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Wukong Build Guide by WhatIsThisLOL

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhatIsThisLOL

Wukong Top lane BRONZE to PLATINUM [4.18]

WhatIsThisLOL Last updated on October 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Wukong with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gnar Just watch his passive, don't go near when he is in Mega Gnar form. All the other time easy killable
Teemo Survive until level 6 and then get fed
Yorick Poke him and deny his ghouls with your Decoy
Zed Dodge Q, wait for lvl6 and go all-in
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Hi, my name is WhatIsThisLOL and I am currently a Platinum V player, where I got myself into mostly playing with Wukong with this build. I have got 17/4 with monkey even in Platinum so I'm not sure until which division this build has ability to carry. In ranked play I have around 300 games with The Monkeyking in Season 4 and more or less the same amount in Season 3 in every role except ADC so I know him inside-out. The reason behind why I am making this guide is to show other players how to use Wukong more efficiently.

Here you can see my stats for Wukong in season 4 and note that this is counting around 20 games where I played as support - low CS and no kills. When I climbed from Silver to Platinum my winrate was around 75-80%.

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Extra Attack Damage allows you to bully your laning oponent and is crucial for you in teamfights since you will be the guy who shuts down enemy carries.
You can switch Mana Regen glyphs for Magic Resist if you don't feel lack of mana in Wukong.

Why not armor quints? Your Decoy is your armor.

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Crystalline Flask gives you the needed sustain.
Tiamat is a great choice for Wukong because of it's passive cleave and active crescent which allows you to shove lanes superfast combined with your Nimbus Strike.
Last Whisper gives you needed amount of Armor Penetration. I choose this as a second item over The Black Cleaver because Last Whisper works better in early skirmishes and there just isn't that much of a 4v4 and 5v5 teamfighting at this moment of game.
The Black Cleaver finishes your AD damage core and even though it's doesn't give the biggest AD out there it's passive reduces enemy armor for 25% when you do damage to them for at least 2-3 seconds and for Wukong who is an AoE beast it is a must have item.
Randuin's Omen is your best savior when you will be jumping on that poor enemy ADC because his Attack Speed will be reduced.
Guardian Angel is what I prefer because it revives me and allows me to clean up any enemy survivors or to go and shove some lanes

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Pros / Cons


  • Extremely fun to play
  • Cyclone is a gamchanger
  • Can push lanes and take down turrets really fast
  • His basic attack range is a bit bigger then other melees
  • Does incredible amounts of damage
  • Can be played mid or jungle as well
  • No skillshots


  • No sustain
  • Lack of CC
  • Can't 1v5
  • Has hard counters in a lane
  • Decoy is worthless under the base turrets

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Skill combos

AA + Crushing Blow You have to master this because Crushing Blow resets your auto attack.
Nimbus Strike + AA + Crushing Blow and Decoy out if he wants to trade back. Standart poke for Wukong. If enemy has a stun, exclude AA to reduce the time window where he can stun you.
Crushing Blow + Cyclone Always use Q before your ult for armor penetration. The damage your ult does without Q drops for around 30%.
Decoy in to the fight, then Nimbus Strike + Crushing Blow + Cyclone enemy carry and when he is dead Flash to the nearest target.

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Tips and tricks

  • When fighting near enemy minions use Nimbus Strike to reposition yourself
  • When using Decoy your clone faces direction where you were running
  • When using Cyclone in lane don't forget to move behind enemy while they are in the air
  • Pressing S makes you look like your clone, so you can trick your enemy running past you
  • You can stop your Cyclone by pressing R again, sometimes it saves you
  • Don't fear to use Cyclone speed buff to escape
  • When hitting turret near enemy minions use Nimbus Strike onto them to get attack speed buff
  • You can Nimbus Strike over thin walls, so if you know enemy is on the other side of wall you can place ward and Nimbus Strike to them.
With Ravenous Hydra you can do this amazing trick - use Ravenous Hydra active standing close to wall that separates you from Blue Buff or Wight and when that gives you a vision of them dash to them with Nimbus Strike.
Use it here:

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Early game

Here you focus on farming to get Ravenous Hydra as soon as possible. Whenever enemy goes for minion hit him with AA + Crushing Blow. If you want to poke him down use Nimbus Strike + AA + Crushing Blow and Decoy out. If you can get a kill, go for it, but it is better to wait for your jungler to come. He needs money as well.

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Mid game

Once you get Ravenous Hydra put enemy under kill pressure or make him recall, then take his turret. If you can't make him recall, just shove the lane and help your midlaner. After you get the first turret you should be able to buy Last Whisper. With this item on your hand you have to bully your enemy laner and shove him under his inner turret, after that go and help other lanes trying to catch enemy into 2v2 and 3v3 fights or help taking objectives. Keep roaming between your lane and midlane until you can buy The Black Cleaver and start your Randuin's Omen. Whenever enemy toplaner is helping other lanes or just isn't in a lane, punish him by taking massive amount of damage to the next turret.

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Late game

This is the 5v5 teamfight time and it is simple for you because you are an anti-carry. Most of the time you don't want to initiate the fight, but if you can catch someone out of position, jump on them and punish. All the other time your job is to Decoy in to the fight, then Nimbus Strike + Crushing Blow + Cyclone enemy carry and when he is dead Flash to the nearest target. After Cyclone ends, pop your Decoy and reposition yourself depending on situation. You can also splitpush and surprise enemy backline Decoy to them from backside.

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is a must have to reposition yourself in teamfights while doing Cyclone
is a must have to secure a kill in a laning phase or to be sure you finish off enemy ADC
is viable, but you won't get needed kill pressure in laning phase and you will no get enough respect from enemy

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That's my time

This is it and I hope you like it. If you have any question (why no Trinity Force or anything) feel free to ask in comment sections. I hope my build helps you and we will see more monkeys in the Summoner's Rift.

P.S. If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions on what's missing, comment and I will update.
P.S.2 Champ match-ups might change with the time and my experience with some champs (like Poppy because I have faced her only once).