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Wukong Build Guide by Bloodmace

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bloodmace

Wukong - Hail To The King (OffTank/AD - Classic and Ranked)

Bloodmace Last updated on March 2, 2012
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My first guide. I'll keep it strictly compact and straight to business. I main with Wukong and Lux and of late have been immensely enjoying my game with Wukong. This guide is for beginners to mid-skill players keeping in mind ease of play.

01/03/2012: Added a section on Ranked play. Added some extra items and explanations.

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1)Fantastic burst damage
2)Not a glass cannon (because of Decoy). Can escape after initiating
3)A decent disruptor
4)Great fun to play
5) Has a really big stick!


1)Doesn't have CC options
2)Needs some farm early game
3)Skins aren't too great :P

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Summoner Spells

I use Ignite + Flash for normal and Exhaust + Flash for Ranked.

Flash is a must, I feel, as it helps you escape OR Cyclone into a teamfight. Ignite helps you get kills easy and meshes in well with Wukong's burst damage playstyle.

Ranked: Exhaust. Remember, you'll probably be solo-topping a lot, and since you have no CC (stun, slow, silence etc.), Exhaust often proves useful.

Alternate setup: If you go with my DPS build, give Ignite a rest and go with Ghost or Heal.

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Skill Sequence

In order of levelling first:

Cyclone > Crushing Blow > Nimbus Strike > Decoy

Level Cyclone whenever available (obviously). Then Crushing Blow, then Nimbus Strike and finally Decoy.

Skill Descriptions:

Crushing Blow - Your bread and butter damage spell. Resets the auto-attack timer so time it immediately after an auto-attack. You push in 2 hits instantly. Also use it in the beginning as it lowers the enemy's armor, allowing you to really plough them. I max out this skill first as it has the lowest CD.

Decoy - Has infinite uses. Use it to escape, use it to confuse enemies by casting it right before entering or exiting a brush, use it and then flash into a teamfight and cast Cyclone. The possibilities are quite endless. A lot of people recommend confusing the enemy by pressing S to make your champ stop, thereby creating the same effect as Decoy, but honestly, in non-ranked games you'll always be targeted. It doesn't see too much success. One tip I have, however, is to not run in the same direction you were after casting it. Confuse the enemy by using that 1.5 second window by changing your path - it might just save you. The mastery of this skill makes an epic Wukong.

Nimbus Strike - The distance closer, much like Xin Zhao's E. It gives you a speed boost so use it to initiate, then reduce the enemy's armor with Q and beat away! Also, it is a great way to dominate the lane. Get multiple kills, then Decoy away if the opponent turns aggressive.

Cyclone - Not the most imbalanced ulti, but it does have its uses. It's fantastic at higher levels, but doesn't provide too much damage at level 6. Use it, however, to disrupt the enemy. Any channeled spell (like Nunu's ulti) will immediately get cancelled, thanks to the toss-effect. It works brilliantly in teamfights for the same reason.

IMPORTANT: A common mistake made by people is to continue channelling their ulti till the 4 second duration runs out. DON'T make that mistake. Chances are you'll get targetted whilst spinning. Keep an eye on your cooldowns - Q or E up? PRESS R AGAIN to cancel, beat the **** out of the nearest squishy. Decoy out.

Lastly, Flash on cooldown? Decoy on cooldown? Getting chased and about to die? Cyclone your enemy in the air and use the 4 second speed boost to get away. It is NOT just an offensive spell, you can use it to escape an chase too :)

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Wukong in my build focuses on survival first and then DPS. The metagame these days works well with an Off-Tank in the mix and with Wukong you get an OT who becomes an easy late game AD beast.

We work with a standard OT/DPS setup of Greater Mark of Desolation, Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. ArPen gives you a damage boost and armor and magic resistance keep you alive. If you're focussing purely on damage, you may also consider Greater Seal of Attack Speed and Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction.

For quints, I prefer to use Greater Quintessence of Desolation, but you can also go with Greater Quintessence of Health. The extra health helps early game, but Armor Penetration provides great damage. Also, considering we use a 9/21 build, survivability is taken care of in the beginning.

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Standard Defensive 9/31/0 setup. We focus on survivability because Wukong packs quite a punch late-game.

I put one point in Seige Commander for better lane pushing (works well with Crushing Blow. You can choose to remove it and max out Evasion . Either works.

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Ah, the all important item section. I've played against a lot of Wukongs, usually solo top 1v1. And I've managed to come out on top every time. Here's my tip - don't start with Doran's. Shocked? Here's my second tip - build a Madred's Razors quick.

With my build you're working towards an early defensive game and a late offensive game. You start with some extra health and minor damage reduction. Also, remember, you are a harasser. It is your job to dominate your lane by annoying the enemy and refusing them a chance to farm. Nimbus Strike in, Q( Crushing Blow) W( Decoy out. Doing so will help you dominate the lane, last hit minions to get gold and build towards that Trinity Force.

