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Viktor Build Guide by thejast

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thejast

Viktor: High Fives for Every One

thejast Last updated on June 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I've been messing around with some of the things people have commented and messaged me. So please check out the revised laning enemy Katarina. Also I've changed my skill sequence to maximize lane dominance early game, and help you get that extra damage when you gank. you can find these changes above, and below in the skill sequence section.

Addendum at the bottom of Items section.

As always if you have any ideas, theory crafting, things you think are wrong please let me know so that I can try to find the correct information for this guide. Thank you to all who have given input.

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thnx to OTGBionicArm for banner.

Hey "The Jast" here, This is my first guide, but i'm gonna try to be as detailed as possible without being too long winded, which i have a tendency to do. I haven't learned all of the neat tricks I see in a lot of the guides, i.e. making it show the characters picture for every time I put in there name, but please bare with me. Also if you like my guide up vote if not down vote but please leave a comment or send a message as to why you didn't like it, so that I may improve my guides in the future.

So Viktor, I play a lot of ap nuke mid toons, but in my opinion he's one of the most under-rated and under played ap nuke characters in the game. he can throw out massive damage to a decent sized area. He has a slow/stun, a crazy strong ult that follows champions even when stealthed, and it silences them. It did take me a few games to become efficient with his laser but after i got the hang of it he was a fantastic farmer. Easily one of the best mid harass. He also provides a decent ganker when you start roaming mid game. When you add all of these things to how difficult he is to gank, he becomes a serious concern for the other team.

Much thanks to OTGBionicArm for input and banner. Thanks also to jhoijhoi for her guide to guides Pictures and vidoes whould be on their way soon.

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Pros / Cons

- Amazing nuke
- Very strong harass
- Decent cc
- Extremely difficult to gank
- Challenging mechanics
- Has 3 hands

- Kinda weak before augment
- Laser is easy to miss with, and difficult to master.
- Long cool downs on laser
- Mana hungry
- Weak against champs with a built in initiate i.e. katarina
- Not a people person.

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I'm not gonna go into great detail on masteries, it's a pretty standard ap mid build. You have all your cd reduction, and extra ap damage masteries. The utility tree gives you some much needed mana regen and a little movement speed to avoid ganks and skill shots. And of course the increased duration for that blue buff if you have a friendly jungler who likes to share.

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Pretty self explanatory I think. You have the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to increase your damage especially early game for those champs with magic resist runes and masteries. The Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed help you chase for that last hit, escape if you're in trouble and get out of the way of a gank before you take any real damage. Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration help you stay in lane longer, and really can keep you there almost indefinitely if you're opponent isn't too aggressive and you're playing smart. And lastly the Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, these are probably the only ones I mess around with, some times I trade them out for Greater Glyph of Ability Power, but really that 11 ap falls off rather quickly and by level 6 or 7 is hardly noticed, where ad the cdr will be helpful all game long. You could also try Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, but I find I'm not getting hit all that often as they try to avoid my death ray. Feel free to play around with it test it out find out what works best for you.

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Summoner Spells

- It does have a short range since nerf. It's not gonna do a whole lot for you if you have a long way to go, but it will get you back to your turret if someone tries to gank. More importantly it'll let you close the gap to drop that last laser or your ult on a low health champion.

- Really the only option in offensive summoner spells. It gives quite a bit of damage it scales with level, it's true damage, it reduces healing by 50 percent. It can give you that little push needed when it looks like he's gonna make it back to his turret, and you don't have the health to follow. Also don't think it can only be used to last hit. I use my ignite often, especially if someone tries to go head to head. You wanna make sure you get all of that damage in, not just the last 20 health he has left. if you use it early it could stop a heal or healing potions, or could just be the thing that makes him decide to run letting you chase him for the kill. Also when it's on cd you get the extra ap, so don't be afraid to use it early.

I've messed around with a couple of the other summoner spells. you may find them more to your liking.

- is kinda viable but it's stronger on a melee champ, you don't want them to be able to hit you a few more times while you run away albeit faster than normal you don't have the beefiness to handle it, your much better off with flash imo.

