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Urgot Build Guide by Keels

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keels

Urgot: Winbot (Updated!!!)

Keels Last updated on August 7, 2011
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This build is a little outdated... the items in the build don't match up to my items in the items section... WILL UPDATE WHEN I GET A CHANCE! :D

Thanks to Lugignaf for help on the awesome pic!!

I'm planning to make this my most in depth guide to date, so get ready to blow some nabs up with your missiles. This is IMHO the best build for Urgot on the site, and it works amazingly well. You can sustain your early game success into the late game with no problems, even in ranked. Urgot is my #1 choice for ranked, because he's underused, an absolutely devastating mid, and one of the two best ad mids , and . He rapes squishy mid characters(do NOT imagine it), and
My build gives him plenty of survivability and late game potential, silencing all those haters who say you'll fail late game. This might take some time to read, though.

You are Urgot:


6.20.11- Revised build. Changed items, runes, and masteries a bit. Erased Tankbot build; inserted match history photos.

6.22.11- Changed skill sequence to how I level now, added more results pictures, spruced things up a bit.

7.4.11- Adding in code, and introducing some nice gameplay pictures. Beginning redux.

8.7.11- Thanks to patch V1.0.0.120, Aegis isn't much help to this Urgot anymore. Aegis sn't all that necessary, and Last whisper is just too good on Urgot

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Pros / Cons

- Arguably the best early game in the League
- Constant slow
- You'll feel pretty evil playing him(in a good way)
- Harass-o-matic
- Very, very durable
- Once mastered, maybe the best mid in the game
- (With this build) Great harass early, tanky mid game(I can take a 2v1 very easily), great damage late game
- Pretty good cc for an AD caster
- Positioning is vital
- Pretty hard character(It's a pro for me)
- Ugly as hell

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Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter- Innate- Urgot's attacks reduce all damage that his target deals by 15% for 2.5 seconds.
This innate is amazing. Unless you're outnumbered, you're taking 15% reduced damage. This means, in a supposedly "even fight", you're going to come out ahead. Abuse this.

Acid Hunter- Urgot fires a missile towards the cursor dealing physical damage and applying his passive (does not apply other on-hit effects). Missile-lock can be achieved by holding the cursor over target afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge. It won't lock on invisible minions or wards.
This is Urgot's main offensive spell. It's your bread and butter, dealing your damage, slowing them, and hitting them hard whenever they think they're safe. Synchronize this with Terror Capacitor and Noxian Corrosive Charge to maximize damage on foolish enemies who get over extended.

Terror Capacitor- Urgot charges up his capacitor to gain a shield. While the shield is active, Urgot gains slowing attacks.
This is a great ability, useful in almost any situation. From inflicting heavy damage to an enemy rushing you, slowing a pursuer(but be quick about it), or chasing down a fleeing squishy.

Noxian Corrosive Charge- Urgot launches a corrosive charge that damages enemies in an area and reduces their armor.
This item is a very important yet a very hard ability to use properly. You need to be able to land it consistently, which I'll discuss later.

hyper-kinetic position reverse
Ultimate- Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse

Urgot charges up his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, gaining armor and magic resistance and swapping positions with his target. After the swap, his target is slowed.
This is one of those WTF abilities- it's a big ult, and this, combined with your shield and passive, make you amazingly hard to take down without arriving in force. I'll discuss more on ult usage later.

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I go 0-9-21 I don't agree with urgot players sacrificing so much durability and lane staying power for 4% increased damage. So much of the offensive mastery tree is wasted(Attack speed, crit damage, crit chance, magic penetration), when all you need is cdr and armor pen(if you choose to go that far). I prefer to make me a laning machine, taking 21 points in utility, all useful: reduced death time is very useful late game , Flash cooldown reduction , and just putting 9 points into defense for some good durability. That scaling hp regen is a defensive item all its own late game.

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Short, and simple, as Searz has shown and my experience has proven, armor penetration runes are more versatile than any other offensive runes for an AD champ, and help scale your damage well late game, a real problem with Urgot. I get armor runes so I can break 100 armor and magic resist by late game, and to make you totally dominant over any physical character they send mid. I go ahead and grab Cooldown reduction glyphs, but there isn't any real reason to get a full set of them; your abilities are on very low cd as it is. They're just good on any champ you could think of, so I gots em.
-> Health runes are also a good idea, same with MP5 runes.
Just so we're clear, don't.... don't use mana penetration runes. If you have a blank rune page it's just as good and worthless.

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Summoner Spells

Let's face it; I'm a Flash addict. I almost always use it. It's just so..... USEFUL!!! Especially here. It provides much needed shock tactics, positioning, surprise attacks, and escape capabilities to Urgot.

This is another escape option for Urgot. Whether it's chasing people down, or outrunning them to use your ult, this is another mobility option with a much better cooldown.

You could very easily switch ghost out for:

Exhaust is a solid choice for Urgot. It helps him escape, cripples any carry he likes, and is very good early game.

Ignite is another favorite of mine when combined with DOT abilities(*Cough* Gangplank*Cough*)

This gets Urgot where he needs to be. Nothing else needed.

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A quick note: I deleted all the work on this section after accidentally clicking on the toolbar above the tab, so keep in mind I had to do this twice, so sorry if I don't go into much detail on some things.


These are items that are very cost effective and synergize well with each other, as well as solving some of Urgot's main problems.

Manamune- Manamune is almost made for Urgot- He needs mana, and he needs a lot of it. He needs damage, and this just keeps giving him more. He can max out this item very fast, and it's easy to build for him.

Last whisper/color]- Combined with Noxian Corrosive Charge at level 5, this item provides great synergy to Urgot, and means you'll have 60% ARMOR REDUCTION! Wicked. Makes you a HUGE THREAT. Also, this spot used to be Aegis of the Legion. I found myself not getting the item anymore, and since it got hurt by the patch I kicked it out. It was on thin ice anyways.

Banshee's Veil- This item is amazing on Urgot; the shield makes their team think twice about rushing for you in teamfights. The mana helps with your pimpage of your Manamune.


Here are some items you should consider picking up as Urgot:

Tiamat- A good early game choice for Urgot. It's cheap and easy to build, and helps with mid.

Black Cleaver- Nice damage, attack speed, and some armor shredding makes this seem like an obvious choice for him, but slow down; it only applies on his autoattacks, but it will still buff your Acid Hunter.

Frozen Heart- More feed for your Manamune! If you're ever facing an AD heavy team, if you generally think you can survive taking a chunk out of your damage by sacrificing some arpen for some CDR, then I really like this. These two items( The Black Cleaver Frozen Heart) Are interchangable, depending on what I need. I recommend Frozen Heart, however.

Sword of the Occult- You should be able to get some easy early game kills, so this item will definitely keep the ball rolling through your mid game.

The Bloodthirster- If you feel like swapping out Hextech Gunblade for this, go ahead. But getting 3v1'd after all that farming is a slap to the face.

Trinity Force- Honestly, I'm not all that fond of it because you already have a slow, you don't really need crit chance, and it's so expensive. I'm more content just keeping the Sheen.

Sheen- A very strong choice on Urgot; it gives you mana, and builds naturally from the start. Of course the passive is very, very, useful on Urgot.

Chalice of Harmony- If you feel like holding off on Manaumune or skipping it all together, this item is a good choice either way. Percentage mana regen on the one hand, and it gives you great harass.

Last Whisper- This item will really help with your late game damage scaling, and applies on your Acid hunter, making it a very solid choice. In fact, I'm thinking of some ways to work this in.

There are plenty of troll-worthy items on Urgot, but these are some bad choices that players might consider buying that are not in your best interests.

Guinsoo's Rageblade- You're not an attack speed character; you're not a hybrid character; you're not an auto attack champion. You're a spamming champion. Don't get this.

Madred's Bloodrazor- It doesn't apply on Acid Hunter, only on your auto attacks. This is NOT worth it, don't bother.

Malady- I'm not going to say this again: Acid Hunter doesn't apply on hit effects, so this goes for Wit's end, or Sword of the Divine. DON'T GET ATTACK SPEED ITEMS. You aren't an auto attack champion. You don't need on hit effects. Don't. Get. These.


Urgot is flexible as far as boots go. There are some boots I wouldn't recommend but it's all about your play style, so I didn't select any in my item build. If you like getting where you need to be fast, go ahead and grab yourself Speed Boots. But he doesn't necessarily need so much speed in battles, as he's in the back(hopefully) and positioning is much more important than getting in close.
The only two Boots I definitely don't recommend are:

For reasons I've already explained.


I'll explain the reasoning behind my other choices of items.

The Brutalizer- This item helps further with your armor shred, helps with your spamming, and keeps the pain coming. 'Nuff said. I honestly don't recommend that you upgrade this to Youmuu's Ghostblade until you've finished everything else, if only for the little perks. The active is not vital to Urgot, per se.

Hextech Gunblade- Until recently I thought this item would have been terrible for Urgot, until I realized that spell vamp procs on ABILITIES, not just MAGIC. So your Acid Hunter will be giving you spell vamp as well as lifesteal. I get this instead of a Bloodthirster because of the sexy Active which I love to abuse, and because you don't have to farm to get your full benefits.

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Be aggressive. Your harass is the best in the game. Punish those who don't know wtf is going on with your range. Once you know what you're doing as Urgot, your early game is almost guaranteed to get you fed. Learn to drop your E. Always take mid. And always keep your opponent on their toes, and if you can try and start a 1v1 early. It's pretty easy for Urgot to win, considering his Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter. Poke them as often as you can, and land your etc... combo as often as you can! Experience serves you well here. With practice, you can push any character out of the lane.

Just watch out for these guys at mid!!

