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Renekton Build Guide by Keels

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keels

Mad as Hell - Your guide to playing Renekton 3v3

Keels Last updated on August 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Renekton is generally viewed as one of the more fun champions to play in the game; I agree. Riot really got him right. He's unique, balanced, and a blast to play. He's a great 3v3 champion, disabling carries and generally being a crazy f--king acrobatic klingon-blade havin' badass. This guide focuses on playing Renekton 3v3, and includes plenty of information that you'll need to get started on playing him.

Please vote me up or down(preferably up), and let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions.

I promised myself I wouldn't get carried away on this one and go into a lot of detail...


I did.


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Your guide to 3v3!!!

Don't let this be you

Renekton is much better 3v3 in my opinion. Things are in closer quarters, and I feel he is much more effective than most champions. He's very durable, and can seriously dish some damage. With this build, a little AD goes a really long way. Once you get your Bloodthirster, you'll be able to spill out your abilities for around 1100 damage(Don't quote me on that... I'll calculate the damage then update this. I'm considering an autoattack, and a WQEE combo, W getting fury bonus as the nuke)

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What's different about this build?


This build is cheap as ****. It's massively cost effective, and you'll end up with plenty of items.


This guide is for an off tank Renekton. I think people who play him as dps are... well. I never like melting in team fights. He dishes plenty of damage, and even dips into a support role a little. I think(with my flawless logic), that the longer you live, the more damage you're gonna do.

Reason number 3!!!!

I have provided a 3v3 guide to Renekton. I'm surprised there aren't more guides for him in 3v3 on here. Really, he's okay 5v5, but he really shines in 3v3.

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Pros / Cons

- AMAZING farmer
- Awesome damage
- Total blast to play
- Tanky
- Doesn't need to be fed to do great
- Badass
- Ummmm.....
- No AP? lol
- Melee
- Kinda evil

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I go 9-21-0, typical tanky setup. The 9th point in offense could go into archaic knowledge or sunder... really either one is good.

For some reason my code wasn't working for masteries, but avoid all masteries dealing with mana, no matter what.

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greater mark of desolationGreater Mark of Desolation

Arpen scales well all game, and helps your Bloodthirster scale better late game. Simple enough.

Greater Seal of Evasion

I think of dodge runes as this: You take X amount reduced physical damage. K? K!

Greater Glyph of Focus

CDR to just barely round you out at 40% after you get your items, and to help early game.

greater quintessence of desolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation

See: above flawless logic.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Renekton has decent escape options, but most of the time your only option is to run away. So I suggest this for quick escapes through the jungle. It's also very funny to flash to a straggler and stun them and have your team pounce on them for first blood.

Exhaust- From crippling a carry to casting it on someone to escape, this is a great spell for Renekton.

Here are some choices that are definitely worth considering

A very good support spell that Renekton also benefits from. Underused, IMO, and will support your team very well in 3v3.

Cleanse is a good choice. It will greatly increase your mobility in teamfights, and allow you to take really punishing cc for your team.

Ghost- A very good alternative to Flash, if you want.

Not a bad choice 3v3. Stopping pushes wins games.

If you're newer to Renekton, this isn't a bad choice for you early game. This, combined with your ult, makes you deceptively invincible at low health >:D

I actually like this spell 3v3. It gets you where you need to be, fast, plus the health buff is really nice. You won't die much, but it really helps to stop a push after an ace when you can return to your tower so quickly.


Don't bother with these.

You're Renekton.

Not needed.



Considering the size of the map, and the Cooldown on this *****.... You're better off walking.

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This is what makes Renekton unique; it gives him awesome bonuses whenever you attack enough, and fully utilizing this system is what makes or breaks a Renekton player.

Cull the Meek is literally named for farming; you're culling those meek little minions. It gives you a great auto heal, and is awesome for teamfights. Hitting multiple targets not only heals him for more, it also gives him fury per hit! Positioning this to hit as many targets as possible truly benefits Renekton. Also, it heals quadruple against champions. So keep that in mind during a dive. Just stun them, and heal yourself. Suddenly, the odds are waaay against them.

Your stun!!! This ability benefits the most from managing your Fury property. Always save up your fury for this ability. Without Fury, it deals only marginal damage and stuns for less than a second. BUT!! With Fury, you're looking to deal 500 damage and stun them for 1.5 seconds! So always save up for this.

Generally, I use this only to keep my mobility in a teamfight, and keep up with faster enemies. It looks bause on the field; this giant f--king crocodile with a f--kin klingon blade doing acrobatics through a teamfight cutting people to pieces.

Sorta like Nasus' ultimate, but considerably more badass. It provides him with significantly increased combat capabilities, giving him more than enough fury to last him through a teamfight. Go balls out with this; after a while you'll be able to get your skill sequence down to the point that your fury is truly utilized to its full potential.

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Alternative starting items

Ruby Crystal
Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potions
Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potions
Doran's Blade

You could choose any one of these, but I like choosing Doran's Shield for the early game durability and the laning power. I figure, the longer I live, the more damage I'll end up doing.

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Banshee's Veil: Get Quicksilver Sash
Rod of Ages: lulz
Frozen Heart: No mana
Attack speed items: You rely on abilities and spamming them for a majority of your damage. So go AD and CDR with some health sprinkled in.

Generally avoid items dealing with mana. This is why I don't reommend banshee's or frozen heart. That's a giant, useless gap in the item and when you're building it. In a way, you're wasting money. Don't go attack speed. Not needed. Ap if you're gonna troll, bro.

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Item choices

This guide, I'm going to make it a quicker read but still highlighting my main points.

Core items

Sunfire- Synergy with ult, tanky and armor

The Brutalizer- CDR(very important), cheap, armor pen

Ionian Boots of Lucidity- Cheap CDR

Aegis of the Legion- Cheap, massively cost efficient, damage, all around tanky support.

Wit's End- A good item on Renekton. For better Dps while providing some defense. Consider this item against a caster heavy team.

Trinity Force- This item is looking a lot better to me- Makes your q a HELL OF A LOT BETTER. Crit chance, MS, AD... Some things that renekton needs. Will play test.
These are all you need to win a game. You'll be really, really durable, but still able to win most teamfights and deal out plenty of damage. Plus(with the exception of Sunfire Cape) they're cheap as hell, and you'll get them almost every game.

I'll explain the reasoning behind my other choices of items

Support. I never looked at the pricing until now, and just realized how cheap it was. Provides much more heal than Spirit Visage, and I'd rather just dump the Spirit Visage than switch around my build order or boots. Because the Ionian Boots of Lucidity are critical to my early game cdr. Thanks to Psiguard.

Bloodthirster- This item provides Renekton with plenty of hitting power even late game. It's also a better choice for him than most other characters, because Renekton is a fantastic farmer and won't die much.

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Easily the best choice on this list. I recommend switching out Bloodthirster if you find yourself dying a lot, which really limits its effectiveness. Note that this item applies full stacks with one empowered W.

Stark's Fervor- Support, and attack speed and lifesteal, and armor reduction. I might recommend putting this in and changing around your one of your final two items if you want to support your carry but still deal some damage.

Randuin's Omen- More tank, more cdr, sexy active and passive.

Quicksilver Sash- My alternative to Banshee's veil. Learn actives, bro.

Guardian Angel- Extra lives. Go for it as a last item, if you want.

Force of Nature- Not a bad choice at all.

Hexdrinker- Situational. Good damage, and great defensive options.

Hextech Gunblade... I guess. Expensive. AP ain't that useful. But ad and lifesteal and spell vamp and active all sync well with Renekton.

Thornmail. This is obvious, everyone knows when to use this.

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Teamfights and gameplay

Renekton can take a beating, and I would recommend you pop your ult once your opponents have fully committed to a fight. The earlier the better, really, just make sure they don't run off and make you waste it. I use it early on to get a couple more fury empowered abilities in in the course of the fight. It'll really help you plow through their initial burst of damage, and keep the pain train going.
Plow through the fight to disable their squishy, or their support. Anyone who's dishing damage or could give their team the advantage by damage output. You should be able to drop their squishy pretty fast, and if you manage to bring down their power players quickly, you'll likely win a majority of teamfights.

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Always, always, always ward. It's the single most important thing you can do to prevent ganks, especially in solo queue. I ward no matter my role; as urgot I always make sure I have enough gold to ward myself at mid when I go B, and I grab at least one when I go back my first time.

Here is where I generally place my wards:

I start by placing a ward by Red buff, but if they have a jungler, I'll place one in front of Dragon early to catch him when he's getting it.
Otherwise I leave that ward for later. But you can see how placing a ward by red buff gives you vision to all they're doing in the lower half of the map. In other words, it's the biggest advantage you can give your team, and it only costs a meager 75 gold. Since only two items on my build break 2k gold,

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Foes worthy of a hunt (Dangerous enemies)

These are characters that will delay you, and generally piss you off more.

NASUS(Go straight for him whether he's tanking or not. It's on.)

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Farming with Renekton is pretty easy. And, for that matter, he has a good amount of harass for a champ with absolutely no range.

Here's your basic farming combo:

Nothing fancy. Considering how cheap many of the items in this build are(Only two items break 2000 gold), farming will really maximize your effectiveness in fights by boosting you towards more items.

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Skill Sequence


Build Fury

With this combo, your fury empowered abilities are: Ruthless Predator, because it hits the hardest of any of your abilities, and later Cull the Meek.


Build fury

Use Slice and Dice to clear the gap to their carry; stun them, then starting cutting them down. You'll be more effective throughout the fight if you DON'T operate like a burst character: First, you'll be left vulnerable when on cooldown, and you'll end up doing more damage if you space out your abilities, building up Fury for each ability.

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3v3 arranged teammates

Renekton fits well in plenty of teams, and he works together well with many characters, but honestly, these are the people I'm happiest to see on my team when I'm playing him 3v3.
Xin Zhao
Renekton is one of the best champs to play 3v3, IMO, and my favorite team compostions are:

Nunu, Renekton, Teemo

Poppy, Teemo, Renekton

Jax, Renekton, Xin

Nunu, Renekton, Xin zhao

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Your dash is pretty short, so you can't go through some of the walls other characters can(i.e. Tryndamere Shaco or Katarina ). But you should still know where you can use it to cut corners or generally improve your mobility and shock tatics.

If you're escaping from a push, hitting an enemy minion greatly increases your probability of escape by giving you Dice.

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Tasty Morsels

Twitch- Plow to him and crush that rat

Teemo- His blind may piss you off, but that's his only trick. You will kill him a LOT faster than he can kill you

Evelynn- Yummy

Pantheon- No chance

Annie- She won't be able to burst you fast enough, and will probably blow her abilities on someone else.

Shaco- He can run...

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That's some mighty fine ganking there, mate.(2:51)

"Now oim gonna jam my thumb up 'is bu'ole!"

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Renekton f--king rules. He's fun, he's strong, and he's a well balanced character. This build provides a lot of synergy to his abilities, and makes him immensely durable and very strong. Vote me on this one, I freaking learned code for your viewing pleasure(Even though code stopped working in the later stages of my build for some ****ing reason) and made ALL those pictures. I'm less than enthusiastic about the voting on my other builds(W007 4 VOTES!!!), so lemme know what you think.

So chop chop, go play Renekton, and win with my build.