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Vayne Build Guide by TheQWERTYman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheQWERTYman

Vayne: A different way [In-Depth]

TheQWERTYman Last updated on July 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, and welcome to my guide about Vayne.

I'll tell you everything I know about this champion, the best ways of attacking, positioning, item building, etc.

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Pros / Cons


+good damage output
+can carry
+can deal with tanks
+has stealth
+nice harassment
+great chaser
+has a giant crossbow on her back

-very squishy
-lousy escape abilities
-CC destroys her

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Summoner Spells

Viable summoner spells for Vayne:

Exhaust - Weaken those carries, escape / gank / turn the tides.
Flash - Escape / gank, overall great spell.
Cleanse - You often die to Morde ult? Ignite? Exhaust? Then take this.
Ignite - Shut down the lifesteal carry / Mundo / Vladimir. Finish off in early game.
Ghost - Stacks with Night Hunter, escape / catch-up.
Teleport - Often pushed from solo lane / mid? Get back faster.
Heal - Not a fan of this one, but it can save lives.

Low viability:
Clairvoyance - You are not a support.
Fortify - You are not a tank.
Revive - No.
Clarity - Oh, please. No mana is not the end of the world.
Smite - You are not a jungler.
Rally - Useless late game.

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Passive - Night Hunter - Your speed is buffed, as long as you keep chasing your enemy. It's not applied when you run away, so it really points out that Vayne is a good chaser, but a weak escaper.

Q - Tumble - You reposition yourself for a short distance, and the next physical attack you pull off within the next 6 seconds is empowered. This resets your attack timer.
Note: It helps you escape, and has low CD, but this is not the best escape ability, as it goes on 6 additional sec CD if you don't attack after you use it.

W (passive) - Silver Bolts - Every attack or ability you use against the same enemy target mark the enemy with a Silver Bolt Stack. Once your enemy gets 3 stacks, he takes additional true damage in a base amount + based on max enemy HP. This can really help you deal with tanks, as long you have nice attack speed.

E - Condemn - You shoot a nuke at your enemy, applying a Silver Bolt Stack, and pushing the target back. If the target collides with terrain while it's being pushed, it's stunned for 1.5 seconds and is applied another Silver Bolt Stack. This is pretty neat for pushing back that Katarina rushing and ulting into your team. The stun can also turn the tides of 1v1 fights.

R (Ultimate) - Final Hour - Your steroid move. It gives you the stealth that allows you to have the upper hand in 1v1, as long as they don't have Oracle. Your passive effect is tripled, which allows you a great chasing capability, and makes you very mobile. The bonus AD is also nice, but I think it's just not enough for an ultimate. Master Yi, Gragas, Mundo, Sion have non-ultimate abilities that give you more AD than this ultimate. But, this ultimate is still quite effective.

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Early game - Laneplay

Ahhhh... I call this part laneplay.
You will start of with a Doran's Blade or Boots of Speed with HP pots.

Go to mid if you are not playing against a bursty mage there. (LeBlanc, Brand, Kassadin)
Whether you are playing MID or top / bot, your harassment is very simple. Try to autoattack your enemy as much as possible, Be aggresive and Tumble if they try to keep you from harassing to scare them off.

Last hit only, don't auto attack minions if not necessary, you will push too much and lose farming options. If the enemy has some sort of melee DPS in mid, push them away with Condemn if possible.

Once you hit level 6, pretend you are going back to base so the enemy mid player won't alert his teammates. Go past the wolf and golem / wraith and lizard camps, and gank the lane. Try to pin your opponents down with Condemn to ensure a kill.

Go back to base, and finish those boots into Mercury's Treads. You can take Zerkers if you want to, but then the CC will get you killed too often.
If you did kills in mid and had a successful gank/ganks, buy a Recurve Bow, sell your Doran's Blade if you have to.

You will now have raised mobility and you'll be able to gank much easier. Try to last hit as much as possible, stay away from trouble and play safe to avoid ganks.

You will finish your Wit's End as fast as possible, and you will easily go against those pesky mage-assassins.

Around here, the laneplay ends.

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Mid game - Roaming

Around here, the lanes shouldn't be safe anymore, as alot of towers have probably fallen so far. There will be open conflict, and death will be just an inconvenience. (In League of Legends it always is)

Now start building towards a Phantom Dancer, with Zeal -> Dagger -> Cloak of Agility. It give you more mobility, the nice critical that can go well with your Tumble, and the huge attack speed boost.

The teamfights should start around here. You are squishy. Very squishy. You should go in the teamfights if the enemies already unloaded all of your skills on the rest of your team, Enter the fray and focus their carry or their support. If you know you are going to die after you enter the fight, stay back and wait for it to end. After it ends, go in and kill them all. It is also possible, but by the looks of your team: it's extremely greedy.

Build The Bloodthirster for that extra damage and more Tumble effectiveness.

Mid game ends here, as most of the champions have hit high levels. (16+)

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Late game - Team roaming

You really shine in this part of the game. You will do crazy damage once you get your Infinity Edge.

Keep going through the jungle to get your buffs and farm. Farm farm farm.
Now you will ward as much as possible, try to get someone off guard and 1v1 them, and kill Dragon / Baron with your team as much as possible. Stay out of the front line in teamfights and do as much damage as you can without exposing yourself to their whole team.

Build your Atma's Impaler and 3x elixirs and oracle. You have your build finished now, and you won't need farming. You will take buffs as much as possible so the enemy team doesn't get it. Stick with your team as much as possible.

Most games end by now. You will, with this build, have nice score, as I had too.

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Item selection

Now, many of you will freak out when they see my item selection. I will prove that your freaking out is based on nothing.

Mercury's Treads - ''Why not Zerkers??? omg u noob!!11one''

I say: Hold it. If I take Berserker's Greaves, I will get extra attack speed, but CC and magic damage will eat me. It's better to live than die with powerful battle stats.

Wit's End - ''Lol, this item is useless why do u take it idiot!?!?!''

I say: But why not? It gives me total 50 magic res, which helps against casters ALOT. The attack speed is more than noticeable, and the 42 magic damage almost gives as much magic damage as a B.F. sword gives in physical damage. This item is very price-effective and I guarantee it on every squishy DPS.

Atma's Impaler - ''What the hell? You idiot this is the worst item for this build!!!1''

I say: You're wrong. It's not the worst item and it gives me the stats I need. I have 2000 max HP and this item will give me 40 damage, it's good for me. I also need the 45 armor because my armor is really low. The critical chance is always nice.

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Thanks for reading this guide. It has a little different item selection than most build out there, but it's very effective.

Good luck, summoner!