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Elise Build Guide by Dannyboy283

Assassin Wrath of the Spider Queen

Assassin Wrath of the Spider Queen

Updated on January 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dannyboy283 Build Guide By Dannyboy283 1,320 Views 1 Comments
1,320 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dannyboy283 Elise Build Guide By Dannyboy283 Updated on January 26, 2013
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I am by no means a pro player, i have two accounts, one at 1432 Elo the other at 1267

However on both i have taken quite a liking to elise, and seeing how none of these guides seem to build the same way as me i would like to show how i build
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Pros / Cons

    Strong Mid Late Game
    Excellent burst if done right
    Lots of utility
    Impossible to be dived if you are atleast level 2

Weak Early game
Takes time to get used to
LONG spiderform E cooldown
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Skill Sequence

I, like most others prefer to max Q first for more percent damage, really the only scenario for maxing W first is if you are AD elise (which some people actually do) And it makes you do some good burst with spider W auto attacks.

Get a point in ult whenever available
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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash Ignite for most matchups

However if it is a person i know is highly mobile i sometimes take exhaust
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Laning Phase

Be careful during laning phase, Poke with Human Q and W until they are about half health

When they are half health thats when the fun starts W and E in human form to do some damage and stun him. flop to spider Q to them and W and let you and your spiders do the work

if they try to run E to them and them human stun and then they are pretty much dead
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Human Q and W then E to stop them from leaving Then Spider Q and W and E to them as they flee


you now know the wombo combo
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Her spider form E is my favorite move in the entire game other than twitches ult

The uniqueness of it is so amazing

Lets pretend its a fight in the jungle, you have low health and you about to die BOOOM

E and then once you have vision of area E again to a neutral creep and because it does no damage it wont aggro the creeps

Another scenario

You are fighting and the enemy gets away with incredibly low health


e to them and ignite or Q
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High ELO and tourney Play

She is a common pick in high ELOs yet an uncommon pick in low Elos simply because of the uniqueness of her kit, it takes quite a few games to get complete control over elise. Eventually you memorise the ranges of all of her abilities and you know exactly how close you have to be to wombo combo their ***
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Early game farming can be tough in human form as her attack damage is pretty weak and a bad animation, even though it makes you melee i feel it is much easier to farm in spider form, though this makes it much harder to harass so occasionally its better to stay in human form for harras.

Mid-Late game farming is an ease. One human W should clear an entire wave if they are packed together or the front or back row
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