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Tryndamere Build Guide by The Fat King

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Fat King

Wrath of Season Two Tryndamere

The Fat King Last updated on April 4, 2014
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Introduce myself

Hello there. I am The Fat King. I have played LoL since beta. I am here to tell you guys about how I play Tryndamere. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two. I encourage you to go to my YouTube channel (nippy511) and watch my Tryndamere ranked matches, as they go along with this guide. Reading this guide combined with seeing me play will help you, but to be brutally honest, it won’t do **** if you don’t commit yourself to the game. What do I mean by that? I mean that you have to play thousands of matches with Tryndamere. Is that possible? Only if you play frequently. How frequently? Almost every day. This guide is aimed at people who want to be competitive. But I’m sure anybody can take something away from it, I guess. Well, let’s get started!

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How I play

My Tryndamere philosophy is to start the game being weak, and end the game being unkillable. The alternative is to start the game strong, and rely solely on doing well early. Let’s think about this. If you start the game strong, and you don’t get super fed, an enemy who scales into mid-game well will crush you. If you start weak, do okay but not great, you still scale into the late game and crush people. If you start weak, and do great too, you will snowball your PANTS off. If you haven’t already noticed, relying on scaling gives you more options.

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I take whatever masteries increase my damage, because I’m an attack damage hyper-carry who can’t die anyways.

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Armor penetration for the scaling. Defensive scaling blues and yellows because OP.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust lets you catch up to people to AA them. It can also turn the tide in a fight. It can also save you from a gank.
Closing gaps, escaping. Sometimes you should use it even when you have E up because flash is instantaneous whilst E on the other hand is not. Being a proper judge of this is mandatory.
Respect the power of going from point A to point B instantly. It is the strongest summoner in League, hands down.

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Skill Order

As far as the skill order goes, I see only two ways to do it.
Some people take E at level 1, and I would never do that. I need to be able to heal myself with Q if I take some harassment before hitting 2. And if you overextend so badly at level 1 that only spinning out with E could save you, you are stupid.

You may go E Q if and only if you think you (can) or (need) to bully your lane opponent. The damage on E is no joking matter. It can turn the tide of a fight in your favor. I chose E at 1 once when I went vs Lee because I needed to A) clear the wave fast B) be able to do a lot of damage before hitting 2

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Skill Usage

Use it to bait
Use it to sustain in-lane
If you need to heal, sometimes keeping your fury up and running a potion is better b/c it keeps your fighting potential at its peak.
Always gather as much fury as you can as fast as you can. Eventually it will become an auto-pilot type of thing.
Use it to close gaps with enemies.
Some people will try to turn around right as you use it. So wait for the proper moment. Try to PREDICT when someone will turn around. Being good at this... Is mandatory.
This skill is also a walking ward on you. You will notice that an unseen nearby enemy will let you activate Mocking Shout. What does this mean?
It means that as long as someone is in range of Mocking Shout, you will know where they are. You are literally a walking ward. Is Tryndamere afraid of face-checking? Nope, Mocking shout.
Awesome skill. You can use it to harass someone under their tower. Get your fury up, walk into the enemy, attack once, E out. The dmg from the auto combined with spin will wear them down very quickly. And neither them nor their tower can do **** about it. Use it to get around faster in general. Be sure that when you close a gap with an enemy, use W first if in range of W. Or use E first if that puts you in range of W. Saving E can save your life, for damage, or escaping, closing a new gap if they flashed, etc.
Using this properly and effectively is very important. Do NOT ever waste your ultimate. Only use it if you absolutely must. Also, Tryndamere heals for 2 percent of his health if he has 0 hp at the end of his ultimate. Keep that in mind when someone wants to ignite you.

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If you need to play passive, start with boots. If you need to play aggressive, get long sword. Sometimes you do actually need to play aggressive. For example, Jax. His gap closers don’t give a **** about your extra movement speed. And Yasuo’s skill shots don’t give a **** about your extra damage. To summarize this point, whether you get boots or long sword depends on who you are facing in lane. There will be rare cases where you need a cloth armor or a null magic mantle because the enemy team lopsided their damage on AD or AP. Atmog’s combined with Hydra gives you a ton of very useful tankiness. The armor, HP, and regeneration will turn you from a squishy little carry to an offtank that has the damage of a carry. Also, the offensive statistics that Atma’s gives is perfect for Tryndamere. At maximum fury and full build you will have 95 percent critical strike chance. But your carrying potential peaks the moment you buy your Infinity Edge. Keep that in mind. In any case, with full build you will be a god.
Alacrity because having a constant move-speed bonus helps in virtually every situation.

99.9 percent of the time your end game build will look like this:

Possible starting items:

Situational Items:

Buy if enemy team is 100 percent ad

If enemy team is all AP, replace Atma's Impaler with one of these:

Is enemy team CC heavy? Yes: Scimitar No: Maw of Malmortius

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How to judge your performance

I can't say that stats tell you everything. Because they don't. There are a lot of things you will never find out from reading stats. A guy may go 10/0, get caught late game, resulting in enemy team's victory, so although he went 10/1 it was his fault the game was lost. But you should be tracking your stats, and working on improving them.
Take a look at this picture.
As you can see I have the highest:
Damage Dealt
Damage Dealt to champions
Largest Critical Strike
And Healing Done

I regularly have the highest stats, including farm and gold. You should too. Work on it. And focus on csing more than anything else, trust me.

