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Udyr Build Guide by Pikahiiri

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pikahiiri

Udyr - Jungle Tank

Pikahiiri Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Welcome to UDYR

In this guide I will write a very specific -although slightly flexible- UDYR build for Jungling, Ganking and Tanking effectively.

Depending on the enemy setup against yours you may wish to build some items before others however I believe this build is incredibly solid for its purpose and I can find myself getting almost as many kills as assists with this build simply because the enemy team don't expect UDYR to be as tanky as he is.
As with most champions and builds this isn't a "right-click to win" build and situational awareness is as necessary as you should expect from any other build. Please take this into account before using this build.


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Pros / Cons

= Can be incredibly Tanky.
= Great at Jungling.
= Great at both escaping and chasing.
= Can take on multiple Champions and even force them to retreat alone.
= Great at pushing/Tower Tanking.

= Loses out on damage potential.
= Slower than other builds at Jungling.
= Susceptible to ganks if you don't have map awareness or buy wards.

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Summoner Spells

Fairly Simple explanation here;
Ghost is great for getting back to Jungle when you Recall for the first time as well as being used to setup and execute ganks without the enemy escaping. On the flip side it can be incredibly handy as an escape tool itself as you can bypass the minion waves which can be a hindrance that may make you take one second too long to reach safety.
Smite If you're asking questions as to why you need this for Jungling then you're playing the wrong game. The damage -and added gold boost- are invaluable for a quick and efficient jungle clear.

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The runes I picked for Udyr aren't particularly tanky because these are the main ways he gains any kind of bite, especially in turtle and bear stances.

Greater Mark of Desolation is a must as it is a way of getting sneaky damage on people, especially if they have built slightly tanky. These runes make it so you can have a decent amount of armour pen. right from the beginning without ever showing it, but it will come across in your damage to both Jungle Creeps and Champions when you clobber them.

Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage and Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage are also UDYR's main source of damage in the match. These allow him to do a fairly decent amount of damage without having to forsake survivability too much

Greater Quintessence of Evasion doesn't have much to it. The three of them stack well with Monkey's Agility and generally help you harass and Jungle effectively.

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As I have said before; This is a Tank build for Jungling so guess what kind of items we're gonna have in here. :)

I started with Cloth Armor and 3x Health Potion as it is a good Armor buff that also builds into Madred's Razors fairly quickly and the pots allow you to completely clear your jungle without having to Recall at all. After the razors I bought Boots of Speed because they are pretty much required to gank effectively, especially early-game where your Bear Stance isn't as fast or as long as later. After these two I made sure to buy Heart of Gold As quickly as possible so that I could get the added boost in gold from it to help as I reached out for my next few items.

Building up to Warmog's Armor first is very important in my opinion as it helps you take down heavy Jungle Creeps without any hassle at all and stacks with every minion kill, Champion Kill or Assist you get. I can pretty easily get over 3000HP by Level 10 with this item and Heart of Gold.

Next I either Build Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Warden's Mail or Force of Nature depending on how the game is going and what the majority of the enemy team are in terms of AP and AD. If I/my team are dominating them fairly safely I will buy the boots first before going for the Mail => Randuin's Omen as this is good for any kind of scuffle or team fight you're in to chase or escape from enemies.
I build these boots because UDYR needs to be able to stance dance properly and the CDR boots and Madred's Bloodrazor are pretty much all I need to be able to dance most effectively when I need to.

Force of Nature is amazing when combined with Warmog's and will grant great defense, speed and HP regen. This stacked with boots, Ghost and Bear Stance will make you near untouchable if all used at once.

I build Atma's Impaler as item #4 as it is great for a boost in damage mid-late game as well as a nice little buff in armor, helping your Randuin's too. Madred's Bloodrazor is great since it gives UDYR attack, defense and attack speed for the final nail in the enemy's coffin.

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As Udyr is going to Jungle Summoner's Resolve is a must. It increases gold earned each time smite is used and increases your jungle efficiency.

The majority of Masteries are set within the Defensive tree because we are building UDYR to take a beating, and a beating he will take.
Bladed Armor is taken because it is great for jungling as he can solo anything within the jungle save for Dragon and Baron as soon as he hits level 3.

The rest of Udyr's masteries within the Utility tree are spent in a standard jungling fashion.
With Swiftness Awareness and Greed being the most important to help you jungle and help your build progression the most.

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#1 - Ancient Golem - This will go more smoothly if you have a leash. Make them hit the large golem with an ability and maybe an auto attack or two then leave. Phoenix Stance on cooldown to drop them asap and make sure to use Smite on the Golem.
**This is possible to do solo however it will leave you far lower on HP**

#2 - Giant Wolf - Kill these three bad boys. They shouldn't be any trouble at all and may even allow you to regenerate some HP with your newly aquired Turtle Stance

#3 - Golem - Focus down one of these first. Maybe wait a few seconds for your Smite to be off CD when you have gotten the first Golem to 90% max HP so you can instakill it and safely finish the second.

#4 - Lizard Elder - After using Ghost to get back into the field quickly I rush to the Elder and take him down. Using Smite again here will help bring him and his flunkies down fairly quickly allowing you to run up and beat down the Wraith and his allies.

**At this point I would Recall to regen Mana and buy Madred's Razors.**

Depending on the game up to this point I would make a decision about which lane to gank (if any) or whether to take the enemy jungle.
Note: If there is an enemy Jungler don't be afraid to be more aggressive in their Jungle. Few people can out-Jungle Udyr and even fewer of these stand a real chance 1-v-1, especially with Bear Stance

Dragon - This unit is fairly difficult, but with a standard rotation in Phoenix Stance and Turtle Stance feel safe to solo this creep with Smite and both Neutral Buffs with impunity at Level 7 depending on how confident/fed you are.