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Udyr Build Guide by doomed

Udyr, Still dominating... [ Jungle Domination ]

Udyr, Still dominating... [ Jungle Domination ]

Updated on December 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author doomed Build Guide By doomed 8 4 74,653 Views 8 Comments
8 4 74,653 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author doomed Udyr Build Guide By doomed Updated on December 29, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Udyr
  • LoL Champion: Udyr

About builds...


Both builds are based on jungling, as you can see. I think Udyr is more dominant in jungle than on top lane (that is just my opinion). I made Phoenix and Tiger stance builds cause they both have their PROS and CONS. Tiger is kinda more based on damage and Phoenix on faster jungling and sustain.

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How to jungle ?

How to kill wolves ?

First attack the big one and ask someone from your team to help you out a bit so you can kill wolfs before blue buff spawns.

How to get blue ?

Ask someone from your team to atk big golem first so you will get several free hits. When golem attacks you just repeat Q, Q, Q or R, R, R three times should be enough... then smite.

How to kill witches ?

Start by activating your shield before attacking. Than switch to R/Q, that is how you will get your shield + Q/R. Its better to kill the big one first than the small ones.

How to kill 2 small golems ?

Again start by activating your shield before Q/R...Attack one of them than switch to turtle and again to Q / R and they should be dead.

How to kill lizard ?

When you killed golems w8 for your mana to recover over half (but you don´t have to... with low mana you can´t do your combo) .First shield ( Before you attack him ) than use R / Q then switch to turtle again just look at your passiv don*t let IT expire and change to R / Q and same again until you smite him.
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Items [ Phoenix ]

+ 3* You don´t need 5 potions on start. Phoenix can handle jungle with 3 potions.

or *Go with wriggle´s for early game sustain or with SOEL for faster jungling and stronger mid game.

*Mercury´s - very helpful through the whole game... CC is your worst enemy, tenacity can help you handle it.

*Wit´s end vs casters and for stronger phoenix stance.

or *Sunfire cape - great with phoenix can be replaced with Banshee´s.

* Trinity force - to max your damage and to catch enemy quicker.

*M. Scimitar vs your worst enemy (casters) stuns, taunts, fears, slows etc.

For my last item I mostly buy this, cause it grants great stats and amazing passive, also helps vs casters.
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Items [ Tiger ]

3, 4 or 5 *You can go with more pots (just for safety) tiger stance does not have that much sustain in the jungle as phoenix so go for 5 pots if you like.

*Wriggle´s - for life steal and jungle survivability cause you need it with tiger stance.

**Mercury´s - very helpful through the whole game... CC is your worst enemy, tenacity can help you handle it.

*The brutalizer - great boost for your damage early in the game.

*Sunfire is generally great on Udyr. If you build it fast enough you will dominate.

*Quicksilver can make you almost impossible to catch. Especially when you building it in Scimitar.

* The Black Cleaver - Main bruiser item, works nice with tiger stance. Very useful Passive.

*Atma´s Impaler will maximize your damage in the late game and give you a nice amount of armor that can come handy.
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How to build him according to game...



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Situational items

This item is highly recomended VS casters team, and if you hate ignite.

Very effective VS this champions :

His ulti ? His silence ? His slow when he buy riais ?

His ulti ? lol not any more, slow when he buy riais... and he usually do.

His ulti ? just pop quicksilver and gone... and he is also buying riais.

Buy it just W.S. full ad team, and if some ad champ is crazy feeded.

Very effective W.S. this champions :

Full ad champ with just 1 spell that deals magic dmg, but this days I see many people playing AP Trynd... so don´t buy it if he is ap.

If he is playing ad it will be easy to stop him with thornmail.

If he is crazy feed and playing full ad build you will stop him easy with this.

Buy it if enemy tank is stacking a lot of armor... like :

His passiv :

Rammus gains additional damage as his shell becomes reinforced, converting 25% of his armor into damage. Very possible that he will be stacking armor.

His second ability active is : Increase malphites armor and ad.

His third ability :

Dealing dmg to surrounding enemyes ( +70 of his armor ) that means he will be stacking armor.
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Team fights

As Udyr its your job to take down cc-s and carrys.

Udyr is a backdoor champ and with a great help of his stun and burst dmg that cc-s and carrys wont be a problem.

If enemy team is havingorsave your stun for their ulti.
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Runes ( Phoenix )

If ur playing jungler with phoenix stance. Atk speed runes are very improtant because of phoenix persistent effect.

Udyr has that low magic resist per lvl, but this armor is more needed in jungling.
Thats why I got this instead of magic resist per lvl.

I took this one because Udyr has that low magic resist per lvl and he can have very big problems with mages.

More atk speed : faster u jungle, farm, and kill.
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Runes ( Tiger )

Because of tiger stance persistent and active effect all u need is armor penetration.

Armor runes are needed in jungle if you want to do it fast and easy.

Udyr has low magic resist per level...

Like I sayd forarmor penetration is all you need, but sometimes I like to take movement speed runes that can also be nice.
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Early game

Early in the game you should be in the jungle and ganking lanes that are loosing.

Early game for Udyr is over at lvl 9 - 10 depends how good your ganks were and how fast you jungled.

Early game you should haveand boots.
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Middle game

Middle game you are out of the jungle.

Now your team is fighting for middle tower in most cases and you can*t miss that.

You are not that mana hungry middle game and you can let someone else take your blue buff... someone mana hungry likeandthese two champs are very good with blue buff and they need it more that you do.

Don*t let anyone take your red buff early and mid game ( late game you should leave it for ADC)
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Late game

Late game it is all about baron and its your job to vard it.

If an enemy team is having baron, its your fault except if you varded and your team didn*t get the steal.

Late game you are building dps items like Trinity, because you are already tanky.
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Rate and coment...

Please tell me all what is bad and what is good about this build.

Don´t forget to rate too !

I hope you learned something from this and that ur doing fine with my build.

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