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Wukong Build Guide by TheSoupKitchen#99523

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSoupKitchen#99523

Wukong - "No matter how far it is to the top-"

TheSoupKitchen#99523 Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Wukong is the newest addition to the League of Legends game, and is already widely popular among the community, even on day one he was often impossible to select because every single person wanted to play him and often locked in instantly. Wukong is by far an already among my top favorite champions to play because he is Incredibly versatile. So here is a little peek into this Monkey King that climbed his way to the top with ease.

As a side note:
I was going to take a picture with some of my match history before making this guide as my first 4-5 games with Wukong. However I have played too many games now and a large variety of characters so the progress has been lost. I may provide one later on If I choose to, but to lay down some stats for you...

My first 5 games were all Posotive K/D ratio's and 1 loss out of the 5 first games as Wukong. I believe 4 of the 5 games also had an enemy Wukong which I had done better than in each game.

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Pros / Cons

Good early game with a decent harass combo
Good passive to add "Bulk" to him building as an offtank (I.E. This guide)
Good Ultimate for Team fights
Stealth for those nice "Deke's" or "Juke's"
An armor reduction skill which helps stack with those runes you have

Not much CC to help teamates
Decoy can be hard to lay down for some
Can become mana starved (That is why I personally added the Seals above)
Not the strongest jungler compared to some
Not the best offtank possible (more damage than most offtanks provide)

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Summoner Spells

This is a general lay down of summoner spells and why I chose them for Wukong
An obvious choice of a summoner spell for many, it allows you to go past those walls for great getaways as weell as chase another flashed opponent, ganking etc. I chose this because of the obvious reasons and can really make for some of the easiest getaways ever when combined with decoy. (Basically becoming Shaco's Deceive.)

This skill is maybe not the optimal solution for some but I personally enjoy it with Wukong because it allows to be combined with his Cyclone to chase some pesky enemies that seem to get away. Ex. Teemo MissFortune (Basically those with good move speed/passives)

This is also a good summoner spell for reasons such as chasing and synergizes well with, again, his Cyclone. Not much else to say about this spell, it all comes down to preference.

Good if you end up needing to solo a lane, getting back into a lane is made much faster with this if you happen to be too aggressive and need to come right back after basing. Again all about personal preference.

Personally a good spell for offtanking/tanking to help your team grab that carry that just keeps getting away. Can counter and enemy summoner's ghost and in general is another one of my favorite spells.

A must have for jungling with Wukong, helps him burst down that blue/red buff, and can help steal dragon. I also am going to incorperate some jungling tips in this guide, however usefull they may be.

The other summoner spells I didn't bother to list due to conservation of time, however that does not mean that they are any less viable than the others above.

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I chose to go with the masteries selected because I think Wukong is at the moment a great damage dealer while still being able to soak up the damage that is dished out. His passive also helps him remain bulky so the mastery tree is built around that purpose.

Utility Tree
I chose to go with a build of 21/0/9 the Utility tree was based upon Greed, chosen for obvious reasons that I don't feel need an explanation, WHO DOESN'T LIKE MONEY!? Along with extra experience.

Offense Tree
The offense tree was built to help dish out that EXTRA damage early game, with the setup of runes and masteries, it synergizes great with his Crushing Blow to essentially deal true damage to an enemy early game, making harass that much easier and laning that much better. You will also notice that I chose to place points into Alacrity as opposed to Brute Force , this is because the extra attack speed is more of a bonus than that 2! extra damage off the start, which is a pretty measly amount. Especially if you run with a dorans blade first, which adds damage anyway. And if you remember my ramble about Armor Pen-, then you know that 2 damage is insignificant when you deal enough damage off the start anyway. Picking up that final point in the offense tree for some extra bang for your buck.

Defense Tree
I did not choose to pick this tree because it is more usefull to have a good early game and earn extra cash to build for defenses, than having a safe early game and waiting for those items to help you bulk up, you follow? This tree is not bad in any way, I just prefer for a rather offensive early game. (And no, im not talking about turret diving at level 3). Playing it safe is GREAT, but having the offense tree adds that little extra dash of Anger to your growing stash of money.

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Skill Sequence

Before I get into items, which im sure many disregarded this guide alltogether because there is NO Trinity Force, I will just give a little look into skill sequencing.

I chose to start with Numbus Strike, because it allows for some extra hitting, picking up Crushing Blow, to have that early game harass that makes me want to hug Monkey King. (Thats an odd thing to do) Aaanyyway, I then pick up Decoy to have all my skills to lay on that enemy. There are other ways to use these skills and combo them but my two favorites are

This allows me to run in there Staff swinging and smack them with nimbus strike, remembering to auto attack and quickly pull off crushing blow afterward. Then to finish it off I try to avoid all incoming damage and just annoy the living hell out of them by using decoy and pulling away, this allows me to poke them "usually" unharmed.

Another favorite of mine is to...

This is what I sometimes do to catch an opponent off guard, I use my decoy then while im temporarily stealthed I numbus strike (closing the distance) and use crushing blow (Auto attacking first) to hurt them, usually afterward running off with them cowering in fear, confusion, and pain. This is just one of my ways of making people be so very annoyed to see that Monkey King on the enemy team in the loading screen.