Core Items: Mercury's Treads + Wriggle's Lantern + Trinity Force

1) Mercury's Treads work best with an OT/DPS Wukong. You can really use a CC counter and these boots are great for that. Alternatives? Berserker's Greaves for a DPS build.
2) Wriggle's Lantern is how the pros do it! A multitude of advantages. Firstly, a decent armor + AD boost, to help you duel better. Then, lifesteal to make you an even better dueller. Most importantly, however, a free supply of sight wards AND a chance to one-hit minions. This is how you dominate your lane and earn tons of gold.
3) Trinity Force works REALLY well with Wukong. You are an OffTank with burst damage. This item does all that. HP boost, Attack speed boost, Speed boost, along with a Sheen effect and a Slow chance. Nothing works better than a good ol' TF :)

Start Order:
Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion

Work towards last-hitting enemy minions. See a group of them at low health? Nimbus Strike the bastids. You should get all 3, what with the attack speed boost. You have Ignite, so if you feel lucky, you can shoot for a kill at level 2, with your Nimbus Strike, Crushing Blow and Ignite combo. Otherwise...

Play defensive till you get to level 3. Now you have your basic combo ready. E, Auto, Q, Auto, W. At any given point during early game, if you feel the opponent has the upper hand, remember, Decoy is your friend.

Stay in the lane as much as possible. Your next purchase can happen at either 1000 or 1850 gold. We're working towards a Madred's Razors and Mercury's Treads. Most teams these days work with decent CC. Therefore Mercury's Treads are best suited to Wukong's play style.

Madred's Razors advantage: I used to find last-hitting a challenge initially. Focussing on the enemy champs, staying map aware along with focussing on minions can prove annoying. With Mared's, however, you have a great chance of farming gold with 2 hitting minions.

2nd item: Upgrade Madred's Razors to Wriggle's Lantern. Remember, you NEED to be map aware. And no better way than to get a lifetime supply of free sight wards. Place one near the side brush and breathe easy. Later on, you can place them at Dragon or Baron to help your team get ganks. Also, lifesteal. It works brilliantly with Wukong and this is how you dominate 1v1.

3rd item: Sheen. Remember, Wukong is not a carry. Your biggest damage output comes from burst. Sheen provides burst. Many people prefer to rush Zeal first over Sheen but I would recommend Sheen any day. It just has fantastic synergy with Wukong's play-style. From here on, go for Phage, Zeal and finally, Trinity Force. Your core build is complete!

4th and 5th: I go with AtMogs build. Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler. You get a whole lot of goodness with tons of health, a healthy AD boost and even more crit chance along with HP regen. Start with a Giant's Belt, then build Atma's Impaler and finish with Warmog's Armor

6th item: As always, situational. You can boost damage with Infinity Edge, or play defensive with Force of Nature (AP heavy enemy), Frozen Heart (AD heavy) or Banshee's Veil (Mixed).

You can also invest in a Sunfire Cape if the enemy team is melee oriented.

Remember, late game you'll have so much health that you can literally 1v1 any champ - also, you'll move pretty fast too, thanks to Trinity Force. It'll help you chase and kill almost anyone.

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Ranked Play

Same 9/31/0 build, same items, Exhaust + Flash.

I've played a few matches with Wukong in ranked. Done fairly OK, even in the ones we lost. Things to know about Ranked Play:

As Wukong, expect to almost always be solo-top. This means that you'll be facing one champ, with the possibility of Jungle ganks. Item build remains the same: Mercury's Treads, Wiggle's Lantern and Trinity Force.

You don't wanna be the one to make mistakes early on. Late game, Wukong hardly ever makes mistakes. If you feel your opponent in the top lane might pose a challenge, go for Doran's Shield. Then build your core.

Harassing: Lane play is all about dominance. Wukong is great at harassing, so work your basic combo when the opponent is not near his turret. E, Q, W if necessary. W proves invaluable whilst harassing as by the time your opponent reacts, he'll probably be wasting skills on your dummy with you running away. Keep an eye on your mana, however. If the opponent manages to push towards your turret, rush at him, auto-attack and use Exhaust as he starts running. Then beat on him silly.

If you manage to get a kill, look around your map and try set-up a gank at mid. Also, always ward the brush that leads to your lane from mid.

Ranked Play is all about being pro-active. You can't laze in your lane, clicking turrets and minions.

In teamfights, know when to use Cyclone. Use it to disrupt the enemy carry, use it to disrupt a tight packed team and use it to CHASE. That 4 second speed buff isn't given to you to waste.

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Hope you enjoy this guide. Give it a shot and see how it works for you. I've got straight wins with this build and playing with Wukong is GREAT fun. Just remember, last hit, get that gold and dominate the game. Hail to the king!