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League of Legends Build Guide Author omgplz

Where did that spider come from?

omgplz Last updated on November 2, 2012
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With grace and elegance aswell as with cruel intentions comes the Spider Queen. One time a seductive woman, one time a venomous spider, what not to love about that I mean come on. I see many people going mid with Elise which is such a waste of her devastating potential. Jungling or solo toping is where she belongs, and guess what, she's really good at it!

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Pros / Cons

*No mana cost in spider form!
*Awesome at nuking weakened enemy.
*Spiderlings speed up killing everything which makes you a quite fast jungle.r
*Your W heals you with every attack while significantly boosting your attack speed.
*Q deals magic damage based on Current HP/HP lost so you're not that dependant on your ability power.
*Has an ok CC, I mean could deal some damage too but a stun is always cool.
*Good escapist with E in spider form (LOL try that when enemy dives you, big chance to get out alive and even get a kill.
*Really good at ganking. I mean look at the range of your Q, early gank when your enemy don't have a ward is so surprising that he/she prolly won't even have time to react.
*Bonus magic damage, Speed, Armor and Magic resist in spider form. You gotta love spider form, it's your main gimmick.

*Can't escape with E when there is no enemy/creep to land on
*Vulnerable for CC.
*Mana hungry human form.
*Spiderlings might KS the frags making your team hate you.
*Quite slow even in spider form (that's why Hextech Gunblade / Trinity Force help chasing a lot).
*Squishy human form, especially earlygame.

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Runes and masteries.

I suggest you focus on some early game defence and a little bit of damage to make the jungling and ganks effective. You don't need that much of magic resist unless your mid is doing really bad, you'll get that with your items. I suggest Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9 for some damage, Greater Seal of Armor x9 for armor Greater Glyph of Warding for magic resist although you can switch that to Greater Glyph of Ability Power if you consider more AP early game and you're not afraid of magic damage and last but not least the Quintess bvences I chose is Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x1 for some AP and Greater Quintessence of Armor x2 for more armor.

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I start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion, it can make you last surprisingly long in the jungle and ganks, I usually get about 1,5-2k gold before i return shopping. The first thing you'd want to buy is Sheen as it gives some extra damage whenever you use skill which works real well with your venomous bite both jungling and ganking. Next time you're back make sure you've got enough money to grab Mercury's Treads and at least Vampiric Scepter, from now on try to build your Hextech Gunblade ASAP. After Hextech focus on building trinity. Your game will be prolly over before next item but you should add either Guinsoo's Rageblade or Wit's End it's up to if you need some magic resist or you're doing well enough. The last item you get is Guardian Angel feel free to build it earlier if you think you die too much or the enemy team AD carry is too annoying.

Optional items:

Abyssal Mask- if you want to increase your chance on taking down AP carrys easier you can consider that.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter- if the trinity force and hextech slow is not enough for you pick that.
Force of Nature- if you think you're doing well enough to afford this get it in exchange for wit's end to make your spider run like crazy.
Warmog's Armor- if your team lack a tank, you should get some hp as your deffensive stats are quite ok.

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Skill Sequence

Spider Queen Your passive, every spell you cast in a human form prepares a spider up to 2/3/4/5 spiders (+1 spider with every lvl of your ult, you start with 2 spiders on lvl 1). Make sure you have some spiderlings in your sleeve before you transform into spiderform while gannking as they deal some nice damage.

Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite- in human form your Q deals a little damage + 8% +1%/50AP of your target's current health, and in spider form deals a little damage + 8% +1%/50AP of your target's lost hp, this mean the lower you got your target the more damage it will take, excelent for taking down tanks. Try to start with human form then switch to spider to finish your target off. Take a one point lvl 2 and max it second.

Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy- this is what makes your jungling good, in human form it a skillshot that shoots a spider towards direction that explode in contact with enemy or after 3 seconds, in spider form you gain bonus attack speed and healing upon your or your spiderlings hits, max it first cause its your main source of damage as the attack speed boost is insane. Take one point lvl 1 and max it first

Cocoon / Rappel- in human form it shoots a spider web that stuns first foe it hits for 1,5 sec, that's the only cc you have so you have to use it wisely, great for openings while ganking, in spider form it lifts you up and if you used it on an enemy youll jump on him instantly, if theres nothing to jump on you'll just fall back to the same place, due to it's great range it helps gank freaking a lot, you deffinitely need it before starting to gank

Spider Form / Human Form- you switch between your human or spider form, in spider form you get bonus movement speed, armor and magic resist making you tankier melee, it's your main form to jungle so stick to it. With every lvl of your ult you get additional spider from your passive up to 5 spiders.

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Creeping / Jungling

You'd want to start from blue buff, ask your mid to pull it for you. It's important not to use your W until you lose some hp so you'll get some healing from it. After that head through the wolves and wraiths to the red buff, by then you're lvl 3 already and you're able to gank either bot or mid so make the better choice, continue jungling, don't miss the occasion to ruin your enemy jungler by smiting big wolf, wraith or golem to make him lose some gold use every occasion to gank. Jungling by Elise is pretty simple, you'd want to stay in spider form and use w whenever possible while taking low hp creeps down by using your q. E's long range speed's up the jungling due to it's long range and ability to get over walls, that can save you some time giving advantage over your counterjungling enemy. You might however want to start with larger things like red/blue buff or big golem using your neurotoxin and volatile spiderling in human form to deal some damage before you turn to spider form. Spider form skills cost no mana so you don't have to worry and give next blue buffs to your Ap carry.