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Shyvana General Guide by SuperJoF

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperJoF

Why I can't smite this dragon? - Laning Shyvana guide

SuperJoF Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Hello, my name is SuperJoF and this is my first MOBAfire guide. You'll problably find some English mistakes, please excuse me. In this simple guide I'll show how good Shyvana can be if build correctly.

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Pros / Cons


    Excells at bursting damage
    Kinda tanky even without itens
    Very easy to farm minions
    Very easy to jungle
    Excells at moving around the map
    Transforms into a Motherf***in Spit-firing beast!

    Not a very easy character to dominate
    Very focused in teamfights
    Somehow weak in early game

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Skill Sequence and How to combo

For skills, you want to max Twin Bite first. The extra damage of twin bite is really useful to get a quick first blood if the enemy is squishy or just did a mistake. At level 6, be sure to tell your lane partner what you pretend to do and plan an attack. Start the combo using Burnout in order to move closer to your enemies. Land a Flame Breath and follow up with Twin Bite. If your target is slowed or stunned, be sure to move in front of him and ult him back. Its also useful when you ulti the enemy closer to the tower.[/b]

On 1v1 Combats, try to avoid skillshots by juking your enemy and get closer to him with Burnout. Land a Flame Breath when possible and combo it with Twin Bite. The Sheen buffs will deal the work ;)

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Starting Itens

  • -> Its not only because Phreak used it, but I think its a good choice. The Health Potions will keep you alive the whole laning phase without needing to back. Transform them into Berserker's Greaves
  • -> This item will double your damage in early game, giving you some dominance over your enemies.
  • -> This is my boot option because it gives Shyvana what she needs. Attack Speed.

My Suggested Core Items

  • Trinity Force -> A must item in my opinion, having double damage on Twin Bites in really useful
  • Stark's Fervor -> After completing your Trinity Force, this item will give you the lifesteal and the attack speed you are needing
  • Black Cleaver -> At this point you have attack speed, lifesteal and the stats you are needing. Time to get damage and shred the enemy team
  • Frozen Mallet -> Get more resistant! Get hp and help your team slowing the enemy
  • Atma's Impaler -> Now that you have extra 700 Health Points from Frozen Mallet, I suggest to transform that HP in Attack Damage. 2% of 700 = 14 bonus attack damage.

Other Interesting Items
  • Warmog's Armor -> If you want more Hp. get this instead of Frozen Mallet
  • Sunfire Cape -> Building this will give you enough HP to combo with Atmas Impaler and will do a great combo with Burnout
  • Banshee's Veil -> This item will give you extra magic resistance and some protection agains pokin spells like Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab or Karthus's Requiem
  • Force of Nature -> Extra magic resistance and movement speed. The health regen is always useful while you are out of combat moving through the map.
  • Phantom Dancer -> This item will give you movement speed, Crits and Attack speed, basically every extra stats your shyv needs.

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Team Work

Problably the most important part in League of Legends gameplay. Yes, I hate ppl who thinks who can carry and end doing sh*t with to the team!

Now let's talk about the Team Work with Shyvana for 5v5 situations.

The 5v5's situations can be split in 2 small topics.

The first 5v5 Situation : The Mash-up I call Mash-up because basically, both teams charge in aiming for an ace. In this one, you'll need to think twice. Let the party starts then focus on the MVP for their team, might be a Graves or an Akali.
[*] FOCUSING - means to drag that person Dragon's Descent away and take it down in 1V1 or interrupt their combo. Take it down then go back to the fight in healthy

The Second 5v5 Situation : The Jungle Fight I call Jungle Fight because it happens in the jungle (...). In this kinda fight, there's a wall splitting both teams.Their MVP is (if he's smart) on the other side of the wall. Ulti over the wall, kill him and get back to help your teammates

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Farming with Shyvanna is really simple. In the early game, since you lvld up your Twin Bite, aim a minion with more or less 78 hp, its a certain farm. At lvl 2, Burnout will help you to dish damage to minions in an small area, your attack speed and Twin Bites will do the rest. At lvl 4 you can poke minions with Flame Breath. Use this to farm minions near your oponents. As you build up Sheen you'll have double damage on physical attacks, being easier to farm.

2 Useful Tips for farming underneath your turret.

Yes. The tower can be really annoying sometimes, killing your creeps and stuff.
Basically. The tower needs 3 hits on a melee minion to kill it. After the second hit the minion is with really low health. Get this minion with Twin Bite.
The tower needs 2 hits on a ranged minion to kill it. After the first hit. Land a basic attack and Twin Bite it to reset your attack timer. This should do it.

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The End.

Thanks for tuning in my first guide. I'll appreciate some feedback telling me how to improve future guides!


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