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Kayn Build Guide by ZucccMain

Jungle Ultimate Speed Kayn

Jungle Ultimate Speed Kayn

Updated on August 2, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZucccMain Build Guide By ZucccMain 9 0 33,510 Views 0 Comments
9 0 33,510 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ZucccMain Kayn Build Guide By ZucccMain Updated on August 2, 2022
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Runes: Phase Rush + Precision

1 2 3 4
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Ultimate Speed Kayn

By ZucccMain
About Me
Don't take this build seriously and don't blame me when you lose ranked. This can work and isn't troll but isn't the omtimal on Kayn. I just use this as a fun build since i don't like Shadow Assasins pure dmg with Electrocute or Dark Harvest. This will almost only work on Shadow Assasin because Darkin isn't as mobile but try it you feel like it.

My EUW account is ZUCCCMAIN and EUNE SvenBemgtsson and to save you time by going the to realize that im iron and trash here you have it. This isn't some Challenger guide Korean build. I'm just an Iron player with a dream to make Phase Rush Kayn a real thing and better then/equal to Electrocute/Dark Harvest/Conqueror.

And I also beg you please to but suggestions on what I should change/add/delete I'm open for anything as long as it's reasonable. Have fun using this build and remember that this is pure for fun and not a meta carry build so make sure fun is about 50% of the experience with this.

If you're wondering why I'm making a full in-depth guide for this is because for me I can't say I've really tried to make this a real thing without doing all I can and I belive that if you've got any fun/off-meta build just try to make it a thing and maybe you'll be that one person.

R.I.P my baby.

Boots of Swiftness is a good item for speed during combat and slow resist. It will always give you the same movement speed and wont decrease with the exeption of slows.

Boots of Mobility is the best roam item since you'll have a lot of movement speed while out of combat but is worse for chasing. It will also not give you and slow resist without having to attack your enemy.

Youmuu's is my first item after mythic item because it gives you speed and dmg. You can rush this before Mythic if you want to but I don't really recommend becuase you're already trading some damage into your rune.

Duskblade is probably my favorite for this build since every kill you get will give you invisibillity and combined with the speed you have you can really surprise alot of people. Also good damage and gives ability haste which doesn't hurt.

Prowler provides dmg, dash and lethality mythic passive. It's good but doesn't give you the same reposition value duskblade can with the movespeed you have with this build.

I'm just gonna say this once. I love Manamune on Kayn. It gives you unlimited access to your abilities to a certain extent and also gives you some dmg you need. I recommend building a Tear early and then sitting on it untill you're on your 5th item.

This is an item I really like on this kind of kayn build since while you're the fastet man/woman alive they're slowed and you'll be able to catch anyone no matter their abilities or passives. It also gives damage and armour penetration which only just adds to this item an I see no reason to not like this item.

Guardian Angel gives you many benefits like armor, dmg and revive. It works well if the enemy team focuses you because you can revive and put in some more dmg. But don't play the game like you're invincible with this item since the armour does little to nothing and you'll need more armour to be able to take lots of damage.

Death's Dance is like an item that works fine but doesn't fit what you're supposed to do. It does give you sustain if you really need it but in my opinion if you can't take someone just run away. There's no point in sustain fighting and you should rather be just taking the backline because squishies wont sustain fight and you'll most likly oneshot them.

To be honest I really like this item but it's little bit of a question mark when running this build. It gives onmivamp, damage and it's passive is really nice but it doesn't reallt fit into this build as well as I want it to. You chose on this one.

Don't underestimate this item since you can get lots of information and clear wards and also you're able one-shot and ward you see aslong as it's not a controll ward. But it's not only vision that it gives but it also gives some damage which you reallt want as an assassin. It's also really cheap.

Phase Rush is your main rune and will always be for this build. The other keystones don't really benfit you in any way similar to Phase Rush and this build is all about speed and sticking so this is the keystone to go.

Nimbus Cloak works the best here because your smite will proc Nimbus and will give you a lot of movement speed. If you're running Ghost you'll just be too fast and prepare for being too fast and not furious. And the other choises are kind bad so just keep this one unless you really wanna go nullifying orb.

Any rune in this row works well and wont really do worse then the others but I belive that Celerity just work the best becuase you're becoming even faster and will help you travel the map very quickly.

Waterwalking if just very good for scuttle contesting and river fighting. It gives movement speed and adaptive force which you benefit alot from. Gathering storm work well for late game but don't expect to go that far into a game and this build is all about your early game so please listen to me for once.

Triumph work well with duskblade since you'll go invisible after each kill and also regen some health and get a little extra gold from kills. But since you're not a really but sustain fighter you can also use it as an escape tool for when you've picked some poor bastard off and now need to get out of there.

Tenacity works fine on this build and can counter some cc but I don't recommend this very much. You'll mostly wanna dodge any and all abilities so this choise is also in your hands. Change for Coup de Grace.

Coup de Grace will be very usefull in the way of you having a easier time assasinating people and doing more dmg the less hp they have. Plus there's not many other runes in the secondary tree that works better. Maybe Cut Down or Last Stand works but I just don't prefer them.

Sudden Impact gives you nice lethality and you have a lot of ways to proc it efficiently. It synergises the best with Kayn and his kit and does prettly well early game.

Relentless Hunter lets you roam but is only out of combat which wont really benefit you that much and since you need to kill everyone on the other team at least once it can be useless if behind or of they have a really big tank.

Bone Plating could be very usefull for not being oneshot but some champs and will guarantee you some safety. This can also give you the winning edge in a 1v1 against bursty champs who have one full combo and then kinda is useless.

Unflinching is also one of the best defence runes on Kayn with this build since you'll be getting some tenacity and slow resist which could be the saviour of a lockdown on you. With this rune you don't really need to go Boots of Swiftness since the slow resist is enought and lets you go for something else. Remember that it will only be 100% effective when low on health.

Magical Footwear is a good rune for saving some money and getting faster boots. You'll have to be a bit active in takedowns for faster arrival but at least you'll always have them at 12 mins.

Approach Velocity can be very valuable since your W slows you're going to be running very fast towards them and giving them no chanse to out run you. If your team can slow it will also be very usefull since you will get some speed towards the slowed enemies.

I was debating if Approach Velocity or Future's Market would be best because one gives movement speed and one gives you your items faster I thought I'd just be mentioning it right here. If your team doesn't slow that much just go Future's Market because your W will let you catch up anyways and the extra money you get isn't bad.
Reason to why
The reason i choose to think that this is an okay build is because it can give you som sticking potential and make you very slippery. You can easily go in and out of a fight without risking too much. Don't try to fight point and click or aoe cc/any kind of cc that will hit you almost eveytime.

I know that you trade some dmg for mobility but it's worth it in my opinion because you'll do enought dmg with the items you buy. Just make sure you don't fall behind by being to laid back in the game or just not pushing your luck. This build depends on you getting ahead early and then using that lead do run anyone down and slaughter.

Phase Rush is good for comps that can lock you down with slows or comps with skillshots. The slow resist you get from Phase Rush allows you to easily deny the slow and slip away. The movement speed you get for the rune also gives you a nice dodging potential.
My prefered way to path a Kayn is just the simple Raptor (No Help) > Red > Gromp > Recall > First Buy > Wolves > Blue > Gromp/Scuttle and then try to get in a gank.

Because of Kayns weak early game it's kinda hard to contest scuttle against early champs so if you see scuttle being contested just go gromp instead.

If you don't want this pathing you should just know that a full clear is almost always what you wanna do unless you see a really free kill or something else that will benefit more.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ZucccMain
ZucccMain Kayn Guide
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Ultimate Speed Kayn

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