#1- Ezreal
He can dodge your Noxian Corrosive Charge and fire back at once!!! OMGWTFHAX!
I can hold my own against him, but he's a pain, and my most hated.

#2- Kennen
This yordle pisses me off. His ult and stun are very annoying, and he has free harassment. A good Kennen is a problem for Urgot.

#3- LeBlanc
Watch yourself. Her burst and silence are a big problem for Urgot. Keep her WAY out of your range.

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Mid game

In a word: Invincible.

You'll be able to dish plenty of damage, and take on a 2v1 pretty easy. You're very tanky, and other carries can't bring you down 1v1.

Urgot is still a total terror here. So be brave and cut people down with your rocket propelled chainsaws.

Go get em, bro.

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Late game

Here's where your average Urgot player hits the wall. This fat robot is infamous for losing ground here.

You can function as an assassin, grabbing any moron who gets close and throwing them into yuor teammates.

But I still like to fit my role as the AD caster, droppin bombs and rollin max deeps. Push hard, and roll with a friend at all times. Don't get caught alone, and never push alone. Urgot has limited escape options, and people will really try and go for you and punish you for the slappage you put down for the last 20 minutes.

Stay in position, and in teamfights, always swap their carry. It could be beneficial to wait until the initial rounds of cc and burst are used up, and when things are all mixed up. If you're smart, they shouldn't be focusing you.

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You're Urgot. Take mid. It's your right. You're the best harasser in the game. Unless you have a Karthus on your team, freaking take it.
If you don't feel comfortable taking mid or got whined out of mid, you'll still dominate your lane. Urgot is the ideal lane partner for many champs, and you should try laning with a tank. Someone to help you push or take some punishment while you bombard them.

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Urgot is a very tough champ to play in that he relies on skill shots and requires very good positioning to be successful. You'll fit the role somewhere between Blitzcrank and an assassin; initating by snatching someone(Even though it's your ult) or picking off squishy enemies. You're not a front line bruiser. You're the one dropping bombs on them while they desperately try and cut through your teammates to stop the hurt you're laying down. Much of Urgot's power and effective tactics comes from taking advantage of slight mistakes in their positioning, or capitalizing on the slightest overextension, making him impossibly hard to lane against.

Landing your Noxian Corrosive Charge allows you to lock on to enemies with Acid Hunter from ridiculous ranges and punish them with reduced armor and a poison. Their only option is to back off and run for the hills. Brush won't save them, and they'll quickly learn they can't touch you. Always be prepared to capitalize on their errors in positioning. Try and predict their movements. You'll be able to land it a couple times easy before they catch on and try and dodge it. Then, their natural reaction will be to run back to try and avoid it or get out of your range as soon as possible. Use this. Put it a little behind them to catch them as they flee. The ability is also crucial to hitting them when you're fighting them in their minions. Have your shield ready for dives, getting away from ganks, and maximizing damage when they get too close.

Your ulthyper-kinetic position reverse is also a very tough ability to use effectively. If you're snatching someone fleeing to their tower, it's pretty straight forward. Grab them, putting yourself between them and safety. You get tougher, and they get slower in the process. Make sure you land your Corrosive Charge, because more likely than not they have minions blocking you.

Another use late game is in a standoff between your teams. You can snag an enemy and put him right into your team, but the trick is not getting yourself killed in the process. This is where Flash comes in. As soon as you finish channeling FLASH THE HELL OUT OF THERE. If you can't, at least blow all your abilities and signal to your team that they need to move in. That shouldn't be happening though. Always be wary if you clicked on an enemy with your ult and forget that it's active. You can be at a serious disadvantage if you get switched, and you're better off just leaving if you got switched into a turret or another enemy and getting out of there. Again, always try and synchronize your ult with Flash.

Urgot may function as an anti-carry late game; grabbing some poor sap and throwing him into your teammates. Please please PLEASE remember the resistance buff during and after the channel! It is an overlooked part of this ability! It will save your robotic ***!

All of this may seem like a lot to take in, and frankly it is. Urgot is about positioning, the element of surprise, and taking advantage of the slightest mistakes in the opponent's gameplay. He is without a doubt one of the hardest and most unique characters to play in the game.

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Time for some results yo!

Me and my bro playing some ranked

This section in progress... MORE TO COME!!!

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Urgot, Urgot, Urgot.... He may be ugly, he may be evil, he may be a machine, but I love this champion. He's fun, he's different, he's challenging. He's a riddle to be solved; how to scale him for late game, how to position him, how to solo that Warwick, and how to celebrate and retain some modesty at the same time(Protip: You can't).
The truth is, you're awesome, this champ is awesome, and you deserve to celebrate. You're carrying as Urgot; a feat in itself.
Let me know if there's anything I should add or that I missed, or leave me a comment and let me know what you think, and feel free to vote on this build.
Thanks for reading my guide, now get out there and smack some nabs with your robotic backhand pimp slap!