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Wukong Build Guide by Tibarn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tibarn

Wukong Shaka-Fonky Monkey

Tibarn Last updated on May 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi everyone, here's my first build on Mobafire, and sorry if i do some english mistakes the reason is i'm not english (read it by the way xD). My build concerns Wukong, the monkey king. It's maybe the funniest champ i ever played (this is so nice to see your enemy using many ult and ignite on a clone :D) and easy ad champ to play.
If you want to understand the name of my built it's here!

Remember to vote if you like it! And even if you don't... Comment at least!

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For my runes i take :
9x greater mark of desolation Nice runes for ad champ allowing you to deal some damage even if your enemy has some armor
9x greater seal of defense Because it has a great synergy with his passive Stone Skin (giving you 40 armor and magic resist with 5 champions around you) i'll explain why i don't take Greater Seal of Armor

9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Also great synergy with stone skin and nice to begin with ~40 MR early game without enemy champion around you
3x greater quintessence of desolation For more Armor Pen.

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For my masteries i take 21/9/0, 21 in offense, i don't think i have to explain it but it's the classical mastery built for ad champ with more damage, Armor Pen and advanced exhaust. Then i take 9 points in defense tree for early game giving you more MR armor and life/level and trust me it changes everything.

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Items : 1rst Build

Ok i think that here is the important point of my Wukong built. In recommended and lot's of build you see Doran's Blade giving additional 10 damage 100 HP and 3% Life steal.

Personaly i prefer Doran's Shield for a better early game, because with doran's blade you need to hit creeps or enemy champion to restaure you life and 3% life steal is not enough that's why i take the shield for health regen. Then it's also the reason why i take armor/lvl runes : you begin with less armor but with the doran's shield you have as Armor than MR early game and it will continue mid and late game. Overall if you face very agressive champs like Pantheon+ Janna or Caitlyn, it allows you to stay on lane and play safer than if you take the blade.

First i rush a Sheen for the amazing passive giving a real burst damage even at low level.
Then Mercury's Treads (maybe the best boots in the game) and Phage for life, damage and slow and Zeal or Trinity Force directly. (2nd and 3rd back). Trinity force is an item that gives you everything you need for wukong just check the stats.

It takes about 20 minutes with normal farm and some kills to buy this.

Then come mid game and 2 options :

-Enemy team has best mid game than you and your team need something tanky then go for Banshee's Veil + Atma's Impaler giving you armor, MR, Life, Crit chance and the wonderful banshee's shield.

Some other build recommend Warmog's Armor but for me this item is too expensive for the bonus you get compare to banshee. With Warmog's Armor instead of banshee you get 3585HP and Atma's Impaler gives you 71.7 damage, with Banshee's Veil 2590HP and Atma's Impaler 51.8. Huge difference of HP but in price also and Banshee's Veil gives you what Warmog's Armor will never : MR, mana and shield. For all those reasons i prefer banshee to warmog.

- The other option consist in taking The Bloodthirster for huge damage increase and life steal before Banshee and Atma, at this point of the game you're almost unkillable. And then (even if i never go that far in a game) Infinity Edge for more damage and crit.

Other options :

Warmog's Armor Even if i don't find it usefull for Wukong you could prefer this to Banshee for it provided

Ionian Boots of Lucidity If you want CR to use more spell well these boots are yours but for me Mercury are the best boots in this game

Sunfire Cape Instead of Infinity if you're not tanky enough take sunfire it gives you HP armor and damage (with halo and atma)

Madred's Bloodrazor for horrible and boring tank like Alistar or monstruous hp pool like Cho'Gath instead of IE before The Bloodthirster

Frozen Mallet Giving you 700hp (and additional ~15 damage with atma's impaler), 20 damage and slow.

Philosopher's stone If you have some trouble farming top or if you need mana/hp regen take it before sheen then boots and sheen, it's never lost.

Wit's End Wukong is a bruiser so it's still a good item for him but his passive don't make it a first choice item for me.

Ninja Tabi Not that much CC in the enemy team take ninja tabi making more tanky :D

Maw of Malmortius New item and really nice for a bruiser :)

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Items : 2nd Build

Coming soon!

