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Vi General Guide by Komokara

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Komokara

Vi - I'M GONNA WRECK IT :: Top Lane

Komokara Last updated on December 21, 2012
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This is still a build I'm testing out in game to get the right dynamic. Seeing if I need more tanky items or damagey items or anything else, but it's worked so far with me and it might with you as well. The guide bellow is describing my thoughts on her in lane, not jungle. However, it would be similar aside from some situations I describe and some items. She seems to be able to survive enough without a lot of item help, but if you're up against a hard counter or you would just feel more comfortable with more tanky items, you can always switch out the Final build items for some of the situational alternatives.

You can jungle with her well too, but the build I use is very similar to the lane build, with some minor alterations. So do what is comfortable and feels right.

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It's a general build that focuses on attack damage and attack speed with some health in there. I added the alternative items in case you want to be more rounded out with Frozen Mallet or magic resist with
Maw of Malmortius or Mercurial Scimitar.

Attack Speed

I feel Zephyr is a nice round off item that will give you the edge you need. It may not be for everyone but I enjoy the attack speed with will let me get my 3rd strike off of Denting Blows for the extra damage. You don't need to get it, but like I said, I enjoy it and would suggest it.


I prefer Trinity Force over Frozen Mallet because it gives me a nice rounded damage and health. If you're doing well, I'd suggest switching the two so you get more health. The Black Cleaver gives a nice health boost of 250hp. Good for earlier fights. It also gives some CDR which will be helpful for using your Excessive Force more often for poke or minion clearing. The Bloodthirster gives good life steal with will help you sustain longer in lane. If you are in real need of surviving and you seem to be getting into a lot of 1v1 fights Randuin's Omen will give you the health and armour.


The The Black Cleaver gives a nice damage boost for early game as well as armor penetration. The Bloodthirster gives an even bigger damage boost for the late laneing stage to help push or defend your turret. I think Ravenous Hydra will push you to the end with the high damage and splash damage, which can help clear minion waves more quickly or help dish out more damage in team fights.


The boots I chose are on the assumption you get Zephyr. In the event you don't get it, I would add
Mercury's Treads to the list. If you get Berserker's Greaves you may want to hurry Frozen Mallet for the extra health. You can also get Ionian Boots of Lucidity for more cooldown for your Vault Breaker which can help you when you need to escape from a bad fight or charge in more frequently and Excessive Force for more damage output.

Situation Items

Like I've said, many of the items are interchangeable depending on who you're against and if your in need for health or damage. If you are having difficulty surviving, when you have the Phage, go for the Frozen Mallet for the extra health. If you're going against a magic heavy top, you can get Mercurial Scimitar if they have good CC or Maw of Malmortius if they do a lot of damage and you have highish health. You can also try Blade of the Ruined King if you're against beefy enemies such as Dr. Mundo. Randuin's Omen is a nice dueling item that will give you an edge with health, armour, and the passive giving you a hand against basic attack carries.

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Skill Sequence

I like to focus Excessive Force because of the poke it can do in lane as well as the significant damage bonus it gives. With a second focus on Denting Blows for when getting into skirmishes. Using Vault Breaker as a mobility skill then damage.

If you're int he jungle, the focus on Vault Breaker to deal as much damage as you can when entering the gank and getting Denting Blows to do extra damage when finishing up.

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In Lane

First Skill

Second Skill

Used for kill securing or escaping sticky situations
For picking up kills that almost get away

Exhaust your foes to ensure they don't deal enough damage

In Jungle

First Skill

Second Skill

Getting around the map and ganking
Killing neutral monsters

Ensuring the enemy being ganked doesn't get away
If you feel comfortable enough in early jungling without smite


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