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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vel'Koz Build Guide by Jakanadin

AP Carry Vel'Koz; The Eye of the Void

AP Carry Vel'Koz; The Eye of the Void

Updated on March 26, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakanadin Build Guide By Jakanadin 2 5 280,529 Views 18 Comments
2 5 280,529 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakanadin Vel'Koz Build Guide By Jakanadin Updated on March 26, 2014
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Welcome to the very first Vel'Koz build available on Mobafire!

As more data is collected, I will fill this Guide periodically with new information!

*Thank you to everyone for making this the most popular Vel'Koz Guide on Mobafire! With over 200k views, really lets me know my work didn't go to waste!*
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Vel'Koz is a champion dedicated to AP damage. He's great at mid-lane bullying early game, and if enough kills are acquired early game, he can become an invaluable asset mid and late-game as well. As an AP-driven champion, Vel'Koz' Mana is obviously a thing that needs to be watched fairly often, so make sure if you do not build Chalice of Harmony first, to regularly get blue aura to keep his mana up. Also be careful, like any other AP-driven champion, Vel'Koz is very squishy throughout most of the game. Almost any ganking jungler can really put a quick damper on a mid-push if not warded or taken care of properly. Utilize his W as a means of escape since he doesn't need to stop to cast, it can be the precious damage dealer you need to stop an enemy from chasing at crucial moments.
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I like to use Ghost and Ignite; I'm one of those people who isn't good at all with Flash, so I utilize the large speed boost of Ghost as well as Vel'Koz' speed from the boots as well as any other MS items to get in and out of action quickly and efficiently, as well as using ignite as needed.
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Pros / Cons


    Extremely high AP damage can take out groups of enemies fast, invaluable in team fights.
    His E's long effective range can be extremely useful for catching that pesky runner to get that kill secure.
    The two charges on his W mean if an enemy is hit in succession with high AP and MPen, they will not last long thanks to deconstructions true damage.
    Ult's long range can also assist in kill securing multiple low health enemies quickly.


    VERY low starting HP, Armor, and MR leads to easy to secure deaths if not played smart.
    Speed can be an issue if caught by the likes of Nunu, Taric, or anyone with a slow or stun ability.
    Q can be very difficult to hit, with low range and only hits the first thing it hits, could be very difficult to use in group fights when targeting squishier opponents.
    The ult can be very frustrating to use at first. With a high CD and it being very easy to miscast or break the ult, you'll find yourself often wasting your ult if not played properly.
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Group Fighting Positions

Tanks: Vel'Koz works well with tank champions on his side. With tanks to absorb the large amounts of damage, Vel'Koz can equally deal heavy damage to melee and ranged champions while staying at a safe range that keeps him from harms way.

ADC's: Vel'Koz' E's toss-up effect and Q's slowing effect are extremely useful for an ADC to get in multiple shots before an enemy can run, leading to a quick and easy kill secure.

Bruiser's: As Vel'Koz already does high AP damage, AD Bruiser's will be necessary for enemies who build high MR to counter Vel'Koz; same with ADC's. The toss-up and slow effects are also very useful with bruiser's.

Support: Haven't played with a support much yet as Vel'Koz, but what WOULD be effective is to have Soraka to heal his squishiness as well as restoring his mana frequently bot-lane.

Jungler's: Vel'Koz' ability to do high damage in a short period of time will oft leave enemies with very little HP if not killed right away, leaving junglers to stay in enemy jungle to frequently finish them off, or use Vel'Koz' slow/toss-up combo to finish off quickly and efficiently.
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Farming Abilities

Vel'Koz' Q is almost completely ineffective while farming unless working with the 90 degree angle split ability; which if worked properly, could be effective for bank-shotting an enemy champion if good enough. Most people prefer to max his W right away for it's high damage and great farming ability, plus the fact it has two charges makes it a great starter skill for farming and bullying. E also has some farming effectiveness, but W proves to be a larger asset for CS.
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To Riot for making such an awesome, powerful champion such as Vel'Koz.

To my good friend KiraiNimaka from Freestyler's World for assisting in builds to use and strategies.

The Freestyler's World community for introducing me to League of Legends two years ago.

My good buddy SwiftyShot for making it to the Challenger Tier!

Friends in-game for support in-game to try out builds/strategies.

Jimmydoggga 2.0 for helping me discover Muramana and Trinity Force aren't as good late-game items.

heartlessmushroom/Firesage Demon For showing me Banshee's Veil is by far a much better pick for Vel'Koz over Spirit Visage.

Rhollback for helping me realize no where in my guide did I put Rylai's. /Facepalm lol.

And last but certainly not least, Vel'Koz himself for being the true ultimate Void creature! Remember, it seems your chances of survival are less than zero, when not choosing Vel'Koz as your champion to play!
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HP = Health Points//AD = Attack Damage//AP = Ability Power//MS = Movement Speed//MR = Magic Resistance//MPen = Magic Penetration//CD = Cool-Down//CDR = Cool-down Reduction//ADC = Attack Damage Carry//CS = Creep Score

If you found this guide useful in any way, please give it a good rating, like-wise, if there is something wrong with the guide or you'd like to provide input/constructive criticism, please comment or private message me and I'll work with you to add it to the Guide and add your name in the credits!

League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakanadin
Jakanadin Vel'Koz Guide
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Vel'Koz; The Eye of the Void

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