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Udyr Build Guide by Inhale Death

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Inhale Death

Udyr: Unleash the TIGER

Inhale Death Last updated on October 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to Inhale Death's guide to..... Udyr! (Tiger/Laning Udyr)
Now this build is NOT for full-game jungling and NOT for using Pheonix even though you CAN get buffs easily mid game. Tiger is a much stronger way to go overall with the damage over time and the increased attack speed. I have been very successful with this build personally and hope you will be too! (Don't vote down because of "missing items" because those last items are explained later in this guide). Oh and if you don't have Udyr but are thinking about him now, get him without hesitation.
IMPORTANT! This guide is getting downvoted for improbable reasons. Please upvote to keep it where it should be!

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Pros / Cons

- Good Solo Mid/Top
- Can lane with a partner also
- High DPS
- Hard to kill; tanky
- Strong throughout the whole game
- Can jungle easily for buffs if needed at all

- Somewhat squishy early game
- Not a very long stun on Bear Stance
- You might end up tanking with him

Overall Udyr is an amazing champion and doesn't have all that many flaws. More Pros than Cons is always a good thing.

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Skill Breakdown

This is an absolutely AMAZING passive. Whenever you use an ability, you gain 10% attack speed and 3% dodge for 5 seconds! The low CDR on this build will make it easy for you yo switch back and forth between stances keeping you at a constant 30% increased attack speed and about 9% dodge (dodge is limited and it has a reducing additive so 10% dodge plus and 10% dodge only really gets you like 14-16% total or something) This is amazing!

With this build this is your bread-and-butter stance. You use it to deal the heavy damage on an enemy, use it to farm and will use it to get buffs from the jungle. The other great thing about this move: At level 5 you passively gain 40% attack speed which is already pretty good. But, when activated you get a bonus 35% along with that adding up to 75% which is now 20% more attack speed than a Phantom Dancer gives. But wait! If you have recently changed a few stances you also get attack speed from you passive! With max level on Tiger Stance and 3 stacks on Monkey Agility you will gain 105% attack speed total; WOW!

Now truth be told, I don't use this stance all that much! Yes I use it for the shield while running away from an enemy but that is about it. It also gives you a little health back if I read it right but not enough to change much in a fight. Still use this ability but only when your low health and need it to survive OR use it to help you get a Monkey Agility Stack.

This is your initiator stance. Use this stance to start a fight either between the dragon/baron or an enemy champion. Yes against the big fellas because it will give you another Monkey Agility Stack. Against enemy champions maybe in a gank run up with your increased move speed from the Active of this move and stun him with an autoattack. After dealing damage with Tiger Stance during the stun switch to Bear Stance again to catch up and stun again. Great for getting away too if the enemy isn't very fast like Master Yi or Warwick.

I don't really need to explain this because if your using this build you really shouldn't be using this stance. Ok but it gives a an AoE damage for a few seconds around you and makes every third attack deal a little extra damage, waa hoo. If you like this ability and think it deals more damage than Tiger Stance, which it doesn't, don't even bother using this guide.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells

Ghost: Bear can help give you that extra speed boost to catch up, but with fast champions like Warwick it just might not be enough. Using ghost can also help you catch an enemy before reaching a turret but most importantly can get you out from a gank against you.

Exhaust: You don't have any stances that slow and enemy, even though Bear Stance can stun. Bear stance only stuns 1 second after waiting 6 seconds after an attack, so a slow can help you deal crazy damage with Tiger.

Optional Summoner Spells

Flash: You don't have the greatest escape in the game, and that only escape is only increasing your movement speed with Bear Stance over and over. If your out of mana your out of luck and will most likely die. Flash could just get you over that cliff the enemy can't follow you through or just warp you behind your tower when low health. It can help Udyr out in a few situations throughout a game.

Ignite: Ignite definitely isn't my first choice on Udyr, but if you think that it will help you get FB or just deal some extra damage, go right ahead and use it.

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Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation: I chose this Rune because a Tiger DPS Udyr needs armor penetration to be effective against some tanks. Armor penetration is also just a good-all-around choice for most AD champions.

