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Wukong Build Guide by GoForkUrself

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoForkUrself

Wukong: My place is at the ... mid?

GoForkUrself Last updated on April 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why Wukong Mid?

Wukong trained under Master Yi, and he is now used mid, so Wukong must also use the Wuju style mid. In all seriousness though, it is his most effective position by far. Wukong has a great late game presence, better than most bruisers. He sees limited play due to his inability to effectively lane against many champs in top lane. Darius, Garen, Lee Sin, Pantheon... the list just goes on. In mid lane, he gets to lane against squishy champs like Ryze, Lux, Annie, Veigar, Karthus, Katarina, Kassadin... the list goes on. As an added bonus when the other team tries to pick a more traditional mid counter champ, such as Talon or Zed, Wukong has no problem handling the lane unlike the AP squishies.

Given the Season 3 changes to leashing, no longer does picking Wukong mid hurt the jungler. In fact since Wukong will get kills without ganks, this allows the jungler opportunities to gank other lanes more often. Also Decoy lets him avoid ganks mid with ease, since 1.5 secs is all you need to get back to the turret in mid lane. In top lane Decoy wouldn't last long enough to make it back to turret, and the opposing Xin Zhao, Hecarim, Vi, etc. would proceed for the kill with their gap closing abilities just outside of turret range.

GreenFrogs says it best.

GreenFrogs wrote:

Wukong excels at laning against squishies, especially once he gets blue buff. Pre-6 he can only get a kill if his enemy lets their health fall below 3/5ths. Post-6, it is very easy for him to get a kill. His harass is very strong. E + auto + Q is a large chunk of their health. It's the shortest lane, so his W is best because he can actually use it to escape. HE is not a situational counterpick. Bruisers beat AP mids, that's it. It's been like this for a while. Wukong is a very strong mid, he's just not picked often.

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Pros / Cons

+Gap Closer
+Great Level 2 Burst
+Escape Mech with Decoy
+AoE knockup ult

-Team will need AP elsewhere to provide balance
-Limited utility
-Is weak at levels 9 and 10
-Depends on the early kill advantage to dominate lane

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Pushing All-in with Wukong

Wukong's best starting item set mid is in my opinion the Elixir of Fortitude and pots/ward. This will help secure first blood and get the game rolling in the right direction. I believe the fort pot will be nerfed soon (cost will go up 100 gold), so I don't list it as the first starting item set, though I use it most often. With over 800 gold worth of stat boots for only 250, it gives significant edge in lane. Even 9 pot 2 wards Katarina stands no chance against this all-in shove.

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Character Matchups

Personal favorites to play Wukong against in order: Ryze, Veigar, Kassadin, Karthus, Lux, Akali, Katarina, Zed, Heimerdinger, Elise, Master Yi
I outright drool when I see Ryze or Veigar on the opposing team.

Champions with an average matchup (unlikely first blood): Malzahar, Ahri, Talon
Champions I try to avoid: Lee Sin, Diana, Cho'Gath

I know I am forgetting a few champions, I'll add more as I see them in comments, or come across them in game. Upon request I'll write detailed matchups against specific champions. Right now I am adding matchups as I come across them in solo queue, so I can write them fresh from my mind instead of theorycrafting.

Specific Opponents
I really recommend the All In Gamble start. If you don't take too long leashing, you can usually get level 2 before Katarina. Upon doing so, drink up your Elixir of Fortitude and unleash hell upon her. If far enough from the opposing turret you can do a 100-0 using Ghost, but if possible do a single harass combo first to make it easier. Don't be afraid to Ghost and chase under the turret and finish with an Ignite if necessary. At no point in this matchup should you use Decoy when harassing unless you are getting ganked, or using Decoy offensively. Don't let her get kills in other lanes, be sure to follow her when she ganks to spoil her opportunity to catch up.

Easy lane. Event Horizon has a 16-20 second cd. Only go for turret dives when this ability is on cd, otherwise he can turn the tables quick. Using Decoy or Nimbus Strike through Event Horizon will trigger the stun. All three start up item choices are viable though I prefer the all in approach. Start harassing from level 1 if you went the all in method, otherwise start harassing at level 2. An early Mercury's Treads could be useful to avoid his Event Horizon to Dark Matter combo. Since Veigar relies on his Q to last hit for an AP boost, watch your minions as they get weak, and punish him if he attempts to last hit a minion with it. He'll have no Q to trade with, making it free damage for Wukong.

An easier version of the Veigar matchup. Since many Ryze players want to rush Tear of the Goddess, punish this decision by zoning aggressively and killing your opponent. Do be careful about turret diving, as Rune Prison has a 14 second cooldown that can be well under 10 seconds with Ryze's passive. You can still get away with a full health dive for a kill if he is at low health.

