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Vi Build Guide by Tyrone-Mander

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tyrone-Mander

Vi - Beginner Jungle Guide

Tyrone-Mander Last updated on December 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Hi I'm "TyroneMander", or "Leithal", and this is my guide for Jungle vi. This is meant to be a guide more focused on people new to playing Vi. Vi's a fairly versatile champion in that you can build Damage, or Defensive item's based on what you're team needs. Feedback is appreciated as this is my first guide.

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Pros / Cons

Good in Teamfights
Very good at Forcing fighs (engaging)
Damage (Even when buliding defensive)
Vi's ultimate is only negated by a few champions, so it is a very reliable engage

Her Q (Vault Breaker) has a long windup time, and can be dodged easily
Squishy early in the game

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Just gonna list some champions that give Vi trouble and why I think so.

Fizz: His E, His invulnerability spell can be used to dodge your Ultimate, and Q. When fighting fizz make sure to wait for him to use it, THEN engage. Fizz usually builds Hourglass as well, which gives him more way's to not die to you. Again, wait for him to waste it THEN engage on him.

Zed: Zed's Ultimate allows him to disappear, and jump to an enemy champion. During this short time span he is invulnerable. Either gank Zed before level 6, or gank after he's used his ultimate.

Vladimir: His W makes him invunerable, the same as Fizz's e, and Zed's ult. Make him waste the skill THEN ult him.

Other champions to note are any champions with a Spellshield ( Sivir, Nocturne)

Other than that, no other champions can completely negate Vi's Ult

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Pre-game Setup (Runes)


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Marks: Attack speed marks are good on almost any jungler as they help clear camps faster and apply red buffs slow more often to the enemy when ganking.
Seals:Armour Seals are a must on any champion and this is especially true on junglers. Creeps do Physical Damage, and armour will reduce the damage you take while farming so you're healthy to gank.
Glyphs: I use Magic Resist per level glyphs because you don't need the MR early game as you spend most of you're time early game farming, and as previously mentioned creeps do Physical Damage, but come mid-late game this Magic Resist helps against Champion Damage.
Quints: Damage Quints synergies with you're attack speed marks. As well, Vi has great AD Scaling on her Q,E, and R. The Damage isn't wasted!

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Pre-game Setup (Masteries)

Offense Tree: As mentioned before Vi benefits so much from Damage, so take advantage of this put 21 points into the offensive tree.
Defensive: I put the last 9 points into the defensive Tree because they let you take less damage from Creeps.
Utility: Vi doesn't need anything the utility tree has to offer, so I don't put any points here. She doesn't need the mana regen to clear, and she's mobile enough with her Q and ult that the Movespeed this tree offers isn't that useful either.

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Pre-Game Setup (Summoner Spells)

1# Nothing unusual about the Summoner Spells I use when playing Vi. Smite is used to farm, secure buffs, and later on, potentially Baron and Dragon. If the enemy Jungle has 1k True Damage on Baron, while you don't, The enemy team has a higher chance to gain the baron buff.

2# Flash is easily the most commonly used Spell in the game. It can be used offensively to secure a kill, or Defensively to escape when you're Q is on cooldown (which will happen as it's primary use is to engage)

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I Max q first for mobility and in some situations it means you can q twice in one gank. If you don't think you can land the skill consistently enough then use an E>Q>W Skill order instead.

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You'll want to start with a Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion's, along with the Warding Trinket. Vi has a hard time jungling without this item, so I don't really think there's a better option at the moment.

First back: You'll want to recall before your buffs spawn for the second time. The reason for this is that if the enemy jungler decides to attempt stealing you're buff with his items, but you've only got a machete? He'll win the fight easily. Build a Spirit Stone, Boots of Speed, and a Long Sword (Total 1,085 Gold)

Vi can build tons of items. Once I have my Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Ninja Tabi OR Mercury's Treads, my build varies from game to game.
Build Ninja Tabi when they have lots of AD
Build Mercury's Treads when they have lots of Magic Damage, or Crowd Control (Stuns, Slows, Taunts)

Here I'l list a bunch of items I think are good on Vi, and why I think so:

The Black Cleaver
Health, Damage, Armour Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction.
Health is always good to engage with, Armour Penetration goes well with her High base damage, and CDR benefits her already low Cooldowns. Note: Armour Penetration doesn't apply to minions or monsters, if all you're doing is farming this doesn't help you.