Greater Seal of Evasion: The dodge you get from these Runes and from the Evasion mastery will go along with your passive Monkey Agility to get you around 10% dodge chance while running in on a target. Dodging some of those incoming attacks as you rush towards your target will help you a lot.

Greater Glyph of Focus: Now an experienced Udyr player may think, "Udyr already has low cooldowns on his stances why get CDR?" Well I'll tell you why. Even those short cooldowns can damper your true power! If your trying to get away and you have a long bear CD, then you won't be able to run away before that nasty Warwick catches up and eats you. However with low CD's you can spam your stances more and keep Monkey Agility up at its' max 3 stacks.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Another Rune for armor penetration, and again, good for Udyr all the time.

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Masteries: In Depth

Offensive Masteries

Of course I used Dealiness for a DPS champion because 2% more critical strike chance helps even though it isn't all that much. Critically striking in the beginning while farming can help a lot and sometimes you get the lucky crit that gets you FB :D

This is amazing for exhaust! it lowers their armor and magic resistance which will let your Tiger Stance DoT do more and your basic attacks do more damage. Not only that, but it increases the slow time by another 0.5 seconds! How could you not use this mastery with exhaust?

This is great for the whole, CDR for stance spam thing. Plus using 4 points on this mastery lets me put a point on Archaic Knowledge which will be explained below. Otherwise more CDR will keep that attack speed and dodge chance up.

This gives Udyr a little attack speed boost which again, any DPS champion should be using. This along with Tiger Stance and Monkey Agility early game can get you nearly 70% increased attack speed for a limited time!

This will give you 15% more magic penetration! Suggested to get this by Mata because of Tiger Stances DoT. Tiger Stance deals that DoT with magic damage so magic penetration will help that out and get some more burst overall. Thanks again Mata!

Your attacks will now ignore 6 armor! Along with the armor penetration runes your attacks will go right through a tank and still shred him down to pieces. This is basically a different sort of armor penetration, and instead of it going through a percent of armor it just ignores some of the armor to begin with!

I only put one point in this move because I went for CDR and Magic Penetration instead. Missing two points of damage isn't going to hurt you as a DPS champion because again, it's only 2 more damage your missing.
Lethality size-64
This is giving your critical strikes 10% more damage! This is great for when you get a crit because it goes a little more than double your attack! This was very important to get on Udyr because critting with him isn't something aimed for, but when you do crit it should pack a punch!

This is giving you 4% more physical and magical damage! Not only will you do a little more on your basic attacks but your Tiger Stance DoT again benefits from this. This is all around a good choice for Udyr and any AD DPS champion.

Defensive Masteries

To give Udyr that tankier feel this build should give, I picked Resistance as a first. Giving Udyr 4 more magic resistance is going to help a little when dealing with some heavy mages like Veigar or Swain. A litte magic resistance is just going to help him stay alive a little better.

Hardiness, like Resistance, is going to give Udyr 4 more armor. Again, this is just going to help him be a little tankier and stay alive better.

This is going to give Udyr that dodge that he needs! When charging up to an enemy with Bear Stance a little bit of dodge can save you from a hurtful ranged attack. Along with Nimbleness you will get there safe and sound for the kill.

This is absolutely great for Udyr! When you dodge an attack while running at a target you get 10% increased movespeed for 5 seconds! When moving with Bear Stance and movement speed with this you get a 25% increased speed! That will bring you from 390 move speed to 487.5!

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Starting the Game

Yes I picked Long Sword over Doran's Blade. And why is that you may ask? Because Doran's Blade in a full build, will eventually be sold while Long Sword will be built into Wriggle's Lantern early game. I also went with Long Sword over Cloth Armor because he needs the extra damage in the beginning if you're laning with him. Long Sword also allows for a Health Potion which I am all for because it keeps me in the lane longer.

Early-Mid Game

By early-mid game you should have finished up your Wriggle's Lantern which will help you a ton with the Attack Damage, Armor, Lifesteal and that wonderful ward. Yes this item also sets you up to get a buff for an easier gank, even though Udyr doesn't need buffs to be powerful. Berserker's Greaves will give you a nice attack speed bonus which will come in handy when farming and will be one of if not the only item giving you attack speed in this build. Udyr has amazing attack speed bonuses, but he can't rely on them permanently. Finishing Early-Mid game with Vampiric Scepter is a great choice because that this point you will have 30% lifesteal! Good for grabbing the dragon buff on TT or just killing the dragon on SR.


