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Wukong General Guide by AngealColumbus

AD Offtank Wukong The Real Wuju Master (Quick Guide)

AD Offtank Wukong The Real Wuju Master (Quick Guide)

Updated on September 18, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngealColumbus Build Guide By AngealColumbus 5,228 Views 0 Comments
5,228 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AngealColumbus Wukong Build Guide By AngealColumbus Updated on September 18, 2013
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Hey Fellow Summoners, my Summoner name is AngealColumbus, a Silver II Ranked Summoner and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire and this guide is going to be talking about Wukong The Monkey King.
I honestly cant remember when i initially bought Wukong but I can remember when i first played him, when i bought him. i was highly disappointed in my purchased his Warrior Trickster ability infuriated me i asked myself how did Riot think this was even worth calling an ability, his Cyclone ability made me sad because i would go into the enemy team and die in about 5 seconds and i almost vowed to not play him again but i was yet to learn how powerful Wukong truly is and i hope i can not only show you how truly powerful he is but also help you become a great Wukong player and get him into the competitive scene where he deserves to be among the greats!
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Pros / Cons

+High Burst Damage
+Very Good Solo-Top Champion
+Most Importantly Fun
+Strong during All game phases
+Easy to Learn
+Great Harass
+Counters a good amount of Champions

- Squishy Early Game
- Can be countered by or
- Due to AOE(Area Of Effect) Ultimate Gets Focused
- Can Struggle In Lane If you Fall behind
- Can be Hard to Master
- Balancing Damage and Defence to Get the Best result!
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Core Items Explanation

In this Quick Guide I have listed My Full ideal Build on Wukong at the top of the build and now I am going to briefly say why those items all made it into the ideal build and I hope the convince you as well to buy them.

Mercury's Treads

These to me are the ideal boots on Wukong because in an ideal match I don't buy a lot of magic resist on Wukong if they don't have really fed AP carries these boots are good enough because i would be focusing their AP carries as well. Also, the tenacity on these boots help Wukong a lot when you go into the enemy team to use your Cyclone that way it becomes harder for people to get rid of you or lock you down with Crowd Control abilities.

Blade of the Ruined King

This is a very controversial item on Wukong and through personal experience i have decided that it is worth buying on Wukong and i have changed many peoples opinion of this item on Wukong after they have witnessed the sheer destruction that comes with this item.
The life steal from this item is pretty good at 15% for very good sustain and the active can be very useful when securing kills or escaping ganks or bad fights there it is very important to actually remember to use the active to lock people down in your Cyclone etc. Now the main reason why this item is such a monster is the fact that it deals 5% of enemy's current health which is very good on tanky targets and the 40% attack speed combined with your 50% attack speed from your E Nimbus Strike ability makes him hit like a truck after his E has been used and it also works with his Cyclone which is why it in my opinion it is a very good item. Feel free to get a Ravenous Hydra or Bloodthirster if the enemy has literally no health but if they do Blade of the Ruined King is the way to go.

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver Offers a lot of stats that Wukong benefits from and is a core item when building him as if offers damage, cooldowns for Wukong to cast more spells, a bit of health which at Mid-game he needs and also the valuable 5% armor penetration for every 4secs that can stack up to 25%. now lets also keep in mind that Wukong Q Crushing Blow ability reduces your opponents armor by 30% for 3 seconds. As we can see there is a lot of armor being shred when this item is bought on Wukong and combined with the passive from his Crushing Blow ability this Item is a complete No-Brainer not to Purchase.

Trinity Force

Tons Of Damage.
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Why Blade Of The Ruined King Noob?

Those where the exact words that were used to question my decision to buy this item by a Platinum Ranked player and if you follow this build you will probably get asked the same thing some time and the answer is simple.


Prior to buying a Blade of the Ruined King I used to get bullied by a lot of tanks like Malphite, Volibear, Zac, Renekton etc then 1 game I decided to try a Blade of the Ruined King on Wukong. Best decision I ever made without a doubt.
Now it is hard for me to break it down into figures and I wont do that but I urge you as a Wukong player or learner to get a Blade of the Ruined King and a Black Cleaver and harass with your Nimbus Strike >> Crushing Blow combo and see how much damage it does you would be surprised at the unbelievable burst that comes from those two spells and even people at way higher ranking than me have swallowed back their doubt when they saw just how much damage you do when harassing and in Team Fights when you go in for your Cyclone the damage is shocking especially Mid-Game you become a 1 v 3 Walking Machine with those 2 items combined. Therefore i urge People to try it and tell me their opinions on it.
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Ranked SoloQ / Duo Tips

Now this chapter might seem like a joke coming from a summoner still in silver but the truth is i don't play enough ranked games as i should and i get trolled a lot when i do, but i have pitched my Wukong against higher elo players and i have performed way above my level so these tips are not for everyone but i hope you find the useful.

1) Ban Lee Sin/ Pantheon : Take him out if you can because a good Lee Sin would rarely every lose to a Wukong. In my opinion he is your greatest counter so if you want to have an easier laning phase Ban That MONK! I wouldn't really ban Pantheon but beware of him a lot.

2) Focus/ Initiation: As Wukong It is important to know who your targets are before you even think of initiating. it does not necessarily have to be the enemy's Marksman make sure if their Mages are fed they become targets for you as well and with this build i have more times than not made sure at least one of their carries died before i did.

3)Taking Advantage: When you get a lead Be it in your lane or in the game try your best to take advantage of it because Wukong is a champion that can easily turn a harass or trade into a kill or a pentakill if you are lucky :D. Wukong has an incredible mid game take advantage of this spike, force team fights take objectives anything to give your team the lead should be done during the mid game when he is at his peak.

4)The Shaco Effect: Now this is something i like to do when i am fighting in a 1v1 situation and i learnt this trick from my dreaded enemy Shaco. How difficult is it for you when fighting Shaco and his clone together the dilemma can lead to the fall of your opponent and can help you avoid A LOT of their damage. To do this, make use of Wukongs W Warrior Trickster ability when fighting an opponent 1v1 and instead of running hit them in the same spot as were your Warrior Trickster is placed and even though your clone doesn't attack it still messes with people when they lose focus of the real you and both of you are so close to each other that the end up wasting a few attacks or abilities on your clone i have used this to bait ignites on my clone even a full LeBlanc Burst all on my Warrior Trickster. Game changing.

5) Never Give up: This probably the most important Tip here even if it is 4v5 or 3v5 with Wukong you can still win the game. it has happened to me many times because Wukongs skillset allows him to completely eradicate one enemy target and damage the whole enemy team is the initiate is done properly so until you carry till you cant carry any more keep trying to carry :).

6) The "S" Trick: Enemy chasing you and Warrior Trickster is on cooldown Hey, Keep Calm And Press S :)
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To summarize this I would just say that Wukong is HIGHLY underestimated, his damage, his utility, fun factor and he doesn't have a very high fan base but does who master him know why they do because he is an amazing champion who deserve a lot more recognition and i hope we can give him that.

Thank you for reading my Guide to the end if you did and this was made under 3 hours as my first guide so I know there is a lot of things i could do to make it look better but i just wanted to make a quick version for people to use and try this build and tell me what you think all comments and criticisms are appreciated Thank you and have fun Climbing the Elo tress with Wukong The Monkey King!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngealColumbus
AngealColumbus Wukong Guide
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Wukong The Real Wuju Master (Quick Guide)

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