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Talon Build Guide by XkitarothefireX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XkitarothefireX

where did all your hp go bro!!

XkitarothefireX Last updated on February 9, 2014
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Ranked Play

In ranked you will want to destroy your line opponent by out farming him ( harassing him with w will taking the farm when he tries to farm)and roam, this will turn into a win in most of the times it all depends on how well will your team do in teamfights with their engages and cc.

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Pros / Cons

-high burst damage in all the stages of the game going from 35% at lower level (lvl 4 wich is great) to one shot in the adc and apc.
-solo queue beast i beated my record of 16 wins in a row just by going talon every game
-not hard to learn but you need good timing and good positioning to survive after you one shoted the enemy carry
-great escape and jukes with his ''e'' and ''ult''
-if you use your''w'' so often you will easily get our of mana and you will be pushing so hard
-useless if played poorly or positioned bad
-almost always focused so you have to use your ult wisely not only for damage but also for escape most of the times
-getting hit by a hard cc is equal to death most times

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you can simply farm and harass as talon make sure you last hit with auto attacks and when ever a minion in the backline you can't reach is low just w it and try to hit your harass will doing that in the enemy as well(when possible).
you should take care don't always use your 'w' if the enemy isn't even trying to push as it well end up with you pushing too much and the problem isn't the ganks that can be solved with the wards,but the problem is you won't be able to use your full combo when your enemy is so close.

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In that chapter we will be talking about talon skills and combos:
1st you have your Q :
it deals loads of damage , it can turn a barely lost 1 vs 1 fight into a won one because with the life steal your hp will go up by a good amount.
the other effect is the bleed that is pretty good with ignite no one expects that the damage is so high from that,in late game u can reach 200-300 damage from bleed adding ignite on it will result almost always in a sure kill in the squishes.
2nd your W:
this is your bread and butter skill in the lining phase,you can farm without getting free harass,harass without getting harassed back because enemies never know when you will cast that spell,before teamfight if they don't have a strong cc comb or im so confident because i know the enemies aren't that strong i just go in and try to harass with my ''w'' as much as i can without getting harassed.
3rd your e:
this is one of the most annoying skills in the game for the apc because just that 1 second silence is enough to lose them a 1 vs 1 (like for champions like leblanc that relay on fast bursting the enemy and getting out) ,and it's also your best engage it amplifies your damage by a lo.In the lining you can also use it to juke the enemy jungler when he comes to gank,remember u can use it as well to close gap in another target that isn't the target you want to kill just to close gap.
finally your ult :
this ult is so good,it isn't ridiculously strong ,the damage isn't a beast damage but with the e that amplifies it the damage is so strong,what makes it really overpowered is the fast that u can stealth engage and have a speed boots that can just put u in the enemy adc or apc,the cooldown is also low.

talon doesn't really flow a fix combo as you should change target whenever you kill someone(when you kill someone your disengaging but u will still want to go in again to burst some low hp enemies down)but here is so situations you will want to use some combos in:
You got caught you can't run away you should believe you can insta kill the squishiest one just by using your /e->q->w combo (ult if needed) that will just recude the enemies and make it easier for you to run,i'm not saying you have to do it every time you get caught but at least if it's a sure death just kill someone with you.
you you want to dive an enemy with almost 60% hp will you are feed easy ult right away e->q->w (ignite if needed)before doing that make sure you have at least the same amount of hp and the enemy has burned their cc or they have no one,you should have vision as well.
Taking a shutdown with talon is always worth if you see someone low hp that has a shutdown on him that can be killed without u getting caught go for it burn all your summoners if needed.