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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vladimir Build Guide by Kahenzer

AP Carry Vladmir - Think Negative [Top] [Diamond elo]

AP Carry Vladmir - Think Negative [Top] [Diamond elo]

Updated on May 21, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kahenzer Build Guide By Kahenzer 7,686 Views 0 Comments
7,686 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kahenzer Vladimir Build Guide By Kahenzer Updated on May 21, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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My name is SenyeR and I am Vladimir main. i am Currently Diamond 2 and here to disccuss things about Vladmir.ABOUT ME:
I started playing league at around Pre Season 3 and i Loved it ever since.I started playing rank instantly when i got to 30 and was instantly placed too in Bronze I.By the time Season4 arrived i started playing and was placed in Bronze V which sucked (I was still a total noob) so i promised myself to reach Gold at the end of the Season 4 which was fulfilled because i reached Gold 2 at the end of Season 4.At the start of Season 5 i was Placed in Platinum V and now i am Diamond 2.totalling over 1000+ Games overall.I am for Sea Servers (Philippines) so you wont find me in Lolking.English is my Second language so bare with me with my Grammar.VLADIMIR IN A NUTSHELL:
Vladimir is a AP carry which has potential to 1V5 a fight because of being almost being unkillable and has very high damage Output with outstanding sustain.His early game is weak but if you surpass that it almost a guaranteed win.
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Standard 21/9/0 Dangerous Game is a must grab as it is the most Viable in the Mastery Tree.
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MARKS: Greater Marks of Magic Penetration
SEALS:Greater Seal of Scaling Health
GlYPH:Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
QUINTESSENCE:Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Best runes for Vlad,Hands down.
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Pros / Cons

*High Sustain
*High Damage
*Low Cooldown Mid-Late
*Very Strong Lategame
*Troll Pool
*Not easily Countered

*Early is weak as akali
*Paper Early-Mid
*No hard CC to cancel Teleports
*Low Mobility
*Silence F**ks you up
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Im going to Only Discuss about Situational items here.See above notes for items.

Morellonomicon:" This guide Sucks why is Morellonimicon on the list? da hell this diamond sucks balls golds are better".before you think like that i want you to know its only a Situational item come on give me some relief.Due to the Mana bonus this isn't much viable to Vladimir.But it is a must take for Champions with insane Health regen Such as Swain,Mundo,Aatrox Etc. the Grevious Wound effect Helps Alot in this but only Swap this For things you dont need.

Frozen Heart: A good item against champions AA reliant such as Kalista,Twitch,Etc.Due to the 20% CD reduc i would take MagicPen Boots Than the CDR boots since the minimum is 40% and you just wasted 10% of the benefit.thou the mana is useless I recommend only to take this when really needed.but thormmail would be a good option too

Warmog's Armor: Warmogs ain't as much potent as it was before but it can be taken if their mid is Leb/Kat and Fed as Fvck but Mr cant do anything because they have void Staff. this is good against those types since they give you Chunk of Health to survive their Burst.Make sure to grab a Spirit Visage too replacing your Void Staff.

Luden's Echo: oh look they dont have MR and all Squishies? Grab this and Go ham. It's an AP Stattik Shiv that scales with your AP. Why Not?.hehehehehe.
But all of Seriousness grab this if your snowballing hard in lane and they are not planning to grab MR.You can literally kill them with two skills if your fed Enough.(R+Q)
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Early Game: Farm,Harras Repeat.Annoying your Opponent as much as possible,If he's Melee save your Q and use you basic to Last hit. every time he goes for a CS E+Q him.Remember to Prioritize CS before Harrass as your Lategame is Better than Most top Laners.Also you can keep your E stacks to 4 if your up against Champions like Chogath,Irelia or Talon as it can really hurt them and force them to sacrifice some CS to save them from dying.If you get ganked "DONT IMMEDIATELY USE W".This is a common mistake i see players using vlad. Wait for some Gap Closer or Stuns to be fired at you and then use W to dodge it.
Lee Sin's Q
Sejuani's R
Amumu's Q
Yasuo's Q (Tornado)
Ahri's E
and So on.

Mid Game:In this stage you should Focus on pushing.Its Better to trade the first 2 Stacks of Dragon for 1-2 Towers.But if your Team Contest Dragon. then wait for someone to engage then Teleport to the Nearest ward.You should be Bullying your Lane opponent because of your Mid-game Power Spike (Unless Its Swain). and force them to be Out pushed.This will mostly Cost their jungler Camping you,Which is a good thing since its a free Dragon.It's worth giving 1-2 kills for a Free Dragon.Remember to get wards though to lessen your deaths.

Late Game:At this point No one can Handle you in a 1V1 fight (Unless its Swain, f**k that champion). Take advantage of that and try to take out their top or jungler before a fight.During a fight, you are at the Fronts since your Tanky enough.What you will do is to try to get as much as people as possible with your Ult/SS and shred/Zone their Carries with your Damage output. if you cant catch the carries then you might as well target the front lines since your DPS can shred them tanks too. but slower.
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Seriously go see above.I dont think i need to discuss this since its Obvious,But ill point one thing Out.

This should improve some minor flaws to some players....
It should either be Level 3 or 4 depending who's the jungler.
If their jungler is Like Warwick or Malphite take it lvl4 since you wont expecting ganks.
BUT if their Jungler is like AMUMU or LEE SIN then you should consider taking them at 3.If you expect them to go a level 2 gank take W first in laning.
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Tips and Tricks

These are few Tips and tricks when Playing Vlad

-Summoner spells can still be casted when you are pooled, you can pool and teleport to avoid getting CCed by the Enemy Top Laner
-Use E before Q for maximum Healing benefit since it gives bonus healing
-You are much more powerful than your enemies expect, take advantage of your Level 9 power spike.
-Rushing Abyssal is a good way to stomp champions such as LeBlanc or Annie
-Vladimir's level 6 tower diving combo is R-E-Q-W. use this if your Enemy laner is 1/4 of his hp leaving them to speechless.Do not use this if they have a a barrier or heal.if Running Ignite, R-IGNITE-E-Q-W as in theory Ignite's damage is increased by Vladimir's R
-A level 1 trick is to Q and AA your Enemy Laner as much as Possible.This will lead them to force to be zoned out of CS.Running Ignite will help.
-Do Not waste your pool with things such as Fiddlesticks ' W or LeBlanc 's E as they still will do damage to you if you're in range.
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Will add this Section in the Future.
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So this is my guide for Vladimir! :) i just started this guide so im going to refine it in the near future so hope you guys learn something... will fill some unfilled spaces in the future.
I will be making some Logos for the parts. this is my first guide and im still new to these functions so bare with me.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kahenzer
Kahenzer Vladimir Guide
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Vladmir - Think Negative [Top] [Diamond elo]

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