Thats all for skills, I max decoy first and occasionally put points in it earlier (depending on how bad im doing?) to reduce the cooldown and get away safe more often. Usually it is last though. Nimbus strike is maxed first because the base damage is pretty good and crushing blow is just to reduce their armor more so than damage. (Although it does a hell of a lot of damage.)

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The moment I have been dreading, Why do I get brutalizer and phage while neglecting that "O' so loved" Trinity Force, well my reason is that although it is a good item, I personally dont like rushing it. It has such a high cost, and I really enjoy having The Brutalizer to deal that extra armor pen punch in their face. I also prefer having Youmuu's Ghostblade to take down turrets much quicker, while the enemy team is busy. (Allows for quicker Backdooring if necessary) I also really enjoy having that GREAT slow and HEALTH from a Phage/ Frozen Mallet to help my team take down someone. Trinity force is by no means a BAD ITEM, but I really strongly suggest trying a few games without. ( The Brutalizer May suprise you in it's early game)

As shown above are items that I typically get in a game, I don't usually get a thornmail, unless it is good against their team. My build varies at the end depending on who they have and what is hurting my team the most. I highly suggest not following the build blindly in the later game, because for obvious reasons, A will not stop that stinging tryndamere at your side.

Other Viable Items for late game Offtank THAT WERE NOT SHOWN are....

I KNOW I KNOW I just said why I dont like trinity force, but if you REALLY feel useless without it, GET IT. I just suggest trying games without, and to not build it so early. It may/will help your early game to go without.

I decided to add in Last Whisper, Madred's Bloodrazor, and Phantom Dancer. These were later implemented because I noticed this guide leaned toward a more tanky character. This WAS because Wukong has more Static burst damage by just upgrading his Nimbus Strike and neglecting focusing on more DPS items such as the ones placed above.
Phantom Dancer Added for more DPS late game, helps out with that " The Bloodthirster" late game.
Madred's Bloodrazor Added for that slight armor and helping tear down opponents for that extra DPS
Last Whisper Despite my love for Armor Penetration I typically neglect this Item, due to its higher cost, and an already deadly armor pen early game. This is still a good Item to get if those Tanks are getting in the way later in a game.

Trinity Force If you want you can build this before frozen mallet/instead of. I personally like frozen mallet for the slow and the health. Frozen mallet can help early-mid game because it does not take nearly as long to build as Trinity Force and if you follow the early game suggestion build I gave then you are faily (Not tanky) mid game because you neglected Frozen mallet. All burns down to personal opinion.

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Creeping / Jungling

This is just a light touch onto jungling with him, and just added the "Jungle" build to let you know it is Possible, albeit not the most efficient jungler. He can jungle and its best to get Nimbus strike with Crushing blow to burst down those monsters. A better glyph however may be which helps with that small mastery bonus , I suggested. This allows for some faster killing with his Nimbus Strike. He is In my opinion a good counter jungler, with his decoy and nimbus strike he can make for some deadly and triky plays. The best path is probably the most sustainable path you can find, I don't suggest starting at Blue Buff unless you have a leash, but again that is just my opinion.

On a side note:
Wukong can make for some great farming of minions at an earlier level, by combining nimbus strike and a couple of hits on the approaching creep casters, you can easily burst down that wave of minions for a great push. (With Youmuu's it allows for even greater pushing)

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Team Work

Almost done here, This is just a little bit I wanted to add in my guide to tell some people, (better yet) ASSIST people in their choice of champion. I really enjoy Wukong, but if I have 3 AD carries and an AD Tank I.E. Rammus Im not going to play Wukong. Please, PLEASE when you play do not instantly lock or AUTOLOCK the champion you enjoy, whether it is Wukong or anybody else. Don't do it, Im talking of course mostly about solo que, but just don't do it. Play a VARIETY of characters, to get used to each role or build that character you love to suit a teams role. That is all.

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I will try to continue to update this guide frequently with updates because Im sure Wukong will be bound for some updates, and maybe Nerfs. (As sad as that Makes me to say) Leave a comment on anything...

Or just some other Personal thoughts.

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So to quickly summarize...
Wukong, is FUN. Try him out on a free week or buy him if you are really interested, He makes for a great offtank and a viable jungler to suit a teams needs. Summoner spells used vary upon opinion although Flash is really that one that nobody should leave the house without. Runes with armor pen syrnegize great with that " The Brutalizer" you picked up, along with your Crushing Blow For some really annoying harass. Items also vary upon game and opinion but it is really great to try out The Brutalizer early game leading into Youmuus Ghostblade for extra bang (Make sure to use the ACTIVE! It's really amazing!) Using your skill's effectively can really help Juking, and allow for good burt damage to assist your team. USE TEAMWORK, as the offtank Wukong it is essential to NOT just take the kill for yourself but assist your team into becoming stronger at the risk of YOU GETTING AN ASSIST! Farming is simple and effortless as you level up. And ALWAYS have fun :)

Thanks for reading my guide!!! (Assuming you got all the way down here and did not get annoyed by my lack of colour, and extensive use of brackets)

Also (I don't go around Down voting other "Competetors" so please dont do that to me"

This is my FIRST GUIDE! I put quite a bit of work into this Monkey so try it out, I'm sure if you try it out you will fight your way to "Victory" (Or as the Woman says it,
"Vic-tor-dee") and Always be on TOP!

See you on the battlefield!

========================================The Soup Kitchen===================================