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League of Legends Build Guide Author ezisaboss


ezisaboss Last updated on March 19, 2015
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Hi there, if your looking at this guide then your probably interested at Vayne top. My IGN is mcpvpthor and I recently got into top lane vayne.

In this guide:
I will be covering the build, runes, mastery, and gameplay.

Also this is my first guide so plz comment on what I should improve on, and good luck on your games!

PS: I will update this guide as much as I can since school it's almost over :D Stay Tuned for more content.

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+Amazing Late Game
+Good Chaser
+Another large source of damage in teamfights
+Good knockback/stun
+Amazing Kiter

-Can be countered very easily
-Needs good positioning in teamfights
-Wrong Condemn can screw things up
-No true escape
-Vulnerable to ganks
-Needs good mechanics

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Superior Summoner Spells:

Heal is good on Vayne for lots of reasons: 1. It's a better version of Barrier. 2. Vayne does enough damage already and she needs some way to survive during laning phrase and teamfights.

Should Take it in any case, she will need this to escape ganks, reposition, chase, just take it.

Good summoner spells:

Good for cc heavy teams, especially against champions like Malzaharor Orianna.

Teleport can help vayne get back to lane is she's bullied hard by some strong early champs like Malphite or Jax. It also works if u want to play the farm game and just sustain through the lane until you outscale your laner.

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Core Items:

Blade of the Ruined King One of the best items on Vayne this item give you: AD, life steal, tank shred, and dueling potential. This item have an amazing build path made out of cheap parts, so even if your're behind you can still build towards this item with ease. Rush it first, especially against someone like Singed or Malphite you will then shred through their hp bar instantly. Rush this item first as your core item.

Phantom Dancer It's a solid item, the attack speed gives you more change to proc Silver Bolts and the move speed allows you to chase your prey with ease. Not to mention that nice crit chance which goes really well with Infinity Edge, but most importantly is that passive which ignores unit collision which allows you to move through minions quickly to catch someone low on hp.

Infinity Edge Your main AD item, you should get this after you have Blade of the Ruined King and Phantom Dancer, because you need that early attack speed to boost your damage output on your Silver Bolts. This item lets you deal 250% on crit which its really useful mid-late game.

The Bloodthirster Get this item first if your behind rather than Infinity Edge if you're having trouble surviving fights then The Bloodthirster life steal will greatly benefit your chance of survival. If your ahead then get this after Infinity Edge.

Good Late Game Choices:

Last Whisper Due to Vayne's true damage on Silver Bolts armor pen is not really that useful, but its still a great choice if your enemy is really stacking armor items such as Frozen Heart or Thornmail then that 35% pen will work out nicely. Get it after you finished your core items if necessary.

Mercurial Scimitar People underestimate this item, this item is amazing against heavy cc teams. The active is a better version of Cleanse since it removes ALL debuffs, you can use it on Warwick Infinite Duress or Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow which helps if you are getting targeted during teamfights or if the enemy team have lots of ap nuke spells.

Zephyr I like to replace this item with Berserker's Greaves during late game if your willingly to sacrifice your homeguard enchantment. It will boost your damage further more if you already have your full build and the tenacity it gives are nice against heavy cc teams.

Guardian Angel This items changes fights when your're the carry, since you will most likely get focused this item gives you some durability and a second chance to finish off all the low health enemy. Overall a great item to purchase late game.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Maxing Silver Bolts first will give you the damage you need to win skirmishes and teamfights when building lots of attack speed. This is one of the reason I build Blade of the Ruined King and Phantom Dancer first, dealing that bonus true damage is just too good.

Maxing Tumble second can let u dodge some deadly cc and skill shots, such as Cho'Gath's Rupture or Leona's Zenith Blade.

I Max Condemn last cause is good with 1 point early on. However, I recommend you to take Condemn at level 2 then Silver Bolts as it has more trading potential then the other.

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Champion Matchops

Jax : Pre-6 Easy Post-6 Hard Jax is a nightmare, he will destroy you late game if he can get to you. Beware of his Counter Strike, try to run if he use it. You can bully him early game, so use your Condemn when you can. Try to get as much lead as you can before he gets fed or farmed.

Akali: Pre-6 Easy Post-6 Very Hard If you can get a huge lead than it's ok, but post-6 Akali is just a killer her Shadow Dance is going to melt your hp. Tell your jungler to get some early ganks to let u snowball. Buy a Vision Ward when possible to see her when she cast Twilight Shroud.
(S4 update: she is much harder to play against due to the Vision Ward nerfs.)

Riven: Pre-6 Medium Post-6 Hard Play safe, don't let her get to you. Use your Condemn if she is using her Broken Wings and Valor to get to you. Care of her Wind Slash post-6.

Nasus: Pre-6 Easy Post-6 Hard Pre-6 Nasus is squishy, and your Silver Bolts will do enough damage to bully him out of the lane. Nasus's Wither will screw you up so be careful. Don't fight him when he's Fury of the Sands is up.

Renekton: Pre-6 Medium Post-6 Hard . Play safe, Do not let him get to you, his Ruthless Predator hurts. But with your range, you can kite easyliy. Just like Nasus, do not fight when his Dominus is up. Always use your Condemn when he tries to use Slice and Dice to get to you.

Tryndamere: Pre-6 Medium - Hard Post-6 Hard . Be careful at level 1, if he use Spinning Slash and crits, you are screwed. Post-6 he can duel you with Undying Rage which is a nightmare. Ask your jungler for help.

Singed: Pre-6 Easy Post-6 Medium . Singed is not hard to play against. In fact, he will never get to you if you played right. Your Tumble and Condemn will stop him from using his Fling and your Silver Bolts will zone him away from the minion wave if you harass him constantly.

Teemo: Pre-6 TROLOLOLOLO Post-6 TRLOLOLOLOLOL . Sigh, all i can say is your kinda screwed. As a auto-based champion, his Blinding Dart screws your *** up. Not to mention his Noxious Trap hurts if he decide to buy a Liandry's Torment. Avoid this lane if u can.

Cho'gath: Pre-6 Easy Post-6 Easy . Cho'gath is one of the easiest lane to go against. Use your Tumble to get out of his Rupture, if he get to you then use your Condemn to knock him away from you. Not to mention that Vayne scales much better than Cho'Gath.

Malphite: Pre-6 Hard Post-6 Even Harder Ah Malphite, he can shut down you pretty hard. Due to his Ground Slam which reduces your AS will hurt your damage output. He is tanky with ap burst, and good malphite can use his Granite Shield properly and nullity your early dmg so call for help early. Malphite can also all-in on you at level 6 if you're low so farming is important and take Teleport if you want to play the farm game.


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