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Wukong Build Guide by CellOne

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CellOne

Wukong - monkey business!

CellOne Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Brute Force
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Utility: 13

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Hi guys and welcome to my Wukong-Guide!
'Nuff said.

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What is Wukong?

In case it's not clear: he's an offtank.
Why is he an offtank?
Well, very simple. The main thing about it is his passive. It allows him to stand in a full house teamfight and get a great defense. Combined with his Nimbus Strike and ultimate he's easily able to engage any fight.
But never treat him as a fulltank! He's not, even with Warmog's. Actually his only CC is his ultimate and you won't use more than once per teamfight, so in case they want to kill you, they will kill you. You are ****ing awesome, but you are not immortal.

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Summoner Spells

I always run Flash and Teleport.
Flash is meta and the only way to counter Flash is Flash. It's also awesome with your Nimbus Strike and Decoy to either way chase or escape.
Teleport is awesome to push towers (with your Q), gank, support, hold a lane for ever and grab items without loosing XP. I really love this skill.

Other viable options:

This is also very good to compensate your missing CC.

Very nice to 1v1 everyone and to shut down the enemys carry. Also good to chase down and to stop enemys from chasing you.
With Exhaust and Nimbus Strike you can do easily some fb-action.

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There are four things you want:

  1. bonus armor penetration
  2. defense (MR/armor)
  3. "better" summoner spells
  4. bonus XP

Feel free to change the masteries if you want. 0-21-9 is another viable option, but I feel the best with 11-6-13. Anyway, this is my standard offtank mastery set :P

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You are very low on HP at the beginning. This should help a bit.
You can also take the HP/lvl ones, but I prefer the early "boost".

Greater Mark of Desolation
Should be clear - you deal a lot of physcial damage, so you want to deal some more.

Very good on offtanks and versus the offtank metagame to dodge some high burst damage. Also useful versus any harassment and when you towerdive.
At least it fits great with a monkey, doesn't it?

Just to deny mana problems. You want to use your skills as often as possible.

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Skill priority:

Remember the early point in Decoy. One point in this ability is enough, it's more like a "one point wonder" lol.
You can either way go for 2 points in Nimbus Strike plus 2 points in Crushing Blow to get them to the same cooldown or you get just one point in Crushing Blow as it deals less damage than Nimbus Strike (remember: the armor reduction is the same on all levels).

Some skill details:

This is what makes Wukong an offtank.
The bonus armor/MR increases on level 6 and 13.

This is your anti-offtank/tank skill. It deals amazing burst damage and allows your next hits to deal way more damage as well.
Crushing Blow also triggers on towers. This makes Wukong one of best tower crushers! (what a pan) :)
At least you can use this to last hit minions. Remember you can autoattack once and instantly attack again with your Q.

This is what makes Wukong so extremely fun to play. This skills has a lot of features, more than you could ever expect!
I will try to list as much as I know ^^

  1. Check bushes.
  2. Attack from bushes by turning invisible, run close to the enemy and use Crushing Blow/ Nimbus Strike.
  3. Block skillshots (oh cait <3).
  4. Use this right after hitting with Nimbus Strike to escape. In best case the enemys will also waste skills/mana/... on your copy (one time a Renekton used all his skills (except the ultimate) + Exhaust on my copy :D).
  5. Escape in another direction the enemys won't expect.
  6. With Decoy + Flash you can escape from nearly EVERY situation.

This is your main harass and farm skill.
Use it also to chase down, escape (not always possible ofc) and to initiate fights immediatly with your ult.
Remember that this skill also increases your attack speed! Use it whenever it's ready in fights to get the AS boost.

Your ultimate is so freakin important. Withour the ultimate Wukong would not even be half that good.
Your ultimate is your only CC skill. It's the reason for Wukong being such a good offtank. As soon as you got your Warmog's you can really engage teamfights with Nimbus Strike + Cyclone. After the initiation, don't overextend. Use your Decoy + Flash if needed.

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Your start build offers you a very good lane survivability since you reached 715g+.

As soon as you got 715g you can port back to grab the Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed.

Philosopher's Stone
This will allow you to stay in lane for a long time and spam your skills a lot. It also becomes "for free" after ~26 minutes.

You can also add a Heart of Gold to compensate your early "weakness". It's to you; I do not really like it 'cause it delays Trinity Force so hard.

Meh. Lame.

Since you got no slow or at least a always usable CC skill, this is a must. The HP is also important 'cause Wukong is very low on HP.

Standard offtank boots. Not much too say about.

Now this is your core:

Philosopher's Stone

Wukong's damage increases a lot with this item. Go melt some squishies!

The standard offtank item. Movement speed, attack damage, burst damage, slow, HP. And some more things.
In a sum: everything you could need =)
Wukong's get a bit more awesome when finishing this item. Your damage is now very good and enemys won't escape anymore.

The only thing Wukong needs now is some more HP. Warmog's is an item people called you a noob a long time when buying it. Today it's pretty common.
It's a bit similiar to Nasus: as soon as you got your Warmog's, it's like /godmode.

This is a great item. Defense and a ton of damage. Your crit chance should be also now around 50%.

The last item is situational. I prefer Youmuu's Ghostblade, but The Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Frozen Mallet or Guardian Angel are also viable alternatives.

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Laning Phase & Teamfights

There are two lanes you can play as the monkey king:

1v1 lane top

He's actually pretty good in 1v1's, but if your enemy got a good heal (like Yorick) it's hard. Maybe you will need a Vampiric Scepter.

2v2 lane bot

If you play a 2v2 lane with Wukong, your partner should have some CC.
Some lanes that worked always good in my games:
Jarvan IV


Engage with Nimbus Strike, initiate with Cyclone and escape with Decoy.
After this, chase with Nimbus Strike and reduce the focus' target armor with Crushing Blow.

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Wukong is very fun to play and has a strong laning phase and is also strong in teamfights. He can shred tanks, but is also very strong versus casters. With Decoy he got some indirect "support" cause a lot of enemys will just spam their abilities on that what they see.
In the end he's a very good offtank and worth playing :) Where his place in ranked is... we will see!