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Ezreal Build Guide by ConnerBlake

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ConnerBlake

WildCard Ezreal: Jungle

ConnerBlake Last updated on January 9, 2013
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Why WildCard Ezreal?

Wild Card Ezreal
I love playing Ezreal as well as about half the LOL population XD

But with Season 3 I wanted to look at a number of things and started to develop Ezreal’s R&M (Runes and Masteries) and builds so that I could play Ezreal in 1 of 5 positions. I play Ezreal Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, or Support and this guide will show you one of them.

But Why? Why learn Ezreal to play in every position? This is why. If you look at my guide “Phases of Summoner’s Rift” you will see a section that describes the priorities and things to keep in mind throughout the entire game, including Champion Select. This Wildcard Ezreal is for The Champion Select Phase:

First!: WildCard Ezreal is designed for 5v5 premade games.

First-pick Ezreal, this should bait out a counterpick for ADC (Example: Graves), but now your team gets to counterpick Graves. The enemy team is confused, they either assume a kill lane or that Ezreal is going Mid, so they counter Ezreal Mid (Example: Ahri), and now you get to counter pick Ahri. Continue this until each lane has an advantage and put your Wild Card Ezreal where ever the gods have placed him.

:) Enjoy.

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Jungle Ezreal

When I play Jungle Ezreal I use Flash/Smite. I feel that Flash is almost always necessary for Ezreal because it keeps his Blink* advantage above everyone else. Smite is obvious for Junglers. I build Ezreal the build that I have to increase gank presence, build strength an tankability, and bruiser like damage, while providing armor shredding and soft CC support. I want to mention again that I only rush Boots of Mobility if I've gained an early lead with a successful gank or two.
Ezreal's ganks are suprisingly simple yet effective. Using Red Buff, Ezreal has soft CC, high damage and a LARGE radius for spamming these two. As long as your laner isn't near death or stupid, you should have some easy ganks or at the very least you give YOUR team lane advantage for a few moments.
Ezreal's R&M are pretty spread out but I LOVE how Jungle Ezreal is built. He is unexpectingly tanky so it is okay to take damage in a teamfight.
When playing WildCard Ezreal: Jungle I skincode Explorer Ezreal to my build.

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Creeping / Jungling

I added this section for my first posting on Jungle Ezreal because Ezreal has a surprisingly strong advantage within the jungle.
First, I start blue and ask for help laying damage on it. I ping my team once I see the Golem reach 500's health and smite it down while spamming mystic shots. Time out your mystic shots so a Mystic Shot is the last hit on the smaller lizards. Level up your Arcane Shift and move to Wolves.
continuing to spam your Mystic Shot maintains your Rising Spell Force stacks. I use Arcane Shift to blink on the other side of the wolves, closer to wraiths. pull the wolves as far as they can go before resetting. time out your last hit to be Mystic Shot again and hurry to wraiths. You will be able to reach the wraiths with another Mystic Shot, this is not so much for damage as it is about maintaining your 50% Attack Speed boost. Use Arcane shift to flash into the wraiths, this SHOULD hit the big wraiths speeding up your jungle clear.
*Often enemy jungler's assume Ez is an easy kill and will wait near wraiths to surprise him. Shifting over the wall will confusing someone waiting in the brush and will give you an escape using Summoner Flash IF they still come after you.
Timing out my final hit on the camp I can easily rotate to the Red Lizard. This can be a little tricky, I focus the smaller lizards first (due to the timer on Smite), if I got a strong leash on Blue i may even finish Red before Smite comes off CD. OR, I smite red.
*I save my Mastery's Biscuit for while I'm doing Red, doubling the Health Pot and the biscuit increases the rate that you recieve health.
After Taking Red, I shoot for an early gank on Top/Bottom or Mid.