- Heal has it's place, and it has definitely saved me countless times, but it's really only effective early game to stay in a lane, it has little value later on, if you're in a situation to where you'll need a heal you're probably s.o.l. with or with out it, you're not a 1v1 champ you're a nuke and get out and wait for cd's the heal is of little use to you.

- with the mana regen you'll be sporting from masteries and runes pretty pointless it might be of value early on if you're poking a lot and it could be the difference between in getting a kill or not but really with his cd's your ignites more likely to be of use in that situation, otherwise move back to your turret cs and wait for your mana to come back on its own.

- I enjoy this spell, i get it occasionally. It's pretty strong early game; the other mid is forced to waste a fair amount of mana to kill it or back way up giving you the space you need to go back, it's also pretty good for farming i'll use it on a minion heading up a cleared lane that has a turret or 2 down so that it'll farm me gold without me being there, but usually it ends up being ignored as i forget to do it or never seem to be around the tank minion at a good time. it is strong for pushing a tower if you have a tower open and need the extra time to burn it down.

- decent spell though in most cases wouldn't change much for you I'll sometimes grab it if i'm in a ranked or draft game and am up against a malzahar or theres a ww, but it's kinda a waste on stuns or dots or most cc usually in a situation where you'd use it your already headed to the grave yard.

- waste of a spell, should have a support getting it, and your team should be warding, and you'll be warding so this isn't really your job. though it does come in handy if your going somewhere or trying to escape through jungle and don't know where enemy champs are, but overall not worth the spot.

- terrible for viktor you have your slow/stun, you're almost always against ap ranged nukes so the blind is useless. It slows them but your abilities have kinda long cd's so it'll be over before you can use them again. the only time you'd use it is if someone like jax or pantheon try to turret dive you and you wanna blind them, but over all it's just not great for you.

- Teleport is a strong summoner spell, especially if you're going to be laning against a strong champion. It will give you the ability to go back, and return to your lane very quickly. Also if you're playing with people you know will ward you can set up ganks by putting wards in their lane bushes and teleporting between them and their turret.

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Skill Sequence

So I've tested out some of the input given from comments and messages. I've found that leveling up Power Transfer a 2nd time at either level 4 or level 5 is very beneficial against some champions; LeBlanc, Katarina, there are probably more. I've been waiting til level 5 to level my stun, as it is very costly, and not worth a whole lot early game. Unless there is a strong early ganking jungler that is. Just some food for thought, and maybe something you might want to try against those more aggressive laning opponents.

I guess i'll give a brief description of each spell, and then tell you why I do it the way I do.

Evolving Technology
- Alright pretty cool, you get to start out with and item. It gives you a little extra damage early on, and upgrades into a solid item for only 1k gold. Be careful when you're choosing your augment as you can't change your mind later. though imo augment: death is the only option, and the only choice I ever make.

Power Transfer
- Medium range poke, does mediocre damage. Also provides you a small shield = 40% of the damage it dealt. Don't be misled it can and will protect you, but it takes time for the spell to go out and the shield to come back. Usually you've taken the damage before you get the shield applied, and since the range is so short you have to be close enough for them to hit you to use it. I level it second as it does less damage and the shield is usually late. Silver lining, hardly costs any mana. Best used to protect you from dots, poisons, mushrooms, ignite, and other abilities like those.

Gravity Field
- drops a small circle, that slows, and after a short duration stuns enemies that have lingered for too long, it's a pretty good cc, great in team fights, or to avoid ganks, if you see them coming through the bush or know their coming due to wards you can drop it and safely remove your self from danger before they've had a chance to cause you any trouble. after a few escapes, and a few properly executed /all "FAIL GANK" they should be discouraged from trying to often and looking silly. As I mentioned it is small and no where near as effective as Veigars octagon, but it gets plenty of use, and in a team fight you can get all 5 stunned, and it's very effective to help team mates get away when you need to run.

Death Ray
- This is the Viktor bread and butter, it has a huge range. After augment it applies a dot, and does monster damage. One of the best pokes in the game, you can send it from a lot of angles. It is difficult to master, but well worth the work. make sure to be unpredictable with your laser send it diagonal, horizontal, front to back. back to front, if they don't know where you'll be shooting it from it's much more difficult to dodge.

Chaos Storm
- awesome ulti; Silencing and dealing some pretty serious aoe damage to target area. Then it follows whoever was closest to center of where you put it dealing more damage every second to everyone in short range. If you want to change the target or move it, click a target area or target champ and hit r again, and it'll move where you want it to go. Side note the closer you are to the storm the faster it'll move, so when champions run from your storm chasing them will keep it moving quickly enough to keep up. Chaos storm and gravitational field are a strong combo.

I normally go

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
but some viktors choose to level a couple ranks of their Power Transfer is a little stronger early game, and costs less mana. I don't find this to be as efficient a sustain as you have to put your self in harms way much more often. If you're patient and wait for the right shots at Death Ray you won't run out of mana and you'll be much less likely to take damage. I also believe this sets you up well for powerful Death Ray's once you get your Augment: Death

if you would like to try this more aggressive style of viktor players like OTGBionicArm use a skill sequence like
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
if you do use this skill sequence i would recommend getting Augment: Power for the increased health, and run speed to get back out after you have put on the pressure.

again this is not my style of play, but there it is for those of you who'd like to try it.

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I think this build is a strong starting point to aim for, but every game is situational. Don't get too caught up in what I have here and think these are your only options, and anything else is forbidden. If you're being focused feel free to grab a Zhonya's Hourglass instead of the Abyssal Mask. If you're getting harassed hard, feel free to grab a Hextech Revolver to upgrade later into Will of the Ancients if you get a chance. I really like the Rylai's Crystal Scepter as it slows everything you hit, so they can't escape, and if they're chasing you can throw your laser behind while running and make sure they can't catch you. Along with the added sustain from the hp, it's one of his best items. But items should be chosen by what you need that game, and whats going to help you counter the team your against.

If you are sent back early due to a death, or just low health, low mana, or whatever reason take into serious consideration buying a dorans ring on that first trip back before you have enough for your Augment: Death. It will help you sustain longer in lane, and give you a little more damage, so that you will have enough gold next time you back.

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Early Game

Early game is important for just about any mid. Harass the enemy mid with your Death Ray, try to keep them from cs'ing but make sure you're getting your last hits on minions. Don't get to distracted with the enemy champ, your main focus should be those minion kills early on as you won't likely to be able to get the kill on a champ until level 6 or so without a gank. So farming minions and starving your enemy should be your main priority.

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Mid Game

From level 6-12ish you'll want to push your counter part back to his turret. Take some health off him, make him worry, grab that kill with your ulti if you can get it. If not, head top or bot start roaming a little bit, especially if one of your lanes is pushed back to their turret. You can come in behind drop that Gravity Field, cutting off their escape throw your ulti down on top of them, and with the help of your teammates should be able to pretty easily get a kill or assist if not 2. You should be asking your jungler to help you get blue buff as often as possible. Keeping that blue buff on you will help you stay in lane and reduce cd's so that those ganks will be that much more effective and your ulti will be up even more often.

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Late Game

Late game is mostly gonna revolve around team fights. You want to spend a lot less time roaming around by yourself. Like i said earlier you're not a 1v1 champion, you don't have the sustained damage to sit and duke it out with a Pantheon, or a Ashe. Optimally you want some meat between you and them. Your job is to get in do as much damage as possible, and get out while your cd's refresh, you will rarely hang out auto attacking. This will cause you to get a lot of late game assists, and not as many kills as you did early-mid game. Don't let that discourage you, it's not your job to keep sustained dps. You wanna make your ulti and Death Ray hit as many champions as possible, unless you see an easy kill in range always go for maximum damage on the largest number of enemies. Set down your stuns early, so that you can either use it again, or if your team needs to make a quick get away you can place it so that they can't follow. Most importantly stay at the outskirts of the fight and nuke what you can reach from a safe distance. You don't have the health to be able get in the middle of things you can do a huge amount of damage and still stay far enough away that you'll be able to escape in an ace situation. Oh and try to poke with death ray before your team initates, you can get a few champions to half health that way, swinging the advantage to your team.

