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Ezreal Build Guide by burning12ice

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League of Legends Build Guide Author burning12ice

Why Blue Ezreal Is OP

burning12ice Last updated on May 24, 2013
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Hey, this is burning12ice. This is the second guide I have made, the first one being Top Lane Pride on rengar. I am going to be talking about blue ezreal and the pros/cons of this build. Ezreal is an adc that lurks in the backlines. He uses his q to poke down enemy champions and during team fights stays far away from everyone while still dealing tons of damage.

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For runes I like to take flat attack damage marks and quints because your q benefits from it so much more. I take armor seals for trading with the enemy adc. And also cooldown reduction glyphs so you can spam your q even more. You can switch out the glyphs for mana regen or magic resist, but you don't really need a=eitehr of those.

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For masteries I focus on physical damage, armor penetration and cooldowns. I like armor pen because it does grant you a good amount of damage late game. Flat attack damage is always good as well because it gives even better early game. The cooldown reduction is pretty obvious. You can escape better and kite better with it.

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So for items I focus on kiting and poke. Because his q is on a cooldown of about 2-1 seconds, and applies on hit affects, you can do this so well. When you have the Iceborn Gauntlets you can e away, and slow with q. Also your Sheen will be proking doing extra damage. Last Whisper is also very good because of the armor pen for late game.
My all time favorite item on Ezreal is Elder Lizard. It does true damage for one. Damage over time. You wreck buffs. And on top of that can push way better.

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Skill Sequence

So I max q first, and of course r every time I can, because of the harass. His q is almost all his damage and gives him so much utility it's a must have. His r gives three things. It has great wave clear from both afar and close. When you need that extra 100 gold, its what gives you it. It could also be used to get a kill and/or in teamfights. It also applies the Elder Lizard item. Rather than getting w, I just keep uping the levels on e. Your w doesn't grant much. It is next to useless until big team fights occur and your team needs that bonus 25% attack speed. The cooldown on your e is much more uselful and needed early game.

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Pros / Cons

- Great kiting
- Maneuverable
- Great Poke
- Safe
- Escape/Chase
- Great ult for farming the creep wave or stealing buffs

- Squishy
- Needs someone to keep him safe

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Ezreal is great at farming. He is supurb at pushing and farming under the tower. Right when you might miss one cs you can q and get that last bit of damage off. This is also good because it will be up in about 2 seconds and costs very little mana.