Ravenous Hydra
Damage, Lifesteal, Health regen.
A Unique Passive:which does 60% of you're Total AD to nearby units.
A Unique ACTIVE: Which deals 100% of you're Total AD to units very close to you, but only 60% to units slightly further away. It's great for pushing waves of minions, farming, or teamfighting. The Damage benifits you're abilities, and the Lifesteal & Health Regen help sustain in teamfights.

Spirit Visage
Health, Cooldown Reduction, Magic Resist, Health Regen.
A Unique Passive that increases all self healing effects by 20% I buy this item when the enemy team's magic damage dealers are becoming a threat. Other than the MR, Health and CDR are good as I've already mentioned.

Randuin's Omen
Lots of Health and Armour.
A Unique Passive: that reduces the attack speed and movespeed of people that attack you.
A Unique ACTIVE: that reduces enemy move speed around you. Buy this when the enemy ADC's start becoming problematic.

Trinity Force
Damage, Ability Power, Attack speed, Critical Strike Chance, Health, Mana, Movespeed
A Unique Passive: That gives movespeed when you autoattack.
A Unique Passive: That does damage equal to 200% of your base attack damage after a spellcast. Two second cooldown. I sometimes buy this item, but not often. It boosts your sustained damage but most of the time Vi doesn't need that. She needs to either be tanky and initate, or burst carries with flat AD. If you only want the Movespeed for chasing fast targets, then pick up phage, and sell it later.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard
Damage, Health regen, Mana regen, Cooldown Reduction
A Unique Passive: that increases damage to monsters (Not minions) by 30%.
A Unique Passive: that does true damage when you deal physical damage.
A Unique Passive: that grants extra gold on Champion Kills, Assists, and large monster kills. I buy this basically every game as my first complete item. Early on in the game, Vi ganks are really strong. Damage helps with making them even stronger. The only time I don't buy this item is when I'm falling behind. If you're 0/3 for example, then build Ancient Golem.

Last Whisper
A Unique Passive: That ignores 35% of the targets Armour. Boosts you're damage buy a TON, if your getting really fed, and your team is ahead then buy this.

Locket of the Iron Solari
Health, Cooldown Reduction, Armour.
A Unique Aura: That gives nearby allied Champions 20 Magic Resist and 10 Health regen per 5 seconds.
A Unique ACTIVE: That Shields you and nearby Allied Champions for 50 + (10*level) Damage. Buy this when the enemy has lots of Magic damage which is becoming problematic to your team. It's good on Vi because it gives her the Health and Tankiness she needs to Start Fights.

Warmog's Armor
A Unique Passive: That gives health regeneration equal to 1% of your maximum health. I don't build this item often. Raw Health on it's own isn't effective without armour and Magic Resist to back it up. However, it's good to buy when the enemy has Burst-Reliant champions; They can't burst you down when you've got massive amounts of health.

Banshee's Veil
Health, Magic Resistance.
A Unique Passive: That grants a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage is taken from enemy champions for 25 seconds.
A Unique Passive: That grants 45 health regen for up to 10 seconds after taking damage from an enemy champion or when the spell shield breaks. Build this against lots of consistent DPS Champions (such as the Teemo shroom's damage over time) because the hp regen passive happens everytime you take damage. It won't help if you die in a matter of seconds against burst champions.

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Vi's Role in Teamfights

Vi's job in Teamfights is to either protect your teams Carries, or kill the enemy carries. If you're Carries are behind, don't have much Crowd Control, or you find they're dying too often, you need to protect them with instead of going after the enemy.

If you're carries can take care of them selfs then go ham and kill the enemy carries all you like.

Communicate with your team: While Vi is great at initiating fights, if you go in alone you WILL die. Talk to your team and tell them when you want to go in.

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Thanks for reading! Feedback, suggestions, and Criticism are all greatly appreciated. I plan to update this guide as changes need to be made.