemy mid laner is lvl 1.Rush for a gank NOW!!!! u have red buffed attacks, Ambush, expunge and Ignite!!! hide in bushes and DONT WAIT AT ALL! Ambush and go for the kill WITH THE HELP of your ally. Go BEHIND the enemy and use Ignite,attack as many times you can and expunge! This is a 1 blood OR the lucker escapes with 15 hp BUT you gine a nice early advantage to your ally ;)

4) IGNORE WOLVES AND GO STRAIGHT BLUE.After blue and with double buff gank top lane.If you are very low HP go for shopping (some pots or boots) and then gank top.

5) DONT gank bottom lane before 10 mins and DONT stay for a long time in the jungle! go for kills in mid lane or top lane OR give them advantage by harrassing their enemies.

6) IF u are about to gank bottom because the situation dictates it, DONT USE THE BUSH FOR GANK because probably its warded...gank straight from BEHIND your turret BUT Ambush from the fog of war so the enemies wont be aware of your presence and try to kill the SUPPORT easy and fast! In assistance of your teammates you can obliterate bot lane!

7) ALWAYS RUSH FOR Runaan's Hurricane and then for Infinity Edge for more fast jungling and farming.After lvl 6 and once you have Runaan's Hurricane you can invade opponent jungler for a buff steal (put a handful of wards before you do that).If I am about to follow the Gangsta aftercore itemization (70% of my games are with these items) then i buy the sooner possible an Avarice Blade.Its very useful for your gold income! Sometimes it happens to take first blood and second blood at the first 4 mins! Recall immediately and buy Avarice Blade and pots! GG!

8) All in all dont play Twitch as a pure jungler! The goal is to shut down early game mid and top enemy laners by exploiting Ambushand getting gold from kills and not from jungling.The successful Twitch jungler shines from 2-10 mins. and as a carry champion he can melt the enemy team late game with full build.

9) After laning phase keep buying Oracle's Elixir and sabotage enemy map control! VERY VERY CRUCIAL! (1 of my 2 ranked Twitch penta was 1v5 and baron steal!!!! i destroyed enemy wards around river some moments before and they risked to get Baron! My best ranked highlight i had ever!(too bad i didnt record!) The thing that really kills Twitch can be used for him as a super tool for his survival! Its a poison and a medecine in the same time! Stay AWAY from the opponent Oracle's Elixir user at any cost!

10) Farm like maniac AFTER laning phase! Twitch can clear up a double minion wave in 3 secs! Very funny multi expunge boom effect! :)

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2 ADC Teamfighting

The risky thing about picking Twitch as a jungler is that your enemy is consisted by 2 ADC! Hmmmmmmmmm...welllll...this is a coinflip situation that means either you melt the enemy team with the firepower of 2 ADC...OR your team is pwned in a blink of an eye in a scattered teamfight!
If you want to win this game you have to combine your ulti with that of your teammate ADC ulti so to get an ACE.Some ADC ultis are combined better than others with Spray and Pray like Miss Fortune (i ve named this Bullet Spray and its SICK if combined well!) Varus , Ezreal , Draven.But i found that the best ADC partner along with the rat is Ashe or Teemo!!!!
If you build the same items then you have a super multi target AoE slow,poison and dmg over time! THIS IS SICK!
So keep in my mind that you have to stay close all together lategame! Remember that the key point to victory is a well timed combination of both ADC ultis. If your team is scattered it will break very easily because your team has less health in total from that of the enemy team total health.Try to cooperate with your ADC teammate and stay in communication with him.Sometimes its nice to have a duo friend playing the ADC if he is good at it :)
Twitch is a very very HARD glass cannon! Dont ever invest gold on buying defensive items! DONT EVER! :p Your job in teamfighting is to obliterate the enemy team even with the cost of your life!!! In other words: dont be afraid to die! BECAUSE YOU WILL! When it comes to final teamfights you just go all-in in in the right spot! Throw your Venom Cask and Spray and Pray! For the next secs your job is to deal as many dmg you can positioning your self
in the side OR at the back of the enemy team! DONT TURN AWAY...DONT RUN BACK! Do as many dmg you can and DIE! :D 90% ACE for your team and 2 or maybe 3 of your teammates alive to go finish the game! ;)

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Playing Twitch as jungler dictates some meta changes to the team composition and this is not a pleasant thing about your teammates.If you see a very negative reaction about that then pick an other champion.I say that because if you fail or EVEN if you fail and your team wins you ll get reported for troll picking!!! I ve been reported for troll picking while i had 12/7/9 and we won the game! So its a kind risky pick for ranked games and dont forget to play along with a duo friend.
I ve managed to climb 3 divisions in bronze (i still have silver frame from season 2 but a long time period off dropped me to bronze) in 3 days playing exclusively as Twitch! This thing works very well under the RIGHT circumstances along with the RIGHT people!

I hope you enjoyed my build/guide to the most BASTARD JUNGLER of the game! :)

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Rat Pics: Penta/Match Histories/Stats