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League of Legends Build Guide Author Swagnificent

Udyr: The Bi-winning Tiger blood

Swagnificent Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Udyr is a team-changing champion. In the right hands, Udyr will bring your team to victory while playing him wrong will bring your team defeat. This build builds a Beefy DPS Udyr, excellent at jungling, ganking and 1 v 1ing any enemy champion.

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Build 1 utilizes Smite to jungle most efficiently (especially early game) in a 5v5 match).Build 2 ( Exhaust) is a build for 3v3, where Udyr is better off laning early game due to the lack of a blue buff and uses Exhaust which works well with the movement-speed buff.

Pros/Cons of this build:


Tiger Stance gives strong, constant damage throughout entire game
Bear Stance a nice stun + movement speed good for running away from/ chasing down enemies
Turtle Stance gives a shield and lifesteal which helps with Udyr's durability and tower-diving
Items give Udyr incredible damage output and 3500+ health points

    Needs practice to get used to
    Can be shut down early game
    Is fragile early game to AP casters due to low magic resistance
    Easily harassed in lane due to noranged attacks

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With a very limited range, Udyr is obviously not the best laning champion in the game. If laning is necessary, Udyr's best lane is soloing is a mid-lane ( Turtle Stance to shield ranged attacks, and Bear Stance to stun then use Tiger Stance to deal large harassing damage), but your team should rather have some ranged AP/AD carry in mid. Sharing a lane is Udyr's worst option as he is harassed easily in lane so jungling is essential not to only your own benefit, but to your team as well.
[*] Pros:
When jungling, it is less obvious to predict where you are as you are always MIA, thus making it easier to pull off ganks

You make more profit in the jungle than in lane as obviously, you always give the last hit to minons

You control all the buffs on your side (You should, anyways)

At around lvl 6, you can solo dragon giving you exp and your team gold equal to a turret (190G)

More global exp for your team (you get two solo-lanes (mid+whichever lane you aren't in) for your team while you level up as fast or almost as fast as the shared lane.

If you are counter-jungled early game it affects you quite severely (late by a level usually)

If you're solo-laner (who is soloing 2 champs at once) cannot handle the lane and constantly needs you to cover it

If you do not know how to jungle efficiently and hop lanes, you will be underfed and underlvled

How to jungle
If you're runes are good enough, you should be able to kill the blue-buff golem without any help from your teammates. However, without appropriate runes or masteries, you would want to start at the two ancient golems to lvl you up to lvl 2 (use 1 Health Potion); if that's not enough to lvl up to lvl 2, go to the wraiths then go back to base and then take blue buff by alternating Tiger Stance and Turtle Stance and using Smite. However, the most efficient way to take blue buff is a technique called "leashing". Ask one of your friendly champions to hit the blue buff golem ONCE (or you won't get enough exp to lvl). Once the golem is hit, it should follow the champion for a good 3 seconds, saving you health and letting you get a free few hits on it before it concentrates on you. This usually saves you 200 Hp and helps you clear the jungle much faster. The path I usually take is Golem> wolves> wraiths> Lizard> ancient golems then gank or go back to base and get the Madred's Razors, speeding your jungling times by quite a lot.

As it is more difficult to farm in 3v3 ( more difficult to jungle until after you get a Wriggle's Lantern because of no blue buff), Udyr will start off in-lane until he has sufficient items to jungle. Once you have your Wriggle's Lantern, jungling in 3v3 is a lot faster than 5v5 due to the close placements of creep camps. With the movement speed buff from the jungle, ganking with bear stance gives you over 540 movement speed which works very well with exhaust when your enemy tries to run away. Therefore, in 3v3, Udyr will be in lane more than a 5v5 situation and can jungle as soon as he gets a Madred's Razors or Wriggle's Lantern. With an enemy jungler, be cautious of extending too far from your half of the jungle.