By the end of mid-game, you should have these two items and late-game will be starting for Udyr. Once you have these two items you will be dealing a fair amount of damage and will feel pretty tanky with Warmog's Armor. I picked The Bloodthirster because of the attack damage and lifesteal which will help Udyr out a ton while fighting. You don't need attack speed because of your passive and Tiger Stance so building damage is the best way to go. Warmog's might seem odd for a AD DPS champ if you aren't going to build tanky. However, Warmog's Armor gives Udyr the health he NEEDS and will give him a bunch more damage when used with Atma's Impaler.


Finishing the Tanky DPS Build

Since your getting Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler is basically the immediate go-along for that. It gives you some armor to shut down anyone who thinks they can shut you down like Tryndameres. it also gives a good Critical Strike chance of 18% which will make your attacks go a long way. The 2% of your max health added to your damage also gives you a good boost on damage because you hit nearly 4000 health. The Black Cleaver gives you some good damage and attack speed along with some armor penetration for your autoattacks.

Finishing off as an Anti-AD Tank

and or
Obviously if the enemy team has a ton of AD DPS champs like Tryndamere, Warwich, Miss Fortune and Ashe you will get thornmail. Gives amazing armor and will deal some of that nasty damage of theirs' right back to them. Sunfire Cape gives you a little more health and some more armor as well as that nice AoE around you. That will block all melee DPS champs from getting damage done to you easily. I also thought Atma's Impaler could work because of the armor it gives as well as some more nice damage if you want to kill them first.

Finishing as a Higher DPS Udyr

Now if your team needs a high DPS champion because you are lacking a good carry, then go ahead and fill that role. Grab an Infinity Edge for better damage output with autoattacks and crits, and then finish off with The Black Cleaver for more damage, attack speed and armor penetration.

Finishing as an Anti-AP Tank

and or
Ending as an Anti-AP tank I grabbed Wit's End because it will still allow you to deal some damage as well as gain some MR. This is a great item if you think you can still rush'em for the kill. For the stronger MR part I picked either Force of Nature for a much higher MR and some health regen and movement speed, or Spirit Visage for some extra max health, not as much MR but also some nice passive effects.

Finishing as an All-Around Tank

I picked Randuin's Omen because it gives Udyr a lot of different things when used. It gives him a nice armor boost as well as some more health and health regen. The passive also reduces your CD's which of course I am all for and it has a chance to slow the enemy when THEY hit YOU! I also picked Force of Nature because it gives similar amount of MR and again, more health regen and movement speed.

Most of these items can be somewhat costly, but that is because I feel it is better to get more costly items that help more than to get to the end of your build with a bunch of cheap not-as-good items. Once you get to Warmog's Armor with Udyr though you are pretty much set for the game and the last items are just nice little bonuses for him. That does not mean you shouldn't buy the last two items.

Boot Selection

instead of getting
This will make you more tanky if your team needs a tank you can fill the role with these boots too. (Suggested by yogurt).
instead of getting
This will make you more defensive early game if you are against early game AD champs like Corki's missiles or Garen. (Suggested by Slizer002)

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Before the Minions Spawn

Before the minions spawn, yes when Udyr is level 1, you are probably one of the most strongest champions in your game. Yes, Tiger, Udyr is pretty powerful (compared to other champions) at level 1. I'm sure a Garen might have some more early strength, but that is something you need to take advantage of with Udyr. Now this is the ONLY exception I see fit for kill-stealing. When you are working together to get FB, or first-blood, you should try to get the last hit. That isn't necessarily kill-stealing because the whole team was after/attacking them, but Udyr should get almost always get first blood. Remember that Udyr's Tiger Stance has a DoT, so when they are low health activate that stance and hit one last time, hopefully you get FB. If you don't get FB, no big deal; you will still survive. If you do get first-blood, that is great for you. You'd probably have enough gold to get cloth armor along with that long sword, giving you a little more advantage over your laning enemy.
Important note: Try to get the solo lane, either top or middle depending on map. Udyr will really benefit from soloing and if played right he is capable of dominating. However, if you know that an annoying ranged champion like Ashe is taking middle, you might want to lane with a partner. Some ranged champions like Teemo can also be quite annoying. Other ranged champions like squishy mages (except for Annie) might be a good enemy for you to face. Lux/Morgana are great enemies for you to solo against. Actual laning techniques will be described below.


