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Build Guide by Flooperstein McGoof

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flooperstein McGoof

Veigar: The Definition of WTF BOOOOOOOM!!!

Flooperstein McGoof Last updated on March 9, 2011
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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to my Veigar build/guide. This is my first, so general feedback would be appreciated.

In my opinion, Veigar's THE best nuker in the game. Alas, he takes some time to build up, but after a little bit of farming you become an atomic bomb on two legs. You're the one, who'll zerg down their nasty ryze with only two of your abillities. You're the one, whom will save your team mates when they're trying to escape from 4 champions. You're the champion, who will build so huge a tower of AP, noone will even come close to you.

You're Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil.

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Veigar's Story

To most, yordles do not conjure images to be feared. The easygoing half-pint race, though fierce, is often regarded with some degree of joviality. Every now and again, however, a yordle turns so bad that, even at its small stature, it strikes terror into the hearts of others. Veigar is such a twisted yordle - a master of the magical black arts and a corruptor of cosmic energy, making him one of the most feared sorcerers on Valoran. Veigar was once one of those unusual yordles who chose to trade with the outside world. Imprisoned in the city-state of Noxus for years, Veigar slowly went mad in isolation from his people. He eventually escaped, but instead of returning to Bandle City, he sought tutelage from dark wizards across the land. Now he seeks to end all conflict on Valoran, by bringing all of the city-states to their knees, regardless of affiliation.

''Who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?''

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Pros / Cons

AoE stun, that can and will save you and other people from ganks.
A long-range damage abillity, that reveals hidden enemies in brush or behind walls.
The abillity to farm so much AP, you won't believe it.

You're squishy as HELL.
You WILL be focused late game.
Mana heavy early game. (Up untill you get your Tear of the Goddess)

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Let's Get Started: Nukes... Err... Skills.

is a nifty passive, that you won't really notice. However, along with your Meki Pendant, this'll increase your mana regeneration significantly early game. Which will compliment the abillity power farming you will be doing with your...

[Q Abillity:]
Baleful strike, oh yeah! This, is your bread and butter.
This is what makes you exceed, where other AP champions can't go on anymore. As long as you're in a lane with enemy minions, Baleful Strike should never be off cooldown. Just keep up that farming as much as you can, and you'll eventually become a whole tower of AP.

IMPORTANT: Don't be afraid of using your Baleful Strike as harrassment. I can't stress it enough, you want to harrass your enemy. However, save harrassment till it's rank 2 or 3. Then it'll make them flinch, guaranteed.

[W Abillity:]
It's a meteor. A METEOR. Need I say anything more?
Dark Matter is a loooovely spell. At a range of 900 yards, champions escaping through walls will never laugh as they get away. No, you will laugh, as you send them straight to their spawning well with a meteor to the face. Also, this abillity can be used as a tiny clairvoyance. You pop your Dark Matter over a brush, and you see everything around the spot.

IMPORTANT: Dark Matter is mana heavy early game, don't waste it if you're not sure it will hit. But sometimes, it can be hard to make sure one such skillshot hits... But that's why you have your...

[E Abillity:]
Your AoE Stun! Check the description of that. "Twists the edges of space." Heavy.
Event Horizon is such an awesome abillity, it'll make your eyes pop. No, seriously. This spell has EEEeeeverything. You can cast it through walls. You can trap people in it. You can prevent ganks with it. You can assure your Dark Matter will hit with it. You can prevent fleeing champions with it. You can open a gank with it. You can pop it around you and start havin' a tea party. It's that friggin' awesome! However, it's crucial that you remember it's only the edges of the cage that stuns. As long as champions are within it, there's no stunning. If they have a flash, or any other form of abillity that could get them through walls, it'll work on your stun.

IMPORTANT: Event Horizon, much like your Dark Matter, is mana heavy early game. Don't waste it, always use it if you think you have the stun.

[R Abillity:]
OOOH YEAH! Primordial BURST, baby. This is your WTF abillity. This is what makes you DA BOMB. This is what'll send the Ryze popping his ulti whimpering back to his base, as you blow a whole 2.5k crit right into his face.
Primordial Burst is a fantastic abillity that you will be finishing off with. It's also the reason you're the bane of AP champions, and they're the ones you focus. You'll love this abillity late game, when it's at a one minute cooldown. That's right, consider it a kill each minute abillity. Hells yeah!