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Skill Sequence

Another important part of the build. As you can see i maximize Nimbus Strike first (check this build for the explanation then Crushing Blow and finally Decoy.

Early game:

If you dominate your lane wait for level 2 and get the combo (E+Q) Nimbus Strike+ Crushing Blow and finish it with (W) Decoy to escape (when you get 4).

If enemy harass you too much that you can't Nimbus Strike (E) without losing 70% of your life then wait for level 4 before doing this combo. Use Decoy (W) after (E+Q) combo.

After have taken 2-3 times this combo, enemy (normally) play safer. Here comes the funniest part of Wukong. Hide in the grass on your side, use Decoy to go in their grass without being seen and attack them with (E+Q) combo once again.

Mid game :

You reach mid game when you finish Trinity Force, if you and your lane-mate have destroy the turret then you can begin to gank on other lane (but keep an eye on yours still). To gank the combo is still the same, hide in the grass, use (W) Decoy to get closer of your target then E+Q combo and if your enemy isn't dead Cyclone to bump and chase him (and Exhaust and/or Flash if you need it).

End game :

At the end of the game here how i play in team fights :

Wait for the tank engage, if he can't do it yourself. First use Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow (E+Q) to run on their more fragile champion (support or carry). Then Cyclone (R) and try to touch all the enemy. Set your Exhaust on the AD carry when he lands to decrease his power.

If you're not focused continue to hit them with (Q) Crushing Blow and chase those who try to escape with (E) Nimbus Strike and if you are focus follow the escape order!

Escape Order (available for all the game):

You're in bad situation, 3 champions want to kill you and no one to help you? Don't panic Wukong has one of the most op escape mechanism of the game! It begins like other champ... RUN! And if you see it's not enough, you can't reach a turret use (W) Decoy to reach safely a turret or avoid some damage (work well on uni-target stuns or cages like Pantheon, Morgana, Ryze, Amumu...and to block ulti like Ashe, Varus, Darius...). Still not enough? Cyclone them away! It will gives another advantage to escape! They are still running for you? Try to hit creeps (even in jungle) with Nimbus Strike to run away. Wtf?! They continue to chase? Flash through wall, run and/or wait for your next Decoy (W) and Nimbus Strike (E). With all of this you can go from your own turret to your base without being catch! But care of oracle and champions using invinsibility detection ( Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Kog'Maw...). Of course Wukong is CD dependant to escape so if all your spells are under CD... Say your prayers.

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Summoner Spells

As you can see for my summoner spell i take :
Flash. Wukong is just horrible to catch, he could escape with all his spells so add him flash and make your enemy insane :).

Exhaust. Exhaust combine with Cyclone make you unkillable in a 1vs1 fight, begin with cyclone then chase him exhaust and finish the fight. It's usefull early and mid to survive/gank and late game to handicap enemy AD carry.

Other options?
Ghost. If you prefer run than flash away. I still think than flash offers better possibility to escape/engage fights.
Ignite. Wukong has a great burst so i don't find it really usefull on him but it still gives you a bonus damage and -50% heal for your enemy so why not.
Cleanse. Play uncatchable monkey with flash/cleanse, but i don't recommend you this spell ^^.

Heal Why not. Makes you hard to kill early game but still less efficient in team fight than exhaust late game.

Don't even think about it

Revive Just No.

Smite. Jungle with wukong? You waste your passive in the jungle there's no champions (normally :D)
Clairvoyance. Support spell you don't need it. Let it to the support.
Clarity. If you need mana it's perfect. If you need mana with wukong it means you don't know how to play mana safety, without mana Wukong is dead, he can't makes damage or escapes if you don't play too aggressive and farm mana must not be a problem.

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This conclude my build for Wukong i hope you will enjoy it has much as i do (and understand what i wanted to say overall...), and i want to say there's no perfect build but this one work really well for me i hope it will for you too. I take all advises, comments, criticism about my guide and corrections for my mistakes xD. Please rate and comment it!

Monkey rocks!

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09/15/2011 : Changes in items order and add some situationnal items
14/03/2012 : Added more detailed item build and other situationnal items
28/05/2012 : Added a 2nd item build more tanky, explanation come soon!