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good combo's and tough opponents

Good champion combos for Viktor can make you devastating. It really helps to have a tank, something to put between you and them so that they can't get to you, because you will fall down very quickly if they're given the opportunity to focus you, if that is the case Zhonya's Hourglass is a must, that 2 seconds of immunity will usually make people lose interest and let you get back to a safe distance. Viktor combo's well with cc that keeps people held in a tight area, Cho'Gath's rupture, Orianna's Command: Shockwave, Alistar and malphites knock up all give ample time for your stun field to catch them, but I've found the best combo to be having a Jarvan IV on the board weather enemy or friendly your Gravity Field and ulti just overlap the edges of his Cataclysm so anyone inside is pretty much toast, wheter it's your Jarvan IV or an enemy Jarvan IV his ulti pretty much sets you up for a triple kill, if done right.

I've found iI have a lot of trouble with dunk champions. The Akali's, Katarina's, Pantheon's, Jax's, really anyone with that ability to close the gap instantly and then do high dps. Your best chance when dealing with one of those types of champions is to throw out your power transfer as they're running towards you to soak up a little bit of that damage, and drop your gravity field as they're jumping at you. You wanna save your death ray for when they've landed on you, as a lot of times you'll miss while they're flying through the air, and hopefully you'll be able to get out while they're stunned. This isn't a counter to these types of champions, it's a best case scenario. They are very strong against Viktor, and your better off keeping your distance.

Laning opponents are rarely chosen to counter Viktor as people rarely expect a lot out of him, but occasionally you'll end up against those rough mids so i'll give a run down on who I've had trouble with and how to counter them.

Difficulty 6/10
- Standard ap nuke counter. He's got that huge stun octagon; Event Horizon, ridiculous burst, and and an ulti that scales with your ap as well as his Primordial Burst. He's gonna be tough no matter what you do, even if you shut him down completely, which isn't real likely, his ulti will still be strong since you'll have a lot of ap. The best way to handle Veigar is to keep your distance, poke often with Death Ray but don't get close enough to power transfer, as this will let him stun you and blow you up. With death ray you should be able to keep all but the most skilled Veigars from farming their q and getting cs. You wanna force him back to base as often as possible but only using your deathray and ulti. Don't get to close unless you're sure you've got the kill or you know his stuns on cd. If his stun is on cd go to town he won't have much left for you. After he reaches level 6 don't be afraid to ask for ganks often, make him afraid to over extend.

Difficulty 10/10
- Well with Fizz you're pretty much screwed, his playful/trickster can close the gap, or get him out of your gravitational field with ease. His urchent strike can have a similar effect as it will send him through you, and out of harms way. Similar to Veigar try to keep your distance. Power Transfer, Death Ray, and retreat if he charges you. You don't want to let him auto attack with his Seastone Trident. Again you'll need ganks to keep the pressure off.

Difficulty 5/10
- I've been seeing a lot of full ap mordes in the middle lately and it's a tough lane opponent, but not overwhelming. You just have to be patient and poke when his Iron Man shield is gone. Don't waste mana when he's got a half charged shield or higher, as you won't do a whole lot too him. When it runs out, poke and retreat, if you time it right and play safe you'll hurt him a lot more than he hurts you. When he comes in overconfident with low health drop your ulti and blow him up. He should become much less aggressive after you put him in his place once or twice.

Difficulty 6/10
- Similar to morde, don't attack when his shields up. Ignite when he ulti's and watch out for the stun. He'll stun from a distance so he can close the gap on you. drop your stun, take a few steps back light him up, then watch him retreat. Sions can be tough but you'll rarely see them in the mid.