Early-Game in Solo Lane:

If you got yourself the solo lane with Udyr, good for you. You will be great for helping with shared lane ganks, and again if played right, will dominate the lane and then dominate that game. In this example we will say you are on Twisted Treeline laning solo against a Warwick. The first thing I would like to discuss, is something most people do not talk about but everyone knows about/does. Fear. You've had it happen when you're laning with a melee champion like Tryndamere, and he does some burst to you and then your scared. If your melee against melee, you won't go near the minions because he is there. He is zoning you out and taking away all your precious minion kills; leaving them for the turret to kill. The best thing to do against this Warwick, is to scare him off and make sure he won't mess with you, so you get your minions and your money. I generally do this by charging him with Tiger Stance and getting the maul on him, then attacking until my bonus attack speed is gone. Then he will most likely have low health, and should realize something important; you are not to be messed with or harassed. If you can't successfully zone him out, then just run in and out last hitting minions, and maybe even pretending like you are going for a gank. If you are against a ranged champion, try to do the same thing, except stand BEHIND his minions. That way, if he tries to get some minion kills, you can run up and most likely they will run back. The bad part about that is leaving yourself open for a good gank, so don't stay behind enemy minions for too long. Just make sure you get your early money so you can rush your Wriggle's Lantern. Wriggle's Lantern is the most important item for Udyr early/mid game, so the faster you get it the faster you can pwn. Back to that Warwick now. Like most Warwick players, they think they have a huge advantage because of natural life-steal. Once you have Wriggle's Lantern, you should be getting more health back than he does; use that to your advantage. He will, HE WILL, try to tank you out of the lane if he is any smart, but because Udyr pwns all with Wriggle's, you will kill him. Chase him down with Ghost and Bear Stance and get the Tiger Stance DoT in for the kill. Ranged champions just do the same, just try to make sure they are not very close to their tower, otherwise you will not get in enough attacks. (See below for laning with a partner).

Early-Game in Shared Lane:

Laning with a partner doesn't always limit your chances of being the MVP on your team. If you understand how to use Tiger Udyr, then you might get more early kills which will lead to a great mid-late game. Basically laning phases are the same, you want to keep enemies away and show dominance in your lane. Get lots of last hits for money and most importantly, work with your teammate. Good laning partners for Udyr are champions that don't require lots of minion kills or general kills; basically a support champion. Soraka would be very helpful if she knows what she is doing. She can keep you in the lane and can let you take most of the money. Be careful against ranged-stealth champions because they will be VERY HARMFUL to you if you aren't careful. Twitch+Teemo = natural disaster; lots of DoT and easy escape. Against two ranged champions you may want a ranged champion to lane with you so they can harass. Orianaa I could see being a good partner because of the shield she can give Udyr and the good harassing she can do with her clockwork ball. For zoning and ganking, look at the above block of text and try to find what you need.

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This build was created by Inhale Death (feel free to add me even though I am not yet a level 30): If you have any suggestions don't "turtle-up" like Udyr can but feel free to leave a comment! I will highly consider EVERY suggestion because I want this build to be the best Udyr build ever. If you are beastly like Udyr in Bear Stance share your best score so I can see how successful this build really is! Good luck!

Usernames of Summoners that had their suggestions put in this build:
Mata - Suggested putting one mastery point in Archaic Knowledge instead of a second point in Brute Force.
yogurt - Suggested using Mercury's Treads instead of Berserker's Greaves to be more tanky if needed.
LaGorra - Inspired me to write this build by making his own build. Check out his build for Katarina called, "Katarina Shunpo Sutdown."
Slizer002 - Suggested using Ninja Tabi