IMPORTANT: Primordial Burst is a LAST-HITTING abillity. I see so many Veigars rushing in, popping meteor and ulti, thinking that it'll give them a kill. Do not use the abillity, unless you're sure you'll get the kill. Otherwise it's a waste. Also, like your W and E, this is mana heavy. Always make sure you have enough mana for the entire combo if you want to use it.

Pro-Tip: When you've gotten the hang of Veigar, or if you already have, always take your time, checking how much AP the enemy has, how much you have and how much health they have. With a quick calculation in your head, you can throw your combo and wreck them, at say... 450 health, at level 6. Depending on the situation.

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Runes, Summoner Abillities and Masteries


Magic penetration, for obvious reasons.

Mana Regen to go with your passive and pendant, it'll do alot. Trust me.

Abillity power per level; I get this, because I don't see the use of alot of abillity power early on. You're a champion who gets kills when you've farmed up, so getting more abillity per level will be better than the flat one. However, that's very opinion biased, and if you want to, you can go for Greater Glyph of Ability Power instead. I think it's funnier slowly increasing your AP even more and more, and it grows even more per level with these.

Flat AP, that will make last hitting a bit easier. Also, it's nice to start with a biiit of AP.

Summoner Abillities

This can be a kill. Consider this your ignite. When you're on low mana, and you want to do your entire combo, it's just one click on clarity. BOOM! Ready to blast tha' livin' outta 'ehm.

Flash, for the reasons we all know it for. Getting that last hit, escaping through walls, getting away from a gank, getting away from dangerous situations, ect.

Alternative Summoner Abillities:

You can always get ghost if you don't like flash, or if you just like having that extra speed once in a while.

Teleport is nice to have if you're not a particular fan of clarity. You can bluepill back more often, without wasting many seconds without baleful farming. However, I prefer using blue pill after I killed the opposing champion: If I can. Other then the teleports back to lane, it's also great gank initating. I suggest you take the mastery for it if you use it though.


I go for a 9/0/21, focusing on mana regen, cooldown reduction on everything, and XP gain if you're being pushed. Extra magic penetration, because it's nice. If you don't need the extra XP, you can always grab the 5% extra mana.

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Items: Because we all love 'ehm

This item is a lovely add to any caster in the game, and it's just bread and butter for late game when you start having so much mana the unique passive of your Archangel's Staff kicks in.

I pick these boots in most matches, for the extra magic penetration which is always nice. However, if the team is very stun or CC heavy, just like every other champ, you should go for Mercury's Treads.

This here item is a part of your combo, and it's the reason you'll wreck everyone at about level 11-14. Ashe is pushing lane up top, while mid is relatively calm? Go up there, snatch a stun on her and do your combo. You should have about 130-150 abillity power now. (Refer to chapter 7 for the full combo. Refer to chapter 8 for full Deathfire Grasp explenation.)

Because you might as well turn that Tear of the Goddess into something even more useful. You should have about 250-270 abillity power now.

Oh the deathcap, lovely huge amount of abillity power. Start with the Needlessly Large Rod, 330-350 abillity power. Blasting Wand, 420-450 abillity power. Rabadon's Deathcap 600-620 abillity power. HELL YEAH!

710-740 abillity power, and a lovely active that'll have you avoid that nasty Lux Ulti about to kill you while you're fleeing.

Time to turn all that abillity power into some manpower. Getting your AP up to 850-900, you'll be hitting people for 700ish damage all the time. Now that's tasty.

Potions. The Brilliance is great to get when you get your Rabadon's
Deathcap or Zhonya's Hourglass. Fortitude, is for when you've gotten
all the items you need. Never hurts with a bit of health and damage, eh?

Alternative Items

Void staff is magic penetration and some flat AP that you'll need if the enemy team is stacking ALOT of magic resistance. Go for this if it's mostly the AD champions stacking magic resistance, or weak AP champions. You should replace this with Zhonya's Hourglass.

Abyssal Scepter is like Void Staff, except you get this if the enemy team is full of AP champions stacking magic resist. It's always nice with a bit of magic resistance on yourself. Just like Void Staff, you should replace Zhonya's Hourglass with this.

As said earlier, they're great if the team is stacking alot of CC. If there's alot of CC on the enemy team, any champion should consider getting these. Also, it's always nice with some magic resistance if they have alot of AP!

