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Volibear Build Guide by Torben001

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Torben001


Torben001 Last updated on April 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello. Im Torben001 and i want to introduce you my tanky Volibear build. I was lv 15 or something when he was released and after a week free to play i purchased him for 6300 Ep. Later, when i was lv 29 i got the ThunderLordVolibear Skin and now im writing a guide for my favourite champion.

Volibear is very allround, thats why there are so many possible builds. You can play him ad, ap, offtanky or tanky. AS and HP are important in every build. Voli is also important for the team because he can throw and slow fleeing enemys. Failing voli means many luckers. But a failing team also means useless voli.

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Short Overview of Build 2:

Thats my offtank Build. Usually i build voli this way. This build has more life, but less armor and magic resistanke, and more attack speed, wich means he does more damage than the tanky build and i like that.

Berserker's Greaves Attack Speed for Ulti
Warmog's Armor Lifes for Tanky Health
Sunfire Cape For Pushing and Tanky Health
Hextech Gunblade Awesome active, damage, ap, spellvamp for ult
Ionic Spark For Pushing 2, Attack speed for Ulti and VolisUlti as passive
Talisman of Ascension Awesome active 2, Health

Same runes as in Build 1

21: Attack Speed, AP, AD, everything
9: Health

Getting kills and fleeing Enemys with this build:

[Enemy] space space space space [You and your team]
in this case you use Shurelya's Reverie for 40% ms and Q. Youll get horrible movemoent speed.
After this you use Hextech Gunblade on the enemy. It slows him like hell. After you arrived your target slow him with your E. After this your Team will arrive and kill him. Works fine. We got many kills with this.

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Why i use the Items:

Maw of Malmortius Maw of Malmortius gives you Magic Resist and protects you from getting nuked from guys like Veigar before your passive aktivates.

Warmog's Armor This item gives you many HP wich is good for your heal and your Bite

Force of Nature Force of Nature gives you movement speed wich is good for your Q. It also gives magic reistance.

Randuin's Omen Great item for tanking and supporting in teamfights. Use its aktive in fights to slow the enemy's movement and attack speed. Also gives Armor

Ionic Sparc You need this for attack speed and health and helps you at creepfarming and pushing.

Ninja Tabi Your boots. gives you +25 Armor.

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Use Rolling Thunder to throw enemys to your tower and Majestic Roar to slow them there. Works only in earlygame because later they wont die at the tower. too much health. I lv up this last because only the damage gets higher. You need this to get faster and to throw them back. Thats why you lv it up at lv 1. Rolling Thunder is the most important skill for volibear.

Frenzy needs 3 charges. You get 1 charge for 1 attack. Many HP and lowlife enemys mean the highest possible damage on W. You need this to get kills in teamfights because its great for nuking them at lowlife. With 3 charges you get aournd +60% attack speed and thats why you should not waste your Bite. Keep it on 3 charges untill you want to nuke somebody who has lowlife.

Majestic Roar Use this to fear creeps or to slow enemys.

Thunder Claws and Surge does horrible damage in earlygame. its like 100% crit for volibear and this means you are extremly op in earlygame and you should gank early to get the highest possible earlygame power for volibear. Volibears ulti and Surge is so awesome powerful in earlygame. The only champions who can stop you on lv 6 are guys like Alistar with his kick and throw.

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Skill Sequence:

The most important skill is Q as descriped in "Skills". Thats why you give it 1 skillpoint at the beginning.

Your strongest skill is your W bite. It also helps you pushing because it gives attack speed. Thats why you max this out first.

Your slow is the 2nd important skill. You can slow your enemys with this after you grabbed them with Q. Good for getting kills at the tower. Your slow increases by lvling up this skill.

Skill order:
W(max out)
E(max out)
Q(max out)
and of course your ulti on lv 6, 11 and 16

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9 Health runes for tank, passive and W.
also 3 Health quintessances

9 Magic resist runes for not getting nuked before your passive and to balance armor and magic resistance.

9 Attack Speed runes for your Ulti.

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Summoner Spells:

My recommented summoner spells:

Heal Heal helps your passive to heal. You'll get fullife in earlygame with this. And thats pretty awesome.

Surge Surge is Awesome on your ulti. It gives AP and AS. Both are important for your ulti's damage. With surge and your ulti you get a burst like hell.

Other good Summoner Spells:

Ghost is good with your Q. But not recommented, because you should be fast enough.

Ugly Summoner Spells:

Clarity Volibear has enough mana. You dont need this because you are NOT wasting your mana by spamming Q W and E. Only use E when you want to slow somebody or if too much creeps are attacking you.

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Its simple wich Masteries you have to take. Attack speed, Improvement of offensive spells, Tanky Masteries. The masteries for hp and attack speed are very important. Volibear is very allround thats why you can also try an other masteriebuild.

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youll have with surge and your w HORRIBLE attack speed. From time to time enemys are hating me in /all chat because of my ugly attack speed and my strong Ulti. They hate it.

4451 Lifes are enough for your W. Youll get at least one kill in every teamfight because you can nuke them at lowlife. That means youll get feeded a little bit. Your Armor and Magic Resist help you not to die before you can nuke somebody.

Physical Damage Health: 12339
Magical Damage Health: 12741
Effective Health: 12540

As you can see this build is very balanced between armor and magic resist. But i dont know why on my Handy app are more lifes than here. Propably the Runes arent calculated in volis stats on Mobafire.

In my opinion Volibear is the strongest Tank this way and because he is actually very strong in earlygame and very tanky in lategame its my favourite champ.

I hope my english was understandable for you because im German and 16...
rgds Tobi