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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zypre

Warwick - The Balanced Killing Machine *Twisted Treeline*

Zypre Last updated on February 24, 2011
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Warwick has great potential. But i see a lot of builds that are purely for Jungling and people who get Madred's Bloodrazor as the first item and build damage afterwards, which is a waste, in my opinion.
This build was created by using the WTFWick Laning-Build (made by Baby_man ! check it ouut!). I played using that for a while, and then i slowly started tweaking it. ending up with this.
now, keep in mind that i play 3v3 98% of the time. I have no real idea if this is any good in 5v5.
This is my first build, please use Constructive critisism

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Hungering Strike - This is your main skill. and it is darn SWEET! it steals a WHOLE LOT of HP. damages in darn good amounts, and is slightly more ranged than your auto-attack (making for easier chases)
This skill can save your life, and even turn a battle completely. plus, you can use enemy minions as HP Potions :3

Hunters Call - sweet skill, if you use this after getting Nashor's Tooth, you will reach the Attack Speed cap! (AND after getting Nashor's Tooth, it will have around 10,7 sec cooldown, and lasts for 10 sek!) At any point in the game, this skill will make your enemy wonder how the hell you overpowered them so quickly.

Blood Scent - Great skill, both good for fleeing and chasing. the extra movement speed makes you impossible to outrun. It only happens very rarely that you have to run away without your enemy reaching 50% health.
The reason why I don't do more than 1 level before the end, though, is because with the added movement from your Blood Scent lv 1, it should be enough to chase most players.
although if the game is going really really well for your team. you might want to prioritize this skill above Hunter's call. Just to make it even easier to get kills.

Infinite Duress - Did anyone say game changer?.. This is quite possibly one of the best ultimates in the game! Usually, using just your ultimate will make your enemies' HP drop to around 60%. with a little Hungering strike and such, they should be on the run already. and don't forget! you get HP from using this too! you can be at around 10% hp, running away, then use this and the roles are changed!
also, using this build, this ult will have around 53 sec. cooldown. that's like... nothing.
Oh and don't forget! this stuns as well! I play with a Twisted Fate player a lot. This combo will kill just about anyone: Allies' Stun, Hungering strike, Infinite Duress, allies' attack, Hungering strike.

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Summoner Spells

I personally choose heal and ignite.

Heal - it can save you in a pinch and is good for supporting your laning partner (if you have any). also. it's especially good at the start of the game.

Ignite - it's a great skill, period, it can turn the battle in your favor and can be used when someone flees.


Other good choices are:

Ghost - Fleeing? check. Chasing? check. Very Versatile, although you do have the 2 things already in your Blood Scent

Flash - it is an extremely versatile skill, if used right. it can quickly save you, and also, it can make surprise attacks that'll make the enemy scream! BUT it has the same flaw as Ghost

Exhaust - Does practically the same as Ghost, but also adds with the 100% miss. can save you sometimes, but i still like Flash a lot more.

Clarity - It's good, because you will be constantly low on MP at the beginning. but after you get Sheen that should be solved, so not much of a reason.

everything else that is not in the DO NOT GET section is allright, but not recommended.


Smite - it's pretty much useless for a non-jungler and if you try to purely jungle with this build.. well, it won't go well.

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Amplifying Tome - This item is great for your start-up, your Hungering Strike will take down around 1/5 of an enemies' HP. absolutely great.

Sheen - it solves most of your MP troubles, and gives you extra power for your Hungering strike, along with the 100 extra damage on your next hit. what a dream.

Berserker's Greaves - Attack Speed is essential to Warwick, and extra movement speed is too. pretty obvious purchase, then.

Sword of the Divine - SUPER attackspeed, relatively cheap, and it also gives you an extra strong attack. with this item, your enemies will be begging for mercy.. also, when you get this item, you can take down Dragon and stay at 100% HP. And that should be at around Lv 8

Nashor's Tooth - This item was made for warwick. it gives you a great attack speed, some nice AP and last but not least, cooldown reduction. after getting this, you'll be able to keep a pretty much constant Hunter's Call. also, when you have this; if you play 3v3 like me, you're now done with the essential part of the build. the next items are just what I prefer to take, but you can fiddle with those items as you wish. If you play 3v3, you'll be a killing machine at this point anyway.


The Bloodthirster - it makes you even harder to take down (almost impossible, it would seem), and gives you a heck of a lot of damage. it's great.

Infinity Edge - it's the item that gives you the most damage of all, and it makes your crits go BOOM. why not get this?

Madred's Bloodrazor - you already have a full amount of AS, but the 4% hp thingy is rather good, especially if your enemy has a good tank. seeing as, no matter what, it'll then take you AT MOST 25 hits (assuming you had no actual damage, which you do, so it will take less than that) and you hit 2.5 times a second, meaning it'll take you 10 seconds to take anyone down, if you had 0 AD. I generally am not a fan of the item, but i believe that it would work just great. NOTE: The enemy would also have to have no MR in this case - still deals a heck of a lot o' Damage, though.

2x Executioner's Calling - they give you more crit and more lifesteal, and they actually give you quite a lot of it, too.

The Black Cleaver - This item will give you some AS (which is pretty useless at this point, but i guess it's slightly convenient), dome Damage, which is awesome. AND an on-hit effect of armor penetration. Use your ult (which will stack it to max, since it hits 5 times) and it will hurt the enemy BAD!

Wit's End - If the enemy team is practically only made up of casters, this item will make them HATE you! you'll decrease their MP (and with the amount of AS with this build, you'll absolutely demolish their mp pool) and gain a bit more MR, which is always nice.

Frozen Mallet - It gives you some more HP, which is always nice, an some AD (not that much, but it still does.) but it also gives you the awesomest slow! nobody can escape if you have this at the end of your build. You go into a fight, you and your enemy battle it out, the enemy flees after a while, you probably get Blood Scent, you run faster + slow... The End.
BUT! since you already have Blood Scent, it's not all that good. only against a Yi or Rammus or someone with a few Phantom Dancers.

Lich Bane - if you don't get The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge, you will have more AP than AD, so it will make for more damage, + you will then have to push yourself for it, if you want to run out of mana.
not all that recommended, but it works.

Phage - The slow can be quite effective, since you attack incredibly fast. But your Blood Scent should be enough to chase. If not, then this item is for you! don't bother upgrading it, though, it's not worth it, since you attack so fast anyway.

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Now, i gotta be honest, I'm not the greatest Rune expert. But these are ones that i use. I didn't choose Attack Speed, because you pretty much reach the cap anyway.

I chose to go with AD non-level, because
1. i play Akali, too. works nicely with her passive (you can go look at my Akali builds if you want, they're not too good, but whatever :) )
2. it gives you a great kick-off
And then i chose 1 level-scale AD, because extra damage is good.

For glyphs i have Cooldowns, because it gives you that liiittle extra boost that just always works well... and because i play Mordekaiser as CDR...

For Seals i got HP, because everyone needs HP, and i also play tanky champs.

Quints are Armor - you can always use Armor and it works nicely with Rammus.

These runes will pretty much help out any champion to some degree, so you don't have to have 10000000 runes, just because you play other champs.
You can fiddle with this as you please, but these will most likely work well, and support you.

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A regular Warwick Mastery tree. lotsa damage, lotsa epicness, a slight bit of extra armor, but this is a lower priority, if you have to choose (for the non-30s). not much else i can say about that.

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Early Game [1-7]


I tend to go for bottom lane, since I play almost full-time with a Vladimir on Skype. but you can easily take top-lanes, too.

Early game is where your Q Hungering Strike really shines. the extra AP from you Amplifying Tome gives you a nice kick.

For bottom lane, it's pretty simple, stay behind your minions and try to kill the enemy minions ***DO NOT WASTE YOUR MANA ON HUNGERING STRIKE VS. MINIONS UNLESS YOUR HP IS <30%***
as soon as an enemy gets in range (either because he/she moved just a liiittle bit too close, or because your positioning is nice), use your Hungering Strike on them. It'll make for great harassment and your HP will stay up.

