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Riven Build Guide by Voosha

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha

Voosha's Challenger Riven Guide for Twisted Treeline

Voosha Last updated on December 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hello I am Voosha. I play 3vs3 religiously and am very familiar with every aspect there is to it.

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Differences between Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline for Riven

There are not many differences between Summoner’s Rift Riven and Twisted Treeline Riven. On both maps, Riven plays as a strong duelist who excels at 1v1 and also completely bursting people. Her unique skillset allows her to make dangerous plays and get out with ease.
Alike Summoners Rift, Twisted Treeline Riven can be played in many roles against many matchups and win. She excels against both bruisers and mages and she is also an excellent jungler due to her fast clear time and mobility to gank.

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Champions and Team Comps that are good with Riven

Champions that work well with Riven are champions that can cc the enemies and act as a threat while she attempts to kill them. Champions with aoe spells work really well because most of Riven’s spells can hit multiple targets and do massive amounts of damage.

This team comp works well because of the massive engage potential and the poke from Karma. Riven can be played both jungle/ lane in this comp because Xin Zhao is also a versatile champion who is good at dueling. Having Karma on the team allows Riven to make even riskier plays because of the immense amount of shields possible.

This team comp features massive amount of AOE and CC. If everyone goes in at the same time the whole entire team will drop because of all the stuns and knockups that this team has. Annie has a great flash initiate and Jarvan has great gap closers which allow Riven to go in whenever she wants to.

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Summoner Spells, Masteries, Runes, Abilities

Summoner Spells

Top lane


Smite is essential on junglers as it allows you to clear camps faster in order to gank lanes / apply pressure to the enemy jungler. Smite also can secure one of the most major objectives, Vilemaw. Flash is optional but it is extremely good on Riven because it allows her to be both aggressive and defensive depending on the situation. An alternative to flash can be exhaust if the enemy team has someone who does lots of damage over time or a nuker.
Flash is extremely important as a laner because it allows you to survive early ganks and can allow you to position better in teamfights. Ignite is somewhat important as it allows Riven to duel enemies better 1v1 and can be also used as a finisher. Exhaust can substitute for ignite if needed.


For Top Lane

Having 21/9/0 masteries are great when laning because it provides a combination of defense and offense. I go 9 in defense because “Block” and “Unyielding” let you take less damage from champions and “Juggernaut and “Veteran Scars” let you have more HP which can be crucial as you sometimes can live with only a sliver of HP. The 21 in offense are amazing because it gives you a lot more things that can influence your early damage because it gives added damage, cooldown, armor pen, bonus % damage and also extra execute damage. This can affect your laning greatly because you can fight the enemies with easier since you will have a lot more damage and all-in potential.

For Jungle

For jungler Riven, I switch out the few points in “Unyielding “ for the “Bladed Armor” because the return damage and decreased damage can reduce damage and also deal damage to creeps while jungling.


Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

These runes are optimal on Riven as they give a lot of early damage and defense. Running the cooldown blues can be great as it allows you to Q more often and can be great when dueling because you can trade harder than the enemies. The armor is also great in early duels if you stack it along with the cloth armor because you can fight enemies while taking less punishment.
An alternative to the cooldown blues are magic resist blues as they can be beneficial when fighting champions who deal lots of magic damage.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the skillbuild that is often used on Riven but W can be maxed second if your team is really far ahead. Having W at level 2 is really good because it can let Riven all in on the lane opponent or can be used to fight the enemy jungler. Maxing E second is great because it can often save y our life because of massive amount of damage this shield can absorb since it scales off AD.

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What to build on Riven



Doran's Blade + EITHER (Boots + pots) / (Cloth Armor + pots) / (1 rejuv. Bead + pots) / Hunter's Machete + pot (if jungle)

Doran's Blade- One of the most important items for early game as it allows you have innate tankiness, early damage and lane dominance.

Boots of Speed – Build this item if you are going against someone you are confident against and has many skillshots. These boots allow you to run faster to be able to dodge many skillshots.

Cloth Armor – This is against people who you think will all in on you (ex. Kha’Zix, Renekton), this item allows you to be really tanky and take little damage when trading with the enemies. This item will build into Ninja Tabi / Randuihns later in the game if built.

Rejuvenation Bead- Build this item against AP casters as they tend to poke more than they will all in. This item will build into Ravenous Hydra later into the game.

Hunter's Machete – This item is only built if you are playing JUNGLE as it allows you to do more damage to the creeps and clear faster.


These items are core for Riven as they allow her to have a lot more damage and can contribute to her ability to kill the enemies quicker.

Ravenous Hydra – This item is great on Riven because it gives her a lot of extra damage and is key when using her attack animation cancelling combos. This can also be essential when clearing waves extremely fast because she has many aoe skills.

Last Whisper - Last Whisper is a great item on Riven as it can assist her in doing more damage when fighting targets with high armor. It is also great because it gives lots of AD which allows her to have a lot more damage.

Youmuu's Ghostblade – Great item as it builds from brutalizer which is an early item that Riven’s often buy. This item’s active also speeds you up and also your attack speed which is great when dueling enemies.

Ninja Tabi – This item can help you as it gives you movement speed and armor.

Mercury's Treads – Build this against teams with lots of CC and magic damage. This can be crucical in times where the enemies try and cc you when you are fed.


Build these items when the enemies are ahead or are focusing you down. Look at your death recap (if you die) to see what damage you take most and build accordingly

Randuin's Omen This item is great for enemies who have lots of AD because it not only blocks damage but slows them and has an awesome active which slows their attack speed as well.

Spirit Visage Cooldown, Magic Resist and more healing, what else would a Riven want!?! This item is great because it can heal you lots if you have lots of lifesteal.

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General Riven techniques and combos

Walljumping with the 3rd Q:

Riven can jump some of the walls on this map, refer to the diagram below:There are very limited walls in twisted treeline that are hoppable as opposed to summoner’s rift walls because the twisted treeline walls are often thicker.

Animation Cancel Combos:

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Refer to my Voosha's general 3v3 guide for some strategic suggestions.

Early Game
Early on your main priority is to get levels before the enemies so you can take their jungle and fight as you have more abilities than them due to having more levels. To achieve more levels you should push as much has you can. As soon as you see the creeps you should just Q them a few times to get them low enough (approx. 1 wave and a ½ is lvl 2). After reaching level 2 you should be able to all in the enemy because you should have your stun at this point which is easily landable if you q in a few times. If you attempt at killing the opponent fails try and coordinate a fight in the enemy jungle with your team. Riven scales extremely well with early kills so early skirmishes are recommended.
As Jungle Riven you should have a very fast clear time early on. If you start Q you should be able to clear the wraiths really quickly and then run to the wolves, smite the big one and then kill it. After killing it you should run to the health relic in the center of the map and then attempt to gank / kill the enemy jungler. After the early game, jungle Riven and Lane Riven should be similar.

Mid Game

This is the point of the game where teamfights usually occur since everyone has their ultis. You and your team should be pushing one lane and then grouping to capture major objectives or take towers. Riven is extremely good at diving enemies so if you see the enemies split you should try and take control of the game by killing the enemies under/ out of tower.
In teamfights, you should be going for the targets that are the highest priority as Riven can often blow all her spells and kill an enemy easily.

End Game

This is where teams often just shove meaninglessly, wave after wave. You should not be trying to push wave after wave as it doesn’t not achieve a lot because all it does is just give the enemy free gold. Do not try to do this unless you have someone who is poke heavy that can chunk them down until you and your jungle can all in on them. If not, you should try and catch the enemies off guard by either sitting in a bush or forcing them into a fight by capturing an objective. After killing one of the enemies, the 2v3 should be extremely easy and death timers at this point are really high so it killing someone will enable you to push freely.

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Thank you

Thank you for reading my guides and the continued support!