You generally want to put your wards/Wriggle's lantern along the river to make sure you don't get counter-jungled and to control who has the dragon. While you start jungling, you should ask one of your teammates to watch you while you take blue buff if you can't afford any wards. If Wriggle's lantern isn't sufficient for watching your buffs and dragon/Baron, you should buy more wards (75g shouldn't be TOO much). If there is a stealthed champion (Eve/Twitch) on the other team, make sure to buy an Oracles or get a vision ward to make sure you don't get attacked unprepared. If you do get attacked, use bear stance, stun them and run away with its speed bonus, alternating between turtle to shield and bear to run, itshould work most of the time.

In 3v3 the best places to put a ward is near the dragon (who gives a good team buff and gold) or near the lizard (red buff) which most enemies pass to try and get a gank.

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Ganking/Fighting other champions

With Boots of Swiftness and Bear Stance, Udyr has 490 movement speed, enough to chase down almost any champion. Once you are finished jungling, ask your team if they need any help and keep an eye out for any over-extending enemy champions as with Udyr's red buff/ Phage and bear stance, only Flash could get them back to their turret. After you first clear the jungle with 4 points in Awareness (4% bonus EXP) you should be lvl 4, which is why you upgrade Bear Stance. Bear Stance will enable you to continually stun any champion you auto-attack; when enemy is stunned switch to Tiger Stance to deal some heavy damage then switch to Bear Stance to stun again.

In team fights, Udyr is most useful as a stun bot using Bear Stance and focusing one target with his Tiger Stance. At end-game with Warmog's Armor and Trinity Force, you should have 3.5-3.8k health, plenty for the damage output of Udyr. When you feel like you are losing too much health, use Turtle Stance to absorb the damage and get some lifesteal, then switch to Bear Stance to either run away, or tiger to do more damage.

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Item/Rune explanation

Item sequence
Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions enable you to get to lvl 4 while jungling without going back to base.When you go back, grab a Madred's Razors to deal that 15% bonus 500 dmg, which works well with Udyr's tiger stance and attack speed buffs. Complete the madred's razor into a Wriggle's Lantern (2000+ gold cheaper than Madred's Bloodrazor, lifesteal and a free ward every 3 mins; Madred's Bloodrazor is only better than Wriggle's Lantern if the other team is tanky). The Boots of Swiftness are you're ideal boots. With bear stance and ghost, you will have 560+ movement speed, making you chase down or run away from anybody and move around the jungle really quickly. The B. F sword is a good +45 dmg which would increase your dmg output significantly in the early levels. Sheen lets you hit other champs very hard, especially while switching stances every other second. A Giant's Belt and Phage would give you +650 hp and a helpful slow without having to get red buff. Trinity Force is basically an upgraded sheen, a better slow and some crit and attack speed should help quite well. Warmog's Armor is your next item as its 1.3k health is extremely helpful in team fights, tanking some hits for your team and dealing crazy damage. With over 3000 health, Atma's Impaler will give you 45 armor, +18% crit chance AND 60-80 atk dmg from the 2% max Health converted to atk damage. The Infinity Edge I picked over the The Bloodthirster as that extra crit chance and 50% more crit dmg I would take over losing 20 damage over a max stacked The Bloodthirster (Bloodthirster = 60+40=100 dmg).

Udyr should do well with any runes. I suggest reds should be atk speed Greater Mark of Attack Speed, arm. pen Greater mark of Desolation or m. pen Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. Seals can be dodge Greater Seal of Evasion and blue doesn't really matter Greater Glyph of Attack Speed or due to Udyr's weak m res, [Greater glyph of shielding]]. Quints can be dodge, atk speed or whatever you feel you need best. I chose full attack speed runes (other than because they are cheap) because with 38.1% bonus atk speed (Free recurve bow), jungling is really fast early game; late game landing one or two more hits may be the difference between your opponent's escape or demise.

