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Teemo Build Guide by xFlavour

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xFlavour

xFlavour's Explanatory Hybrid Teemo Build Guide

xFlavour Last updated on June 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is an easy-to-follow hybrid Teemo build, which will help a LOT to people looking to destroy and get easily fed during matches, whether you are fighting solo targets, in team fights, or just simply running away from that scary big thing that does tonnes of damage and has 9 million health XD.
Teemo, if built right is an excellent champion. Building hybrid is a great option because Teemo's poison can absolutely shred champions, and mushrooms do great amounts of damage over time.
This build gives you great attack speed, great amounts of Ability power, and some nice health for great survivability and up time.

Please note: This is my very first build guide, and personally I thought I did a good job of it. Comment to let me know what you think, and if this helped you. Also, constructive criticism is appreciated to help me improve my build / build writing.

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Attack speed, ability power and mana-regeneration runes are crucial for teemo.

First of all, Attack speed is very important early game. To get those extra hits out and to apply more posion. so, + are nice runes to take.

Second, Ability power is great to up that crazy poison damage on , so it is a good idea to take + . These Runes are also good early game and improve the damage of for that crazy bursting and making the enemy blind for a few seconds (obviously)

If you really want to, take 9x Greater Seal of Replenishment for some good mana regeneration, so you can put more mushrooms down, or just have more mana, more often, to use abilities more frequently.

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These particular masteries are very important.
Summoners Wrath is important because once you activate and it's on cooldown, you get additional ability power and attack damage for the duration of the ignite.

Just like the first mastery I explained, buffs your by reducing the cooldown by 15 seconds. Trust me, this can be very helpful because you are using flash a whole lot.

The other masteries (see above) are very important for constant mana-regen, ability power and flat out farming / minion damage.

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Skill Sequence

The particular skill sequence used is important for damage against targetted champions or just general farming.

Firstly, is a great ability to upgrade at level one because if you're in combat with a champion, you will most likely win because a few of their base hits will miss, giving you an advantage and obviously it helps to ignite the target if you get them that low.

Secondly, You want to upgrade for that nice DoT damage ( helps with last hitting minions for that elite farm )

Thirdly, Upgrade for that passive out of combat movement speed, and active extra movement speed, to simply get to and away from enemy units quicker.

As the game progresses, I strongly recommend you upgrade to level 5 (max) as soon as possible for that heavy early-game DoT poison damage (great for destroying your target faster, as mentioned earlier).
After maxing that, you should vary between leveling and . Although I recommend leveling more because of the crazy Blinding duration and strong magic damage.

Do NOT be stupid, obviously don't forget to level your ultimate () WHENEVER you can.

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Summoner Spells

I strongly recommend bringing for that addition damage-over-time (DoT) damage, it works very well with your applied poisons, it shoould be hard for the enemy to escape on low health because they have so many DoTs ticking on them.

The second spell I highly recommend is obviously to get away from, and to get into combat. Or for the special people who like flashey things.

Other options for 'Travelling' Spells are (good with Move Quick) and to get from spawn to your desired location instantly (helps with defense and to get your farm up)

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The particular items used in this build are crucial for heavy damage and sustainability.

Firstly, at the very start of the match, take to travel across the map quickly, and 3x for up-time in your lane.

Early Game
These items are excellent during early game, Berserker's Greaves are important for that movement speed and bonus attack speed. Also, the Malady is important for even more attack speed while having a little extra ability power for that DoT damage.
Mid Game
All of these items are important, The Nashor's Tooth is an excellent Hybrid item because of the ability power and attack speed it gives you, again, for that DoT Poison burst-damage. The Deathcap is also an excellent Ability Power item. Now, with the rod of ages, I wasn't so sure about, but it turns out it is very helpful if you have that extra cash. The passive gives you health & mana-regen as you level up, which enables to stay alive in lane for longer. Also, the additional health and mana are great, for using abilities more frequently and having that bonus health. It also gives some nice ability power.
These late game Items are excellent items for that extra sustainability and mad AP damage. The Crystal Scepter helps with you're slows, and gives you nice AP and health, whereas the Deathcap gives you Flat AP.
Optional / SpellVamp
These extra items can be a good choice if you want that extra spell vamp / Ability power. The spell vamporism is a good for regenerating health with Blinding Dart.[/center]

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Pros / Cons

- He does alot of burst poison damage (if built for it)
- Teemo's Blinding Dart is very useful whilst in combat, dis-enabling the enemy to hit for a few seconds, depending on the level of the ability, so good Anti AD.
- Teemo is an excellent split-pusher because of his mushrooms.
- Helpful stealth passive for surprise-attacking enemy champions
- Teemo is very mobile, he can get in and out of combat quickly with Move-Quick
- Like most champions, good sustainability if build fot it.
- Mushrooms help alot if placed correctly around the map, draining the enemy's health while slowing their movement speed.

- Squishy early-game
- Requires some practice
- Gets targeted a fair bit during team fights
- Can die quite easily if not careful

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Teemo is a pretty good farmer when it comes to multiple creeps, whether you are split-pushing or just farming a lane. early game, try to get as many last hits out as possible for the extra CS and cash. As the game progresses, you're poison progresses and you can farm alot easier. If you have the mana for it, put a mushroom or two amongst minion waves, the mushroom will explode applying a DoT to all the minions around it. This will get you big amounts of gold really quick.
During the late game you should be 1-2 hitting minions and your poison should finish them off.

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Mushroom Placement

This is picture guide on Summoners Rift on where to place mushrooms.

*Bad / Completely Unnecessary:
Mushrooms are completely helpful, because they act as miniature wards, and deal great damage over time, while slowing enemies for a short duration

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This brings us to the end, I hope you got something out of this and I hope you destroy noobs with your heavy poison burst damage.

Please leave a comment and a rating, constructive criticism is appreciated.
Remember, this is my first build guide and I plan on releasing more.

-xFlavour / Benjamin