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Lulu Build Guide by RavenAngelus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RavenAngelus

~*Two is better than one!*~ A different tank

RavenAngelus Last updated on September 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first guide on mobafire! I've used this build over and over after refining it to my preferences and it works well for me so I decided to share it! While I know this build is similar to other builds for lulu(including the recommended) it also is a bit different! Please remember that this build is my first so any and all feedback is welcome(not too much flaming please). This build focuses on tanking with armor/magic resist but is dependent on your enemy's strengths and your allies' weaknesses. The support part in this build is pure utility from her skills.

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The runes I use are Greater Quintessence of Goldx3 and Greater Seal of Goldx9 for gold gain which is needed by almost any support. As well as Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and Greater Mark of Scaling Magic Resist for magic resist to counter the low magic resist on this build. You may use runes that help armor instead of magic resist if you plan on building more magic resist during the game.

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The Masteries I use are Resistance Hardiness Durability and Veteran's Scars to be more tanky as well as Expanded Mind , Summoner's Insight and Meditation to counter the high mana usage at low levels and Improved Recall to quickly get back home(works best with Teleport). Finally I use Scout , Greed , Awareness . and Intelligence to help her be a better support with Mastermind to help your summoner spells. You may use what you want but I never have a need to deviate from these.

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The starting items I take are Faerie Charm and 5x Mana Potion for mana usage and Sight Ward because no one likes to be ganked, finally 1 Health Potion to be able to lane a bit longer(you shouldn't need to use more than 1 before the first run back to base) These starting items I chose with the intention to lane as long as possible while harassing the entire time.

Next you pick up Philsopher's Stone on the first run back and Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you can afford it, if not just Boots of Speed and more Mana Potion, dont forget the Sight Ward(s) either.

Going into mid game you will want to pick up Glacial Shroud or even Frozen Heart if you can afford it. You may want to opt for Quicksilver Sash or Hexdrinker instead if the enemy team has a lot of ap champs. Changing your Heart of Gold into a Locket of the Iron Solari will help your team in team fights with its active and Bansee's Veil help you with blocking those annoying skills that will slow or stun you. Late game you will want to pick up a Thornmail for those ad autoattackers and change the Philosopher's Stone into a Elisa's Miracle(this may be done earlier if you need the tenacity). To finish it off I usually will go with a Guardian Angel for the revival that the enemy team always hates.

Optional Items other than those mentioned above include changing your Philosopher's Stone into a Shurelya's Reverie if tenacity isn't a priority. Zeke's Herald to help your team's ad champs or Will of the Ancients for your team's ap champs. You may also want to opt out the Thornmail for a Zonya's Hourglass if the enemy's ad champs are more skill focused.

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Skill Sequence

Glitterlance is first to be chosen for the early game slows instead of Whimsy simply because Glitterlance can hit multiple enemies. Help, Pix! is next as it still is useful as a shield at low levels with this build and you can also use it to extend the range on Glitterlance by using it on an enemy or ally (works on minions too). Finally Whimsy will come into use around level 3 to help defend against ganks as well as speed you or your allied champs and boost ap.

I max Whimsy First for the duration bonuses provided to the polymorph, the ap boost and speed boost. Maxing Glitterlance is next for the slow duration increase, followed by Help, Pix! as this build is focused on the utility of the skills and the only utility it provides is to extend the range of Glitterlance and to provide vision of an enemy.

As always you will want to put a point into your Ult Wild Growth when you can before anything else.

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Summoner Spells

I will normally take Clarity and Teleport as it helps yours and your allies' mana(especially early game) and teleport for those quick trips back from base( Improved Recall is added in the masteries just to help with teleport)

Flash is of course another useful spell to bring for those escapes when you get locked down or slowed and need out quick although Exhaust cannot be overlooked as an alternative as it quickly shuts down an enemy's offensive and defensive capabilities. Cleanse may also be used of course to counter slows and stuns etc. Clairvoyance may help with map awareness but isn't very helpful except in specific situations(baron, ganks, etc.)

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Pros / Cons


  • You have a Fairy!
  • Not an hp tank build so Mordred's Bloodrazor and other such items do not help the enemy much
  • Slows, Disables, get the point.
  • Mid to late game you can even solo Baron because of such high defense!
  • By late game you can usually 1 on 1 most champs even with your low damage.

  • Some parts of your skills scale off ap, which is virtually nonexistant in this build.
  • Low Damage(almost always need an ally with you to kill anything)

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This build will provide your team with everything except direct damage. Lulu's skills are geared around utility and this makes use of that as well as providing a tanky character that can initiate and disable the enemy team. Many people will not expect the support to be able to take a hit like this build does and often will run from just seeing you there(even 2v1 or sometimes 3v1) as your role is expected to have an ally near which can be very useful in holding a lane(even solo).
When initiating start with Whimsy as they will usually be trying to get a disabling skill off and it also slows them so your team can come down on them while they're helpless, follow up by using Glitterlance and Help. Pix! on them to slow them and set them up with vision and another Glitterlance when they run. You can also initiate with your ult Wild Growth as it throws all nearby enemies in the air giving you and your team time to use thier initial skills and start with an advantage as well as slowing them. Of course Wild Growth(like all of Lulu's skills) can be used defensively for escapes or just to save an ally from dying and help them score kills.

Keep in mind however that the is mostly item dependant on the tanky portion so don't start initiating until around mid game. One of Lulu's most useful skills is whimsy as it can shut down almost any ult/stun or other major skill the enemy uses and leave them helpless. As well as aid you or your allies in rushing in quickly or escaping.