Without killing him in the first few levels, this is a lost lane. Once he can start getting last hits, his sustain is too good, and his Vorpal Spikes are too much harassment. With the all in approach, this lane can be changed from a difficult lane to an easy win. Once ahead of Cho'Gath harassing and keeping him down is easy. In the early levels or with the lead, try to bait Rupture by standing in the middle of your minions. Many Cho'Gath's can't resist the urge to use Rupture on the whole wave, allowing you to Nimbus Strike combo for loads of damage. Do keep track if there is a siege minion in the wave, as it does significant damage when it focuses you. Try to kill siege minions before harassing, you'd be surprised how much health this saves.

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Why Nimbus Strike First?

Many guides suggest Crushing Blow as the first skill to max. Here is why Nimbus Strike first is best with Wukong.
45 damage per level vs 30
+5% attack speed per level
Clear waves faster
Cooldown Reduction of Crushing Blow isn't needed until Trinity Force

Long version of why Nimbus Strike first:
There are rare occasions this would be better than Nimbus Strike (harassing Cho'Gath). But even in these situations, the cons aren't worth it. By maxing Crushing Blow first, you significantly drop your max DPS, as Nimbus Strike gains more damage per level (45 vs 30), and increases attack speed by 5% more each level, not to mention the potential to hit multiple champions. It is true that Nimbus Strikegoes up by 5 mana per level, and the cooldown of Crushing Blow goes down 1 second per level. Given Crushing Blow is usually used in conjunction with Nimbus Strike, the cd difference isn't useful without a Trinity Force. Even in the rare circumstances of poking Cho'Gath, the biggest reason to not max Crushing Blow first is clear time. Nimbus Strike allows Wukong to clear a lane or jungle camps much faster than Crushing Blow. The faster you can push a lane, the faster you can gank another lane and the faster you can secure objectives. Above all else, this is why we max Nimbus Strike first.

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No Hexdrinker Core?

If you are losing the lane, or will lose the lane, turn that initial mantle into a Hexdrinker ASAP. Otherwise turn it into Mercury's Treads after The Brutalizer.

I like tehAsian's explanation.
tehAsian wrote:
Hexdrinker shouldn't be core, especially not when you're able to just go damage, stealth E Q Ult and 100-0 most AP mids, taking little to no damage at all.

If you are against Diana or Cho'Gath yes get Hexdrinker. It also might be considered against Karthus even though you should win the lane to help deal with Requiem.

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Wukong's True Harassment Combo

Wukong's True Harassment Combo
Nimbus Strike
Proc Crushing Blow to reset autoattack timer.
Autoattack as they run away

Long drawn out explanation:
Many Wukong players fail to successfully harass their opponent. Most players understand how to E>Q>W to harass against champs when you can't sustain a fight. Against early level squishy champs, Decoy]] is removed from the equation many times since the squishy champ will run away, allowing you to save mana.
"But I knew that, almighty Wukong guide writer."

Yes, but did you know you can land more than E and Q without taking a single step after your opponent? When harassing, the combo is not simply E>Q. Wukong's True Harassment Combo is E, autoattack, Q for extra range autoattack as they run away. This allows one extra auto attack worth of damage, which can often be 70+ damage at level 2. This damage is what gives Wukong great burst. Given Q resets autoattack frames, even when going for the kill, the correct method is E>auto>Q>auto, casting Q to reset the autoattack timer. This autoattack should always be done before Q except when you have a really high attack speed or need to speed up the process into the ultimate.

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Using Decoy to secure kills in lane

One of the easiest ways to snag a kill against a low health opponent is to use Decoy.
Here is how it works:
Stand still periodically between last hits; barely far enough to allow your opponent to last hit.
Once opponent is preparing to last hit a minion, use Decoy.
Run towards opponent and unleash the burst.

Ghost can be used to increase the "WTF just happened!" factor of this technique. This can also be effective on ganks from the bushes. Super effective with Cyclone.

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Level 6, time to spread the love.

Upon reaching level 6, clearing the minion wave and ganking a lane should be considered. If your team is doing well, just continue applying dominance mid, but if they could use the help, ganking with Cyclone and Ghost available will nearly guarantee kills. Afterwards laning phase is over, and so is this guide. There are other guides available to explain the importance of securing objectives, warding, good communication, etc.

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Wrap up

With time and reader support I will make this guide look more pleasing to the eye. Please post comments on suggestions and advice I will read and reply to them all. I also plan on expanding the character matchups to detail individual matchups, starting with any champions requested in the comments. Thank you for reading over the guide, and I hope it can grow to be a successful one. Thank you co918 for being the first upvoter. Your support for the content of this guide helps push me forward. I am working on dressing it up, and if it gets enough upvotes, a nice banner and introduction.