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Skill explanation

Tiger stance:
Tiger stance is maxed first as it is Udyr's main stance used for dealing damage. This is in my opinion a better pick than phoenix (which you leave at 3) as tiger stance shines mid to late game while phoenix stance shines primarily early to mid game as it scales off AP. Although pheonix stance does jungle faster early on, with a madred razor, tiger stances attack speed will allow more chance to proc the 15/20% to deal that massive 500 damage to minions. Early game, once you have blue buff, you generally would want to use tiger stance when you have 60%+ of your HP while switching back and forth from turtle With trinity force and all your items, Udyr should have 300+ attack damage which will result with Tiger Stance dealing 740 magic damage (230+1.7*300)) and 300+ 450 damage from trinity force, totaling 1.5k dmg per one tiger stance shift minus resistances.

Turtle Stance:
Turtle stance is your second skill you put a point in as it gives you lifesteal, recovers your mana based on your damage, and shields you with a 5 second shield. This skill is vital in the first few levels to allow you to clear the jungle without having to worry so much about health. After using tiger stance, switch instantly to turtle stance to keep the tiger stance's active attack speed buff while you attack creeps. When you are low on mana or health, continually spam W as the cooldown reduction recieved from blue buff should allow you to stack Udyr's atk speed passive buff while using the least mana possible.
Late game, Turtle stance will save your life (Running away)and help you turret dive as it should absorb 1-2 turret hits and when 1v1ing another champ, you will recover health while taking leses damage as well.

Bear stance
Bear stance is your second skill maxed out as it is most useful at lvl 5 when it only takes 35 mana. Early game, 1 point is added at lvl 4 so you can gank any enemy who's over-extended, stunning them and letting your team get the kill, or making your him retreat to base due to his low health. With boots of swiftness and bear-stance, you're movement speed is 490, enough to catch most escapees from battles. This movement speed is also helpful while running away with low health; just spam Bear>Turtle>Bear>Turtle...

Phoenix Stance
Out of all the stances, this is the stance which I least prefer. Apart from its AOE damage which is good for early game and taking out hordes of minons, Tiger stance outshines it in everyway; however, when against an enemy while you have full health, you could alternate from tiger to phoenix so phoenix will have a faster 4th hit, dealing DoT damage from phoenix's active (Radius around you for 5 seconds dealing x damage per second), Tiger's active which deals a lot of magic damage, and pheonix's passive as well. This is the Highest DPS stance technique to use.

This is simple, if you are jungling for the majority of the game (especially 5v5), go smite. Exhaust is more useful if you don't plan starting by jungling (smite is most useful early game before you get the 15% 500 dmg from madred's) or are in a 3v3 battle.

Ghost is Udyr's most useful ganking/chasing/escaping move as with boots of swiftness+bear stance, you have over 530 movement speed.

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Skill combos

Here our some basic skill combos for certain situations:

instant switch to and when avaliable again use
Explanation :Stun + Deal heavy damage

1v1ing a durable champion
then instantly to
Explanation: Damage then instantly switch to Bear stance to stun then turtle quickly to have an active shield.

Taking down/Soloing a turret

Explanation:You want to have turtle's active shield but tiger stance's persistent attack speed buff. Late game, you can solo towers while leaving with 60%+ health.

Early game jungling:

Explanation: Spam this skill (your only skill) to kill the blue golem as quickly as possible

Once you get your turtle stance you should go

Explanation:You want to use turtle stance to absorb mana and lose as little health as possible; tiger should be used when you have 150+ mana left (so you can switch back to turtle)

Mid/Late-game jungling:

Tiger Stance's active 15% speed buff will let Turtle Stance's life steal proc more. Explanation:The earlier the game, the longer you want to keep Turtle Stance's persistent effect before switching to Tiger Stance

Defending against super minons:
instantly to then instantly to
Explanation: Phoenix Stance's persistent stance (every 3rd hit deals magic damage) stacks well after using Tiger Stance

Squishy Killer/Epic damage:

Explanation: Use Bear Stance stun to initiate squishy/ low health champion and deal the rest of the combo to end them quickly (Instantly switch to Tiger Stance then instantly to Phoenix Stance to deal the damage of both stances' actives and phoenix's persistent 3rd attack damage).