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This last section will act as a blog. I will post here if I update the guide, or anything miscellaneous.

My recorded ranked matches:
Top vs Quinn
Top vs Yasuo

Just hit plat V...
yay for me xD
just hit Diamond V
hue hue

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I'm going to address some questions made by the League community here.

Lulu Loves Me asks:

At what levels is an Irelia able to outtrade a Tryn?(and why?)
At what levels is she able to all in Tryn? (and why?)
Assume equal skill levels.

Well, Trynd and Irelia are pretty equal early. Irelia is strongest vs Trynd just before he buys Shiv. If Irelia was going to go ham on Trynd at any time, it'd be just before he can get Shiv. This is around level 6-8.
Although Trynd beats Irelia in a solo fight, Irelia getting jungler help is harder for Trynd than it would be for Irelia if Trynd got jungler help.
So, Trynd = or > Irelia 1-5
Irelia = or > Trynd 6-8
Trynd > Irelia 9-18

Kagami asks:

How did you manage to get to plat running armor/lvl runes?
No seriously how the hell did that work out.

I win trades with my damage/sustain most of the time, mainly damage though. If I need early game armor I'll buy a Cloth Armor. As Trynd you shouldn't need flat armor seals because of your W. If you can't use W properly stop playing Trynd. I mean, before you approach someone for a trade at any time after level 3-4, you have to pop W whether you can land the slow or not, unless ur extremely confident. Your Q sustain will protect you from most harrassment at all levels. Eating free harrassment doesn't count, coz thats something that can be avoided. Trynd starts snowballing mid-game most of the time which is why having the extra armor and MR help a lot. To be more exact, once you buy Shiv. The moment you buy shiv you should start to snowball.


What is your typical build order and why? Also, why choose Hydra over BotRK for the lifesteal item? Whats your most hated matchup in lane?


I have to change my build order based on each matchup. But I created a dynamic for you with Paint.
Well, let's look at some examples (the why question).

Lee = cloth armor 5 pots trinket and E
Nasus = Long sword 3 pots trinket and Q
Mordekaiser = Null Magic Mantle 2 pots trinket and Q
Jax = Long sword 3 pots trinket and E
Morgana = Boots of Speed 4 pots trinket and Q
Rumble = Null Magic Mantle 2 pots trinket and Q

Okay discussion time...
He is a pain in the @ss. you need armor for his poke and E for lane clear/dominance.
E to the Z. Long Sword because who needs survivability against Nasus? Q for minion harassment.
MR for his poke. Q for his poke.
Clearing each wave as fast as possible is mandatory. Long sword for damage/wave clear E for wave clear/dominance.
E to the Z. Boots to dodge skill shots. Q for her poke.
EZ as long as he does not get fed. Same reasoning as Mordekaiser lane.

Okay so Hydra let us look at this item called Hydra.
+75 attack damage
+15 health regeneration
+12% life steal
Passive: Damage dealt by this item benefits from life steal.
Unique Passive – Cleave: Your attacks deal up to 60% of your Attack Damage to units around your target as physical damage (185 range), decaying down to 20% near the edge (385 range).
Active Unique Active – Crescent: Deals up to 100% of your Attack Damage to units around you as physical damage, decaying down to 60% near the edge. - 10 second cooldown (400 range)

Now let's look at Bork

+25 attack damage
+15% life steal
+40% attack speed
Passive Unique: Your attacks deal 5% of the target's current health in physical damage (60 max vs minions and monsters).
Active Unique: Drains target champion, dealing 15% of the champion's maximum Health in physical damage (min. 100) and healing you for the damage dealt. Additionally you steal 30% of their movement speed for 3 seconds - 90 second cooldown. (450 range)

Hydra: 75
Bork: 25
Hydra rapes Bork in AD. RAPES.
little more lifesteal? don't care, rapes. attack speed? AD is better.
Hydra passive helps in wave clearing, dealing damage to multiple enemies at the same time, always being active for extra damage and life-steal helps too.

Bork passive is good against targets with high HP. Now, why in the flip would I target high HP champions as Tryndamere? WHY?
Okay so it increases your damage on everyone by a decent amount, GRANTED.
But please remember it is an ON-HIT effect. It doesn't scale.
So the dmg on Bork does NOT increase critical hit damage.
Hydra does.
Trynd is a crit machine. He only cares about how much damage he can do with each critical hit. He only cares about 2 shotting enemy carries. That is his job

Now the person I hate laning against the most? Renekton.
Another thing the reason why I don't get bloodthirster is because since I have atmogs and I'm tanky I want to deal as much damage as possible, thus the Hydra passive. Hurt everyone AND kill the carries. plus, having to go around stacking that stupid bloodthirster is tedious.

item dynamic: