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Warwick Build Guide by thecheezecartel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thecheezecartel

Warwick | Jungle | Offtank | Playmaker|

thecheezecartel Last updated on November 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to warwick

Don't Play Warwick - IcedLucha

Hello everyone im Thecheezecartel, and i main warwick top and jungle, hes a champion that can be very tanky or he can deal alot of damage if built and played correctly. Alot of people in the meta nowadays dont think warwick is a viable jungler, but thats because alot of junglers nowadays provide more utility than warick (warwick's only Crowd Control ability is his Infinite Duress). But as i said if played right he can do anything from locking up/singling out the carries in team fights to being the carry himself.

This guide MY way of playing Warwick jungle which is an off tank damage dealer, there are many other ways to build him in the jungle but this way is my favorite way of building him in the jungle. Keep this in mind that this is my first guide, and may not be the best, but im going to try my best to help everyone out

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Runes and Masteries

MARKS:its great to have attack speed marks for faster jungle clear so you can help out lanes.

GLYPHS:The Scaling magic resist Glyphs are a great pick up for warwick, since the only magic resists you are picking up are either in your mercury treads or in the spirit visage(or both).

SEALS: Armor Seals are basic, they provide armor against champions and jungle creeps.

QUINTS: Attack damage quints help out alot in the early game when ganking lanes, since his Q wont do much but keep him alive.


OFFENCE:I dont take any points in offence since none of it will really help him in the game, even the jungle clear masteries wont help because, of the attack speed reds. i mean you could take them if you want, it makes warwick really slow when walking in the jungle, and it takes away from his tank perspective

DEFENCE:For defence, take points in the jungle masteries such as Tough skin and bladed armor this will help in the long run of jungle clear and can also help when AFK farming a lane that you are covering and or pushing. Also take one point in Summoner's Resolve for the extra gold from using smite. All the other points you should take are straight forward, take points in everything that give you more resistance, take more damage, and give you more health

UTILITY:For this tree you need to take, points in Wanderer and in meditation for mana problems that warwick has and to also increase mobility from jungle camp to jungle camp and mobility for ganking. MasterMind and Expanded mind help with having Ghost up for ganking lanes, and also helping with his mana problems. The last point you should take is the cookie, because who doesn't like cookies

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Pros / Cons

PROS: - Carry Lockdown and suppress
- High Sustain for brawling and fighting
- Attack speed buff for the whole team
- Can chase Low health invisible champions(Evelynn,Teemo,Rengar)
- Can solo dragon really early into the game (level 7-8)

CONS: - Ganks suck before level 6.
- Wastes mana really fast, if his q is spammed in the jungle.
- Infinite Duress is can be interrupted if you get stunned/silenced or the opponent uses QSS
- Not turning off Blood scent can reveal your position if you are ganking a lane

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For items i like to build him off-tank when i jungle, so that he can sustain in fights, as well as deal Tons Of Damage.

First off you should start with the Machete and 5 potions you wont need to use the potions right away since you have Hungering strike and you will have blue buff untill later on or untill you die.

Building Spirit of the ancient golem out of the machete, is a good pickup because it provides cool-downs and also health.Blade of the ruined king(BOTRK) is a key item for warwick, it give him the damage that he needs in brawls, and it provides life steal for him. This item is a must have for warwick, since he does really good with life steal and attackspeed. BOTRK helps warwick in brawls against tanks like garen and shen, but the target that warwick attacks does not need to be a tank, because this item also shreds carrys

Spirit Visage and Sunfire cape are pretty straight forward, Visage, helps with warwicks sustain in fights because of the items unique passive, and it also gives him magic resist. Sunfire gives him health and armor, and does AOE damage to people around him, so if he is getting jumped on he can deal damage to people he isnt even targeting right away

There are other items listed at the top that you could build for your last item. I usually build either Trinity force or Warmog's armor last, but Hextech Gunblade is also a really viable item. Trinity force helps maximize damage, if you are confident enough to go into fights and kill the carry. Warmog's gives you more health so you can tank the team fights for your team. Hextech Gunblade gives more damage on Q, but should only be built if your team lacks Magic Damage

Other Viable Options for warwick are items, that increase his attack speed and/or give him health.

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Early game Jungling

ALWAYS START AND THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE MAP(blue side red, and purple side blue)

Smiteless strategy: if you get a smiteless, go straight to the next buff, and take it out, this will bring you to level 3, and you will be set to gank top right after that. head up top and try to grab a kill and/or burn summoner spells, but remember when ganking early try to gank from in lane or go from tri-bush. after ganking top/mid, go back if needed, or go farm your jungle and farm till level 6 where warwick's power spike is

Smite strategy: if your team sucks and dont give a smiteless leash, right after your buffs, go farm the jungle untill level 4 then go top, and try to force a summoner spell or even grab a kill, go gank some other lanes that need help, and go back to farming after the ganks, make sure to hit level 6 fast.

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Mid Game

Once you have hit level 6 you have the most powerfull ganks in the world, you can literally just walk into a lane and ult your target, have your blood scent ready when ganking so the prey cannot run away(rhyme not intentional). Dont be afraid to take 1-2 tower shots when ganking a lane. because it can be easily patched by pressing Q on a minion or a champion.
After you go buy some items ( i like to rush BOTRK after ancient golem) you can go and solo dragon at levels 7-8, just make sure you have enough mana to use Hungering strike when its up and so that you dont die to dragon and look like a noob. but also make sure to help out the lanes that are losing. I know everyone looks to the support for warding, but buying wards as warwick can help him pick a fight with unsuspecting people. and can lead to him carrying the game.

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Team fighting is very simple as warwick, aim the people that are fed, use your ulti to suppress the carry and tell your team to beat the living souls out of him. in team fights never forget to use your actives, for it can help you live in the fights, and help you chase people down. Warwick team fighting is that simple, just ult the carry, then go ham on the rest of the team.


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Late game

Warwick in the late game, is everyone in the late game, just follow your team, and dont get caught, do baron when possible, warwick can solo baron at full build level 18, just give him double buffs, and oracles, make sure your team distracts the other team while you take baron, if the other team finds you at baron, you're dead.
Having the right items on warwick changes the game alot, going 5 bloodthristers on warwick, will get him shreded FAST. so build sustain, and choose other items from the item list above, just so you know that you are building him correctly.
During the late game, warwick can also split push, if you cannot take the other team 5v5. build a Ravenous Hydra and push away. because his wave clear is trash, without it.

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I want to thank you all for reading, please check out my other guides on warwick, or on somone else if i decide to play anyone else, without further ado. thank you for reading, and have fun making plays with warwick, and have fun even carrying your team with warwick.

Special thanks to :XD4rk4ng3lX for helping out.
Special thanks to :IcedLucha for the wonderful quote.
Special thanks to :fruitsinacup for being awesome.