One of the few survival items you might want to go for. If they have a nuker that's just a little faster than you, snatch yourself one of these bad boys and you'll be good. It's a nice amount of flat health, mana and magic resist: but it's the unique passive that makes it into something. That shield could for example save you from the opposing team's Veigar stun. If you get nuked by casters, get this. Replace this with your Lich Bane, and depending on the sitution, get it before Zhonya's Hourglass

Things NOT to get

Too many Veigars hop around and hope to be fed enough to get Mejai's up. Just, don't. Your other items are far more important, you're already stacking a massive load of AP, and you WILL die a few times late game. Veigar's great for zerging down single targets, but if you get caught, it's the stacks gone. It's far too unreliable

Yes, the slow is fair and dandy. The health is always fair, and oh look a bit of abillity power. But if you play right, and you just wait for the right opening, you won't need the health. Also, you don't need the slow at all. You won't be chasing people much, because you'll nuke them so quickly, there's nothin' to chase after!

Yes, Rod of Ages has alot of health and a bit of abillity power. But then it doesn't get better. It's far too costy, and it's no use to skip a zerg item for the survivabillity item.

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Combo: As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

You want to do it this way:

Third (Prefferably before Dark Matter Hits)

If you don't have your Deathfire Grasp or it's on cooldown, it's just skipping the third step, making the combo look like;


Late game when you first start stacking up to 700-1000 AP, you'll be able to use your skills more sparingly. For example, Deathfire Grasp and Baleful Strike one squishy carry, Dark Matter and Primordial Burst the AP carry.

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Deathfire Grasp: Nuke on a stick

Alright, now lets talk Deathfire Grasp. This item is possibly the most OP item in the entire Veigar arsenal. It has a low Cooldown, it's deadly, and what's most important... It stacks with AP. Let's make a quick calculation. Let's say it's late game, you have gotten all your items and you're stacking 900 abillity power.

Deathfire Grasp = 30% + (3.5%*9) = 61.5% of their maximum health.
Baleful Strike 260 + (900*0.01*60) = 800.

Let's say it's a Corki, with 1600 healthpoints and no magic resi.

1600 Health - 61,5% = 616 Healthpoints left.
616-800 = -216. 216 Overkill with Baleful.
Corki has died. Veigar has gained 6 abillity power.

Now that's sexy.

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The Game: Time to get Nukin'!

Early Game: 1-9

Alright! You've gotten past the loading screen, thank heavens that last champion finally connected. Grab your Meki Pendant and Health Potionx2, and try to get mid lane. Why mid lane? Because it's easier for you to farm there, and there's only one enemy champion you'll have to bother yourself with. That, and you're very much a single target nuker. In case you really really want to lane with someone, feel free to go. Make sure it's a tank however, or a support, or someone with CC. Also, make sure it isn't another champion that needs last hits. (AKA Sion, Nasus, Ect.) Get your skills nailed down, and try to start harrassment at level 5 or 6. If you want to, you can wait and see if you can get a kill at level 9. That way you'll get 5 abillity power off the kill.
If you can't kill the opposing champion, play defensive and keep farming. Once you reach 1700 gold, go back. Get your Tear of the Goddess and your Sorcerer's Shoes!

Mid Game: 10-15

You're slowly becoming a little AP monster, and you're not stopping yet. Keep grinding minions, and feel free to help people gank in other lanes, if the mid lane is relatively calm. Get your lil' master of evil in position, and wait for the right moment to open with a stun, meteor, baleful and kill. Always try to get a kill, as it's 5 abillity power to you. No need to kill steal, but if you're there helping, try and get it. Other then that, mid-game should be like most other mid-games. Teamfights are slowly emerging, ganks are appearing and there's a whole lot for you to do. If anything remains calm, just keep grinding those baleful strikes. It might be boring early on, but you won't regret it late game!

Late Game: 16-18

Time for you to rise and shine! With your huge amounts of AP, and your Rabadon's Deathcap gotten or about build, you're now a beast. Noone is going to escape you, as you unleash your combo on them. Wreck their health down, and make sure they all will respect Veigar from now on! You're a little AP beast, and every minute you can wreck someone completely. Just make sure you know that you'll kill them, or get an assist. Nothing feels worse than wasting a burst. You should have your items now, and usually the game is over by the time you have the Blasting Wand for your Lich Bane's. If it's actually a game that becomes long enough for you to get Lich Bane's, you'll have alot of fun. Guaranteed. By now... Well... Win the damn game already!

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Opposing Champions: What you need to know.

I've been laning against a few solo-champions, and I know my fair a bit about each of them. I can't say I have laned against every possible champion yet, but I've tried quite a few. So here we go.



Karthus Karthus is a champion you'll find yourself having an easy time against. Unless he predicts your every move, or you don't dance hard enough, and he gets Lay Wastes in on you. Other then that, he's an easy zerg. Just don't get below 200 health!

Teemo Teemo is an easy champion for you to lane against, a very easy champion. He'll shoot his little poisoning dagger at you alright, but that's about it. When you open up your can of BBBE(Best Badger Beating Ever), he's a goner.

Ashe Ashe isn't a hard champion to lane against either. Alas her Volley can be annoying, as long as you have a minion shield, or try to trick her into using it, you're good. Get your harrassment going, and you'll eventually be able to zerg her down. Watch out for her arrow!

Twisted Fate Twisted Fate, if you get him, will not be much of a trouble killing. His stun is the only thing he has going for him, the rest is very easy nukeage.


Ezreal is very challenging to lane against, but he's also fun to lane against. Needless to say, he'll be skillshotting his butt off, trying to harrass you down. You'll really have to jump around like a madman, to avoid it. But if you manage, you can get harrassment in on him, while still not losing too much health. After that, it's just opening your zerg on him, and getting that bugger down! Be aware that he can flash through your stun if you miss by an inch, though.

Lux Just like Ezreal, you'll be busy avoiding skillshot after skillshot. As you go on, you should be able to get a bit of harrassment in on her. The rest, is history. Or well, at least she is.

Kog'Maw Ouch, he's annoying. But! You can still get him down. He'll be able to shoot at you from stupid ranges, and getting in some long range shots and slows. Much like the two above, you need to start dodging skills in order for you to harrasment. However if he doesn't be careful, it's like the two above: Boom.

Pantheon Pantheon is a pain in the butt. His stun, his spear, his everything. He'll zerg you as much as you zerg him, and in all honesty, I want to put him on the impossible-to-kill list. However, he's an easy zerg later on, and if you land enough stuns, you can still harrass him down a bit.

Katarina Very challenging champion to lane against, the best thing you can do is wait for her to use her abillities and land a few attacks. If she's really good, you should play defensive. If not, try your luck and see what happens.

Anivia She's hard, but not impossible. You'll find yourself cursing yourself to pieces, as her egg pops after you finally got her down low. She's annoying, and you won't be able to kill her easily. All her nuke is also insane, and with her combined amount of slow, stun, and placing a wall in your way... Be careful. You might want the Mercury's Treads for this one.

Corki Corki is a champion that will also try to harrass you and get away. However... He doesn't have a stun! He can get over your stun, but if you do it right, you'll be able to control your lane when laning against him.

Caitlyn Caitlyn is much like the rest, dodge the skillshots and get harrassment in. It's possible for you to actually do so, and she shouldn't be too hard. However, you better walk back when her passive kicks in. A headshot from her, leaves you trembling with your low amount of health.

Malzahar Malzahar is a toughie, with his silencing wall and dot constantly hopping around on the mobs. I recommend playing tricky against him. Keep changing play style. Play aggressive, he'll place his wall infront of you. Then go back next time, and so on. Try to make him waste his silence as well as you can, and otherwise get harrassment going. Beware of him when he's level 6! His stun WILL wreck you, and his combo is a guaranteed kill.

Miss Fortune If you dodge her shot hopping from minion and back at you, you're good. She may slow you and damage you, but you're overall better than her early game. She only becomes nasty later on. Why I haven't added her to easy? I'm not sure that I've seen the very best of her, and thus I won't call her easy just yet.

Cassiopeia She's nasty. She's very nasty. But much like every other champion here, it's just a matter of dodging her skillshots. If you get poisoned, run back. If you get slowed, stun and run back. Just keep going and see if you can shoot an occasional baleful at her.

Ryze Oh Ryze, I love thee. He's somewhat hard to solo lane against, due to his Spell Flux hopping around between the minions and you. After all, you're also an easy zerg. Harrassment on him can come off hard, as he has his root. But if you land a few stuns right, you know you'll wreck him with your ulti, when he uses his.