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21-0-9 are the ideal masteries for Udyr to damage and jungle efficiently; however, if you aren't level 30, make sure you have at least 8 points in utility ( Awareness + 1 Utility master) as Awareness is the most vital mastery for a jungling udyr. After that, put your points in to attack.

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Tough Enemies

Udyr is one of the best 1v1ing champions; however, there are a few champions who give me troubles in a match.

A jungling Warwick (along with any other safe jungler) on the opposing team tends to go in my jungle and steal my creeps/buffs. Early game, this makes jungling a lot slower. To prevent having your jungle stolen, buy a ward or ask your team to watch ganks for you until you have your Wriggle's Lantern or wards.

Twitch, Evelynn are the champions who can easily counter-jungle you off-guard, especially early-game due to their long cloak/stealth abilities. When at a low level, ask someone to help watch you take blue buff as you usually have low health after which is the ideal opportunity for Evelynn/twitch to strike. You can later on buy Oracle's Elixir or Vision Ward to be prepared for a counter-jungle.

Udyr can destroy any equally-fed champion in a 1v1; I have yet to meet a match for Udyr's beefiness and high DPS, except for one champion: Jax. But why? Jax's greatest advantage over Udyr is his dodge which makes Udyr's on-hit effects (Stun of Bear-Stance and magic damage of Tiger Stance harder to land (Jax with a 25%+ dodge will make you deal only 75% attack damage theoretically). Jax also has life steal (most builds) and a stun which makes him quite similar to Udyr himself. The best way to counter Jax is to ask one of your AP champions to focus him as he cannot dodge magic damage.

Udyr's worst foe is himself. Although he isn't played as often as Jax, when you do meet another Udyr who uses Tiger stance, the winner would be the one who lands the first hit. The only way to make sure you win against the same champion is to outlevel him or to bring a friend.

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Playing for your team

Udyr's most useful trait to his team is his Bear Stance. If you have a player on your team who needs feeding, its easy for Udyr to do 90% of the damage on a champion, stun them and leave. This way, your team can be equally fed which is far better than having only Udyr himself fed as the other team would focus you. Once the fed player on your team is dead, the other unfed team champions are hopeless.

In a team fight, if there are 2 champions running away, switch to Bear Stance and try to stun both of them instead of stunning one then switching to Tiger Stance and focusing one. This way, your team would get two kills instead of one.

When your teammates are at low health and you are facing 1-3 champions, don't be afraid to stun one to let your teammate escape. Just be aware of how far you are able to run and how much health you/ your enemy have.

Always help your teammates take the buffs you don't need, it will change the outcome of a team battle.

Apart from killing an enemy quickly, Udyr is excellent at pushing. Udyr's massive-damaging Tiger Stance, his damage-absorbing shield Turtle Stance and Monkey's Agility lets him back-door (back-door means to destroy something when the enemy is not looking) turrets and inhibitors. Switch from Tiger Stance for attack speed to Turtle Stance for shield to take down a tower, especially with Trinity Force + 150% base damage after a skill is used. You can then use Turtle Stance to recover health from nearby minions.

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Final remarks

Udyr is not the easiest champion to use, but, with practice, his jungling, ganking, stunning and tanking abilities make him able to kill any champion in a 1v1 situation. In a team fight, Udyr would absorb and deal damage, while stunning anyone who tries to run away, ending up with plenty assists and kills. Udyr's auto-attack speed and damage also make him a very good tower pusher. His damage output is amazing throughout a whole game and if you play smart and don't overestimate Udyr's amazing capabilities, you will bring your team to victory.
Proof this build works/my last 6 games: