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Nidalee Build Guide by BloodSucker RT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BloodSucker RT

(Unfinished and Abandoned) A personal gameplay/Nid AD

BloodSucker RT Last updated on December 30, 2015
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This build does not work as effectively as it did before. It is outdated and with old items and mechanics as well as unfinished. I do not reccomend you to follow whats left from it but I did not want to delete it as well. ;w; I will be making a new Nid guide, which you could see in my profile here on MobaFire. Cheers.

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○ Introduction ○

~Nidalee and her javelin by niahawk

Yes, Hello. This is my first guide made on MobaFire and I don't want to get much hating from you, good guys and gals!ಠ_ಠ

•Nice to meet you, I am Teddasaur, or mostly known as Tedda ( or Asa in the League ). I am a mediocre player (hope this won't make you close my guide..) I can't guarantee this guide will fit your gameplay and style but I hope you will atleast learn a thing or two from it that will come in handy. ಠ◡ಠ I've been playing Nidalee since february 2011 If not even earlier, and I think I have enough experience to make a guide about OurBelovedNidalee



BY THE WAY, since you are reading this..I'm working on it from months, It's not finished AT ALL and I'm bad at explaining and making guides but this has to be a first try. Hope after a year It'll be finished..xD Thank you for your time and have a nice day!


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○ What are you going to see here? ○

Nothing for now.

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○ Important abbreviations ○

Here are some of the abbreviations I will be using in this guide so you will know about what I'm talking about. :)

☼ RB~ Red Buff[/h2]

☼ BB~ Blue buff ( not bye-bye )[/h2]

☼ DB~ Double Buff[/h2]

☼ AS~Attack speed[/h2]

☼ AD~Attack damage[/h2]

☼ AP~ Ability power[/h2]

☼ Mp5~ Mana per 5 seconds (Mana regen)[/h2]

☼ Hp5~ Health per 5 seconds (Health Regen)[/h2]

☼ Dot~ Damage over time[/h2]

☼ MR~ Magic resist[/h2]

☼ MPen~ Magic Penetration[/h2]

☼ APen~ Armor Penetration[/h2]

☼ Lvl~ Level[/h2]

☼ Cd~ Cooldown[/h2]

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○ Pros and Cons ○


→Good farming skills( Bushwak, Cougar form )
→Good poke
→Very nice AS buff
→No cost ult with low cooldowns.
→Can't be countered easly at all. Especially after she hits lvl 6.
→Awesome map control, can lane top without wards if you put your traps correctly.
→You can juke amazingly without having skills playing Nidalee.
→Can be played as anything. Even as a jungler which I don't recommend if you want strong early game ganks.
→ Extremely hot little french pussycat.


→Can be mana hungry
→Sometimes hard to play before Lvl 6
→Easy to learn but somewhat hard to master.
→One of the hardest skillshots in the game.

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○ Masteries ○

I will Add Information when the new masteries are up to date with the patch of Season 3.

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You can swap the for greater mark of desolation. I don't want them. Why? Simply. I don't feel like I need them. If you feel like you do or you think you need it more or you are just used to go for APen then go for it. As I said this is just my build, my way that is working perfectly, I do not guarantee it will fit your gamestyle neither that you will have 100% chance to win.If you'd like you could even buy a bit of MPen. Why? Because all of her skills (exept TAKEDOWN ) scale with AP. It's your choice overall.

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○ Items ○ ~ The removal ot Madrets

One thing I'd like to highlight out of the whole chapter is THE REMOVAL OF madrets bloodrazor Since for me it's an important item to buy on Nidalee I have been kinda dissapointed of it's removal, all tho it really was not a balanced item. So now it's the time when we seek an alternate. I was looking towards the new items at the post and I came towards this item:

Statikk Shiv
Item Cost: 2450
Recipe Cost: 525
+40% Attack Speed +20% Critical Strike Chance +6% Movement Speed
UNIQUE Passive: Moving and attacking builds Static Charges. At 100 Charges, your next attack expends the Charges to deal 100 magic damage to up to 4 targets. This damage can critically strike.
Statikk Shiv

It is build from

Brawler's Gloves


Avarice Blade

Brawler's Gloves

It seemed very nice for me. The attack speed excels great with Nidalee The critical strike also. Not to mention the movement speed. She has pre-enough with the help of Trinity Force and her passive Prowl But this item adds just the perfect amount. So I will be leaving it for testing and I will report to you and put the information here when I'm sure if it works or If I find a better item. (:

What about the rest of the items? Do I really need to buy Trinity Force when I could buy Frozen Mallet for alot more health? No, you don't need all the health from the Frozen Mallet since you will be buying Warmogs Armor You will have enough defensive stats, and It's alot better to improve your Phage to a Trinity Force mainly because of the sustain and all the things that provides you, movement speed, mana, health, attack speed and crit chance. Not to mention the effects and passives of Sheen and Phage . Overall It's alot better IMO.

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○ Summoner Spells ○

Why do you pick Ghost Instead of Ignite? You could easly secure kills early on. That's an Interesting question and a very good one. I reccomend you Ghost only for a few reasons. It is basically the best Spell for Nidalee since she will be Ungankable, Uncatchable, Unreachable use all the adjectives you like they all suit her. With the combo of Prowl , Aspect Of The Cougar , Ghost , Flash ..Ha! Only a silly stooped person would think he can catch you! Just juke them to death and nuke them till they hit their grave in the nearest bush. If you train a bit, you can do it with ease. A p*ssies game. Real easy.
Now, I reccomend Ghost for beginners, Ignite is the option for the intermediate and higher class Nidalee players. Teleport can be an option if you are planing to backdoor, to lane gank bottom lane, to come in time for the teamfight or simply, mobility. All tho you will be fast enough to move from place to place in seconds, you won't really need it.

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○ Nidalee's Spells ○

Information taken from leagueoflegends.wikia. Yes. I admit I was too lazy and had no time to write it myself.I'm a bad bad person, I should be ashamed of myself.

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○ Your role ○


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○ Map awarness ○

Most awesome thing about Nidalee you don't really need a sight ward to prevent ganks.

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○ Video 'Commentary' ○

Removed due to being ashamed of this bad recording.

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○ Early Game ○ 1-9


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○ Mid Game 10~14 ○


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○ Late Game 15~18 ○