Difficulty 8/10
- You'll have to drop some extra gold on Vision Wards but they're worth it. Her ulti; Shadow Dance can take you down pretty quick so don't push her to hard. You wanna stay semi close to your turret, but far enough to bait her in. She'll drop her Twilight Shroud over and over even though she knows you can see her, and you'll get a quick Death Ray Power Transfer and maybe a stun on her every time. She's easy to counter but don't let it fool you if you let her catch you too far from your turret, your dead.

Difficulty 9/10 CORRECTION!! Difficulty 4/10
- A good Katarina is one of the most difficult laning counters out there, her Shunpo hit's hard, her Bouncing Blades hits hard, and Death Lotus will still do a ton of damage before your stun has the time to stop it. You wanna poke her with you your Death Ray, and stay close to your turret in similar fashion to laning against Akali. If you know she's coming for you try to Power Transfer as she runs in to Shunpo, if your lucky it'll absorb some of the damage and let you get back to your turret.

CORRECTION!!! For Katarina go with the 2nd skill sequence. Get at least 2 maybe 3 levels of your Power Transfer early and use it every time she comes close enough it abosrbs shun po. On her way back out, hit her with Death Ray. your ulti will silence her out of her ult and it's gg kat.

Difficulty 4/10
- I hear so many people talk about how dangerous Kassadin is, and he is almost always first ban in ranked. But i don't think he's that big a deal for most ap nukes. He just seems scary, when he rift walks to you, your first instinct is to run the other way. DON"T DO IT! He's going to hit you either way. His abilities have long cd's, suck it up for the silence, and then nuke him with everything you've got. His rift walk won't come up fast enough to get out of a well placed Gravity Field, and if done well you'll do more damage than he did. He's very weak early game, very very weak, and he has to melee to do any real cs'ing so keep him off his minions to shut him down early, and your team won't have to worry about him. Just make sure you call your mia's and ward well. He's prone to roaming after level 6, so push your lane, and keep map awareness so you know when he's coming back. If you push hard when he leaves, he can't gank, you can shut him down completely. This is true as most ap nukes against Kassadin, if he Riftwalks to you suck it up, and nuke him back don't run til you've used your abilities as well. Once he's there he's gonna hit you, there's no avoiding it.

Galio, and LeBlanc
Difficulty 4/10 and 7/10
- I don't really have a specific strategy for dealing with them. I've gone against really strong LeBlanc's and Galios that have been able to shut me down, atleast from kills and roaming. I've also faced some that just feed, for the most part just play it safe. For LeBlanc don't waste your abilities when she blinks to you, she'll blink back and you'll miss. Try to aim them for her return trip though you'll most likely be silenced. Galio isn't a huge deal his abilities are crazy easy to avoid. He just doesn't take a whole lot of damage from yours, so you're oom if you waste your time trying to poke him. For the most part ignore him wait for ganks. Just focus on dodging his sk's, and farm farm farm. He can't stop you from cs'ing so go crazy on minions. Use your laser to farm them more than usual as you won't be using mana on Galio. Galio is one of those champs I pick up a hex tech revolver against, as it will let you stay and farm all day. He can't do enough to really hurt you, just farm. When you have a chance, go gank and then come back and farm.

Well I feel like this is really long, and more than most people will read. So if you have any champions you have trouble with as Viktor, or really any ap mid, I'd be happy to give my two cents. So feel free to comment or message me. I'll add more if my guide is well received, and I come across any others that I find trying.

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Well I've enjoyed the journey we've taken together here at mobafire. I hope that my guides been helpful and informative, without being to drawn out or rambling. again i apologize for my lack of know how in pictures, and links. Though i find a lot of it to be drivel anyways, and would prefer to get through a guide as quickly as possible. Anyways I'm The Jast (Thejast ingame) feel free to hit me up if you have questions comments, think that i may be wrong, or find any errors in this guide, grammar, or otherwise. Please throw me an up vote if you found this guide helpful, and if not tell me why so i can fix it. Thanks for taking the time to read, or skim, I hope to see more Viktor's in solo que's and ranks. The Jast out.

p.s. yes I do talk in the third person sometimes... and by sometimes I mean often.