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Wukong Build Guide by IcAPuttyCat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IcAPuttyCat

Wukong - Solo ADC

IcAPuttyCat Last updated on June 14, 2013
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Fix laning phase
Formatting and update items.
Updates title, intro and some other stuff
Build fully updated and pubished
Updating Build for preseason three
Here is an update on my fail calculation. It is a change in the damage out put when crushing blow is activated...
A little update on how to harass and escape in laning and team fighting... Also a bit on items and a better look...

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First of all, ADC can be interpreted in two reasonable ways. The first is Attack Damage Carry. This role is often a range carry at bot lane. The second is Attack Damage Caster. This is something new in Season Three due to the new The Black Cleaver. In this build, ADC means both AD Carry and AD Caster. Caster here means a champion that cast skills to deal damage instead of auto attacking. This build for Wukong is about 80% skill usage and 20% auto attacking. This build is quite dangerous considering that your early game is quite squishy. However, it scales pretty good in late game.

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Pros / Cons

  • Good Burst
  • Flexible
  • Hard Core Carry
  • Melts enemy carries
  • Easy counter pick
  • Weak against harassers
  • Not Too Tanky
  • Only one good skin (Jade)

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Quintessence of Lethality
Stone Skin passively grants your some armor and magic resist early game. This means it is a good idea to get scaling runes instead of flat runes.

Wukong's base damage is 54. With mastery, he has 61 starting AD at level 1, which is quite high. Therefore, armor penetration runes are ideal through all stages of the game.

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Players should pick masteries base on their play style. Instead of having high sustain, I would rather have more killing power to shut down enemy carries as soon as possible.

I didn't reallize that Summoner's Wrath gives 5 AD and AP when Ignite is on cool down until a friend told me so. Since then, I always take Ignite with me for the extra damage to hunt down enemies.

I take Butcher to farm easier as a compensation to the armor penetration runes.

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Since the nerf of Elixir of Fortitude and Health Potion, I think this sustain build would be my best choice. With the squishy early game, having more sustain means more time to farm.

Please, please, please! Only do this if you are winning your lane. So, you are winning your lane for sure (Better CS, Kills, and Damage Trade), snowball as hard as you can. Wait don't I need wards to counter enemy gankers? Easy, kill them as well. So, only grab some wards if you have the extra gold.

Getting a little tired of all the stupid harrass, jungle ganks, and sh*tty farms you are putting up with? Throw away all hopes of getting kills and think of how to stay alive, farm, and then come back and show them you are the boss.

Regardless of the situation, this is a must. Without this, you are just an auto attacking monkey.
Quite pointless for this build because it is useful only before and after your full combo. So, no.
For keeping your enemies under your ult with your full combo and surviving during your combo.

This under appreciated item has the ability to cancel the CC on you during your ult as you speed up to fleeing enemies.
I only make this for the sake of an early Hexdrinker and the high price of Mercurial Scimitar.
Who doesn't want more damage to every single skill, except Decoy, sad Decoy.

Time is money/gold
CC me, No more
Flippin Ninja?
Run, Run, Run!

So there is three conditions:
  • Team is Winning: Logically, it makes no sense to fear death when your team is winning.
  • Team is Losing: Well, if you die in a team fight, you come back, you are going die again.
  • Teams are Equal: Take it.

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Summoner Spells

The only thing missing is more defense.
Jack of all trades, master of none.

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Skill Usage


Best passive for team fights
Main damage output/source
Gap close for jukes and pursuits
What can't you do with this?
This is the real spin to win


  • Fury is used to indicate auto attack here because it looks cool
  • Wanderer is used to indicate movement for the pure fanciness

The Skillful

  • Better jukes if things goes wrong ( Decoy and Nimbus Strike is still available)
  • Good Damage
  • Range is too short

The Reckless

  • Easy to execute with the good range
  • Good damage
  • Temporal lost of the ability to have better juke (can't dash to minions to escape)

The Police

  • Amazing damage
  • Harder to execute than the previous combo
  • Temporal lost of the ability to have better jukes (can't dash to minions to escape)

The Trader

  • Amazing damage
  • Decreases chance of getting hit back
  • Loses the ability to juke

The Farmer

  • Only way to farm if pressure is high
  • Ok Farm
  • Basically means you are losing the lane

The Unexpected

  • Guarantee damage
  • Very good range
  • Loses juking potential

The Slaughterer

  • Full Combo with MAX DURATION on ultimate
  • Too much damage for enemies to handle
  • Vulnerable
  • No going back

The Failure

  • Full Combo with PARTIAL DURATION on ultimate
  • Some crowd control
  • Less damage output
  • Means you are taking too much damage, which is bad because you shouldn't be

The Assassin

  • Kill enemies when they are least expected
  • Very good range
  • Loses juking potential

The Fiddlesticks

  • I am Fiddlesticks, deal with it
  • The range is too damn high!
  • Loses juking potential

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Lane-ing phase can be described in three words: farm, harass, and ward

There are Three Situations

  • Winning (Better CS, Kills, and Less Deaths)
    • This is what you are suppose to be doing
    • Continue with what ever combo you feel comfortable with
    • Recommended Combo: The Reckless and The Slaughterer
    • Ward if possible
    • Build more damage
    • Keep cool and snowball
  • Equal In Strength (Similar CS, or Kills, or Deaths)
    • So far so good I guess
    • Might need to use a different combo
    • Recommended Combo: The Police or The Trader and The Assasin
    • Ward is a must
    • Tanky start build might be better than Damage start build
    • Keep alert and stay alive
  • Losing (Less CS, or Kills, or more Deaths)
    • Things are not going so well
    • Use less combos to conserve mana
    • Recommended Combo: The Farmer and The Fiddlesticks
    • Ward only if you are close to or out of the middle of the lane
    • Build tanky first
    • Stay alive and farm if possible

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Some Thoughts

True Damage And Beyond

greater mark of armor penetrationgreater quintessence of armor penetration

How much armor will the enemy have after your full combo?
Let X be the armor an enemy has and Y be the remaining armor of the enemy.
Equation: Y = ((X * .70 * .75) * .60) - 54 = .315 * X - 54
Solve for: Y = 0
Answer: X >= 171
Conclusion: For any enemy with less than 171 armor, they will be taking more than true damage (If they do not have damage reduction masteries).

The Fiddlesticks

With this set of equipment, you can potentially do up to 700 damage per second with your ult. Therefore, in total you can potentially deal over 2800 damage with your ult! That my friends, is equivalent to a 522 AP Fiddlesticks's Crowstorm.