If the enemy goes into a full-on offensive, attack whatever your teammate attacks - you want someone dead, not both half-dead! remember to use Hunters Call it can be the difference between life and death!

BUT if you're in the top lane!
If your enemy is:

RANGED - Stay on your enemies' side of the minions and use Hungering Strike on the enemy if he/she comes too close (but don't get hit too often, stay out of range some of the time too The brush helps!) That will ensure that the Ranged gets little exp and especially gold, and seeing as you have both Hungering Strike and your passive, you'll stay alive really well.
Needless to say, if your enemy gets in range (and is not by a turret) use your Hungering Strike!

MELEE - Stay on your side of the minions, but as close to the enemy as possible, then use Hungering Strike as often as you can, on the enemy champion. If your opponent goes in for a more head-on battle, pop Hunters Call and Auto Attack until either he runs or you're on low HP. then, when you're on low hp (around 20%, maybe more, depending on the enemies' burst) use your Hungering Strike, it will turn the battle in your favor!

Now - after laning for a while in either lane. As soon as you get enough money for your Mana Crystal, go get it. it will change oh so much!
Then, go back in lane until you get Sheen.
Do the same thing for Berserker's Greaves, although, if the game is going well, you don't have to get the Dagger before the full Greaves are done. But remember, the regular boots are essential for your Chasing!

Now, when you have the Berserker's Greaves, you should have your ultimate, or at least be close (unless your team just annihilated the enemy). Now "Let's Have Some FUNNN." It goes without saying, your Ultimate is absolutely awesome. It has a decently low CD. so every time you see a squishy target, or a ranged that you want to take down. You can just teleport there and rip them to shreds! There's not much to say... Start dominating!

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Mid Game [8-16]

Now that you're lv 8, you should either have your Sword of the Divine or be about to get it.
As soon as you get it, immediately go and take down Dragon (unless of course, your team heavily needs you for defenses,) you should be able to take down Dragon without any problems, usually only losing MP and no HP, due to your massive lifesteal from quick attacks and Hungering Strike.
On Dragon, your combo should look something like this: Hungering Strike, Hunters Call, wait for CD, Hungering Strike wait for CD, Hungering Strike, Hunters Call
And so on.
Now, depending on how much MP you ended up losing, you might want to Recall. If you have enough MP for about 1 Infinite Duress and 1 Hungering Strike you should be good to go.

Now, if you chose top lane, you will want to go and harass the enemy, until you're either out of mana, or (s)he flees. In this situation, I always use Infinite Duress as my initiating skill, and then use Hungering Strike afterwards.
After you're out of mana and/or your enemy flees, go recall and start building your Stinger, you should have about enough money for at least 1 Dagger. And now go to bottom lane, by the jungle path, so nobody sees you, unless they're looking for you, then see if you can go for a gank, by hiding long enough in-range, if not, then just go to bottom lane and farm. STAY in bottom lane, because now is when you'll really shine. You are an amazing chaser and have some of the craziest DPS, so you should be able to take someone down in no-time, especially with your 2 teammates.
Now, if your enemy top-laner follows you down into the bottom lane, then just go for the all-out battles. But if the top laner stays in top, even though you are all 3 at bottom, you might want to go up and put him or her in their place!

That's all I can say about mid-game, and I realize all of this is very confusing, but just be happy that you don't have to follow everything exactly like I said. Just make sure that you get dragon ASAP after Sword of the Divine, and then go take down Dragon whenever you notice that it spawns. The rest is just tactics, that you can survive without, but are definitely a plus if you do.

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Late Game [17-18]


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Congrats on either reading through that enormous amount of text... or atleast scrolling through.
as a reward, i now grant you the official, invisible, super awesome and completely legit "Warwick TT Player" badge!...

Also, if you're on the EU servers, feel free to add me, my name is Zypre in-game too :)