Sivir A very challenging champion, because of 2 reasons. Her abillity to push, push, push and push the lane, will send you crawling back to your tower. Don't stand in minions, her autohits will hurt you. Don't stand in her boomerang blade, it will hurt you even more. If you try to baleful her, she has her Spell Shield. However, what makes her fragile is the cooldown of it. With a whole 28 seconds at rank 1, this means you can get off quite a few balefule strikes before she has it up again. Take advantage after she uses it.

Vladimir His self-heal is annoying, and you'll have to play tricky. If you manage to trick him a bit, you'll get your balefuls off before he uses his spam abillity on you. He's not easy, but he's not impossible either. I usually find myself killing Vladimirs because he's so often played aggresively. If he's not in your case, more baleful farming.

Veigar Oh look! It's you. Well, at this point I can simplify it. You're both stacking AP. You both have an Ulti stacking with your AP and the other persons AP. You both need Baleful farming and harrassment. May the best Veigar win!!

Nidalee Nidalee is a skill shot challenge, and if she gets enough spears in on you you'll have to back early. Try to use minion shields as much as possible. The rest should be easy, especially if it's an AP Nidalee.

Twitch Twitch is much like Ashe, but unlike her, he has stealth and slow. This makes it a bit more challenging to beat him. But, it's do-able.

Kennen Kennen is no issue, if you just react to his abillities quickly. His ulti is nasty, so keep your flash ready at any given moment. You should be able to take him down.

Heimerdinger I don't know where to place him. It's guaranteed he'll push you, but you might get him down if lucky/good. It all depends. He can be impossible, due to pushing, but he's an easy zerg if you first get him a bit down. Without turrets, easy. With turrets, ouch.

Sona Sona is boring to lane against, she'll probably heal through your baleful harrassment and annoy you with your last hits. Alas, there's no need to run either, as she won't be killing you any time soon. She's annoying, but that's about it. If you're lucky though, who knows, maybe you can get her down.

Tristana Tristana is difficult, and may be able to harrass you and zerg you for unexpected amounts. This all depends on the skill of the Tristana, as there's quite a few that aren't that good early on. Remember not to stand in the middle of minions, as she does AoE damage each time she kills one. Get yer harrassment going, and see if you can nuke her!

Urgot Urgot is nasty, but if you manage to dodge his abillities, you're good. Alas, Urgot will be Urgot, and will be hard to bring down if he lands his poison on you. He can spam his Q abillity on you if you get poisoned, so just like Cassiopeia: Move back. Be stubborn, and you should be able to zerg him down.

Morgana Morgana isn't hard, if you just dodge her root skillshot. Use minion shield, and have fun jumping around harrassing her. What keeps her on the challenging list, is her spell shield, but most importantly her spell vamp. She'll be healing, it'll be annoying, but you can get her down. Just, don't get caught!!


Kassadin Oh god. You see a Kassadin, forget everything about it. If you go in to farm Baleful, he'll silence. If you try to escape, he'll slow. If you stun, he'll flash out of it. If you go a bit too far forward, he zergs you down before you zerg him. Try to switch lane, because he's the perfect counter for you.

Mordekaiser The main reason Mordekaiser is your do-not-want, is because of his shield. Baleful will mean nothing, when he absorbs it, and restores his shield just afterwards. He'll eventually oom you, or force you back. No way you're taking that beef down. Call for a gank.

Swain Stop. Right now. Solo laning against Swain? You're not doing that. If the Swain is any pro, he'll probably catch you before you catch him. He'll harrass you down, and if you try to harrass him, he'll heal to full with his ulti in no time. There's no way you're getting down a talented Swain. Call for an early gank, or switch lane.

Annie OOOOUCH!!! God, does she HURT. Annie will wreck you if you're unlucky. If she just times her spells right, she'll get a stun in on you each time you try to harrass, and she zergs for more than you do at early level. It's all about who zergs the most here, and unfortunately, you'll first be zerging her at mid-game or late-game. Call for a gank.

LeBlanc Silence. Root. Zerg. Don't get close to her, don't fight her. Wait till mid game, or late game, and you'll wreck her. Untill then, leave her alone and switch lane.

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Last Thoughts

In summary, Veigar is an insane nuke, capable of stacking insane amounts of AP. In the really long and good games, you'll get up to above one thousand!

That's about everything you need to know about Veigar, or at least the way I play him. I think it's the most effective way, and I'm sure you'll like it too. I hope you'll enjoy playing Veigar as much as I did with this build, and you'll do me a great favor if you feedback! Thank you.

Now go out there, and show them what the definition of WTF BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM really is!!