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Wukong Build Guide by VuKing

Ultimate Wukong Top Carry - Guide season 11

Ultimate Wukong Top Carry - Guide season 11

Updated on March 10, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing Build Guide By VuKing 16 3 72,286 Views 0 Comments
16 3 72,286 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing Wukong Build Guide By VuKing Updated on March 10, 2022
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Ultimate Wukong Top Carry - Guide season 11

By VuKing
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Pros and Cons
+ Wukong is a great Fighter Champion who is flexible enough to be played as a bruiser who can deal consistent damage and be a constant presence in a team fight and he can also be played as an assassin who can deal large amounts of burst damage in a short time.
+ Wukong has high outplay potential using his W, Warrior Trickster.His W-Warrior Trickster is a great tool that can allow him to escape ganks and skirmishes with the enemy during the laning phase. It is a versatile ability that can be used in endless ways which add to Wukong’s replayability.
+ He has good damage all throughout the game and his ultimate allows him to be useful all throughout the game since it is a good ability to disrupt enemies.
+ Wukong’s Ultimate R-Cyclone is a very good tool. It can be used to help his team win team fights, and for him to get kills during the laning phase.
+ Wukong excels at extended trades with his E-Nimbus Strike and Q-Crushing Blow
. He is a very strong duelist in the laning phase.
- Wukong is an early game snowball champion which makes him a lot like other fighters who depend on an early game lead in order to dominate. He doesn’t play well when behind.
- If Wukong falls behind, he can build tank, but he will deal little to no damage in a team fight. Keep this in mind, but be prepared to adapt.
- His Warrior W-Trickster is his only real disengage tool. Once that is down, or if he misuses it, his enemies can easily kill him in lane.
- When he is not having a good lead, he can feel useless without his ultimate especially in team fights.
Champion Abilities

Stone Skin (Passive) Wukong gains bonus armor and regenerates max health every 5 seconds. These effects are increased whenever Wukong or his clone damage an enemy champion or monster.

Crushing Blow (Q) - Wukong empowers his staff, causing his next basic attack to have extra damage and range while reducing the enemies armor. Cooldown is slightly reduced if he or his clone damage an enemy. His Q is an auto-attack reset.
- Is an auto-attack reset ability that increases the damage of Wukong’s next attack and causing his next basic attack to have extra damage and range while reducing the enemies armor. Use wukong's Q after each attack

Warrior Trickster (W) - Wukong dashes in a direction, entering invisibility for 1 second and leaving behind a decoy of himself. The clone can auto attack and cast R. The clone will not knock up enemies who were already knocked up by Wukong though.
- Warrior Trickster is Wukong’s signature annoying ability. It is the ability that allows him to trick his opponents which can be taken advantage of in countless offensive and defensive scenarios.The clone simply stands when there are no nearby enemies so, for this reason, you can simply do nothing and enemies will go past you thinking that you have already cast this ability. Once they turned around, you can cast this ability and go a different direction.
- You can use this ability to get closer to the enemy when you are ganking by casting this ability while in the bush near your target. The invisibility will allow you to get closer to the target without having to use your E-Nimbus Strike, which you will then use to get closer to them if they use flash or their other dash ability.
- Clones will also cast your Ultimate R-Cyclone, and will deal half the damage but only if you are not damaging them by your own cyclone at the same time which means you won’t deal more damage if you and your clone are hitting the same target and it will be better to use the clone’s Cyclone to cover more ground and knock up more enemies instead.

Nimbus Strike (E) - Wukong dashes to a target enemy and sends out clones to attack 2 nearby enemies. Upon hitting the target, Wukong gains bonus attack speed.
- Nimbus Strike also increases Wukong’s attack speed after it lands but this ability’s greatest strength is that it follows the target enemy even if they use their flash or blink abilities so try to predict when the enemy will use their mobility abilities so you can follow them with Nimbus Strike.
- You can use Nimbus Strike to cross walls as long as there is a visible target across the wall. You can use a ward to have vision of jungle monsters and use them to escape.

Cyclone (R) - Wukong and his clone spin their staffs for up to 2 seconds while gaining bonus movement speed. They will knock up and deal damage to enemies who are in the zone. Take note that they can only be knocked up once and not twice, so the Clone can't knock up a previously knocked up champion by Wukong himself.
- A good way to utilize the clone’s Cyclone is to cover more ground to knock up and damage more enemies. With the clone and the bonus movement speed from Cyclone, it is possible to damage and knock up all five enemy champions.
- You can use Cyclone to chase enemies with its movement speed bonus.Be careful when trying to re-cast Cyclone because it will end an ongoing spin prematurely.



















Summoner Spells

FLASH : Although Wukong is already mobile enough with E vs W,It helps him run away as well as chase the enemy adding Flash is never too much
TELEPORT : Used when take it if you feel you can roam well.
IGNITE : Use ignite when you want early fights, win lanes and snow balls
SMITE : Smite - You will need it if you go jungle, nobody jungles without it

While less effective on ranged champions,
Conqueror offers stacking damage and healing for sustained trades, which is great for Wukong Top .Is overall the best keystone on Wukong. Wukong is a AA heavy champion with very short cooldowns like E and Q that will help him stack up conqueror in a very short amount of time. A simple E+AA+Q can instantly stack up conqueror halfway in just about a second! can help with extended fights. It is the go-to Keystone for pretty much every matchup.
provides often unexpected healing after takedowns, making it a great Wu rune.Best pick in the first row of precision. Provides survivability for diving, teamfighting, and scales very well in comparison to Presence of Mind and Overheal.
Given attack speed is multiplicative, Take Legend: Alacrity to increase the value of Wukong's kit and build.
Best choice for top laners, but not too big of a difference in damage in comparison to Coup de Grace, so its just preference. Last Stand will give you a small edge in low health situations.

Attack speed, damage, armor help Wukong farm creep and trade well in the early game.

Magical Footwear Choosing this allows you too not spend any gold on buying boots which in my opinion is the right choice since there are key items that you really need in early phase. So that being said, getting a free worth of 300 g is essenstial.
Biscuits are really good for early laning phase since it gives u survivabilty and more chances too continue trading in lane whilst not wasting that much mana and hp
These are the 3 standard equipment for Wukong in ranking or tournament

  • Divine Sunderer: Divine Sunderer is very popular with many gladiators and so is Wukong. In the current version, Divine Sunderer is the best choice for him.A situational mythic. Against tanks or high max hp targets that are hard to get through in teamfights or the side lane. Generally with this item, you will miss out on attack speed, but you will have more sustain at 1 item due to its passive. With legendary iteams you will have a significant amount of armor penetration at the end of the game
  • Trinity Force: - Is an item for AD-Fighters in the top lane or in the jungle. The extra movement speed and the added AD help you gain the upper hand in any fight – or any chase, because opponents won't be able to escape you. Or you can run away from a slightly faster champion... but that won't happen with your dominance.
    Trinity Force has a pretty simple item build. You can basically decide on the fly which components you need. If you need HP, mana or attack speed, everything is there for your needs and then boom! As if through magic, you've got a completed item. Especially with the recent patch, Wukong will find value out of its new mythic passive (Using MS, AD and Ability Haste). Go this item in all if not, majority of your games.
  • Goredrinker: Is a classic item for fighters. The active ability of Goredrinker lets you regenerate health depending on how many champions are around. To keep things short, you basically bash around you a few times and regenerate HP. The more champions you're surrounded by the more health you regenerate.The items passive comes from Ironspike Whip and eventually gets passed down to Goredrinker as well as Stridebreaker (we'll get to Stridebreaker soon).
    Goredrinker is an item that profits off you being surrounded by many opponents – just like this item guide profits from many people reading it. The heal you gain from Goredrinker is also dependent on the amount of missing health. So if you're in the middle of a team fight, on the brink of death, well then Goredrinker will just save your life – and the team fight.
  • Black Cleaver: Has most of the great stats a gladiator wants (attack, health, ability haste) above all, it also has the ability to reduce enemy armor. Black Cleaver is usually used on juggernauts because they can easily apply stacks and survive long enough to benefit from the penetration. Armor reduction and penetration effects stack, allowing an attacking character to benefit simultaneously from Black Cleaver's shred, penetration runes, other items such as Last Whisper, and champion abilities that circumvent armor.
  • Sterak's Gage: Your 3rd item in most games. You gain a lot of tankiness with this item which will pair with Wukong's high damage well. It also has sustain when dealing or taking damage to enemy champions which is always a bonus. After completing this item your sustain will be really good (sustain from this item, hydra, bloodline if running it, grasp/ passive).
    Lifeline will still trigger if damage is taken while below 30% of maximum health.
    Nullifying Orb will always trigger before Lifeline when taking magic damage.
  • Blade of the Ruined King: If you have aggressive playstyle and don't hesitate to solokill any enemy then Blade of the Ruined King is one of the good item for Wukong. It grants Physical Damage and Attack Speed which are both great stats but the important is the passive and life steal from Blade of the Ruined King. The passive gives him a large amount of damage when he can deal damage equal to a percentage of the enemy's current health, easily dueling any opponent. The active is a crucial part of Blade of the Ruined King The active deals 100 Magic Damage to an enemy champion and steals 25% Movement Speed from the target for 3 seconds. Make it easy for him to chase the enemy as well as slow down the enemy for easy escape
  • Death's Dance: Death's Dance Another viable item if the enemy is heavy AD. The burst you recieve from them is reduced, which can buy you some key time for your true damage to charge up or another rotation to kill them.
  • Guardian Angel: Generally I build this item 4th if the enemy is heavy AD. This item also allows you to play more risky when diving the back line because if you die mid-way, you can stall for item with another rotation. Also the build path has stopwatch which is really broken. Even if the enemy isn't necessarily heavy AD, you can still consider it later on due to its passive.
    Guardian Angel with the ability to revive himself after death, Wukong can freely rush into the enemy to open a fight, creating a premise for his teammates to deal damage without fear of being shocked to death.
  • Thornmail: This is a relatively situational option. It works best when you are against a lot of champions that are aa based and they heal also. So instead of bulding Executioner's Calling and armor,you build Thornmail and you kill 2 birds with one stone!
  • Spirit Visage: Works best when you need bonus magic resistance or when you want the extra healing, or both! It could also work when you have a Yuumi or Lulu for example shielding and healing you due to its passive working on heals and shields!
  • Randuin's Omen: Can be even more viable than building raw armor when you are against crit based champions. If the enemy team has at least 2 crit based champions this item is for you! The active is also really nice to have.
  • Dead Man's Plate: This item is actually very effective at dealing with AD targets while not giving up too much. The passive is very powerful in combination with Duskblade of Draktharr. If you have winning lanes and they have a lot of AD damage and you are required to peel and survive a bit instead of being an assassin this item is very useful, although this item is much more situational.
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate: This item is really strong this preseason, and it has great stats, such as high defenses and Ability Haste. The passive helps you stay alive in a fight even longer, and the active helps out even more by giving you a gigantic shield.
  • Serylda's Grudge: This item is very good on Wukong, allowing you to actually damage tankier targets, as well as catch up to a fast opponent with the slow on its Bitter Cold passive. The 45 Attack Damage is very nice, and 20 Ability Haste is extremely valuable on Wukong.
  • Plated Steelcaps: Plated Steelcaps are good into high physical damage team comps, specifically those with mostly auto-attack damage champions. Just remember that some champions will do heavy mixed damage on hit with their items, as Ninja Tabi do not block on-hit damage like Wit's End and Guinsoo's Rageblade.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing
VuKing Wukong Guide
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Ultimate Wukong Top Carry - Guide season 11

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