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League of Legends Build Guide Author Booshido

Xin Zhao - Let's get down to business.

Booshido Last updated on May 22, 2011
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Xin Zhao - The Seneschal of Demacia.

I would consider Xin Zhao to be a AD offtank, who can tank well, while also having great damage output. He is great at initiating fights providing you have some support, heals, shields etc. His passive: Tireless Warrior, allows him to lane or jungle for long periods of time without needing lifesteal. This brief guide is my play style for Xin, what I do with him, and some tips for when you play him.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing DPS
Great initiator for an off-tank dps
Survivability in lanes
Can Jungle
Really good Crowd Control(CC)
Mana user that doesnt need mana regen
Short CD's

No escape
Vulnerable to CC
Not the best base move speed

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Summoner Spells

<Summoner Spells

- Improved Exhaust: Catch up to champs, deal more damage due to the armour debuff, can be used as an escape tool as well. Heavily Decreases Enemy DMG output.

- Run faster. etc etc etc

- + Escape.

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<Greater Mark of Desolation x9 - Problem?

x9 - Good early game leads to a great late game ;D

x9 - ^

Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3 - Problem?

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< Cloth Armor healh potion healh potion healh potion healh potion healh potion

Best boots.

This is such a good item for him with the atk seed he needs and cooldown and the all important armour pen

sword of the divine edgedouble active with ghostblade, +30 armour pen on everyone, amazing to refresh cd with atk speed and nuke somone down

Another Best item in the game in my opinion, passive saves lives, High magic resis, mana and health are cool too.

armour, crit, AD

Other items

You have a lot of options here based on the situation.

Other Dmg choice, AMR Pen, attack speed, life steal, Aura.

Other dmg output choice, % Magic dmg per hit, high hp champs, good attack speed, and some pretty good armour.

Armour choice.

Magic Resis choice.

Want **** loads of hp and an unlimited slow?]

Starks Fervor is a great item to get, especially if your team is heavy on physical dps, if you don't see anyone else getting one. But if anyone on your team has a Starks I would continue with the core build.

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Early Game

Grab a , stick a point in (this will give higher dmg and knockup if enemy commits too long). and solo lane top(which i suggest you start with a if you are 2v1) or bottom, you can lane with a lot of champions well, so its really not an issue who you go with. ( / are good melee partners, / are good support/AP. If you have a good partner there is a great chance you can grab First Blood with him/her. I usually aim for first blood at level 3 when I have a point in all 3 skills, with another disabler and exhaust it is very easy to achieve a kill, Head back if you have very low hp, or have enough to buy boots and all imporant sight ward for you're river bush.

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Mid Game

You should have a and maybe a if you got fed well.
You are a great initiator in small steam fights in close spaces around river, thought for a main 5v5 teams waiting for an intiation, better leave it to the main tank, unless you have built tank after you're aegis. team fight, control dragon, push.

Here is how I go about killing people > > > > > . Ofcourse Auto attacking inbetween all that.

You have a right to Lizard Elder Buff ;D

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Late Game

Now start thinking more towards baron controll/warding then dragon, though dragon is still important. It is crucial that you stay very close to you're team late game, as one of you dead can result in turret loss and/or baron push. you are here to close the gap on the range support/carriers make sure you do so, however, do not go charing in to far and leave you're team as they will just turn on you and pick you off, make sure you charge to a fully committed close and personal team fight, unless you are fed like a boss ^^. Ward if you have the space to, pot up for final push.

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Ward Ward Ward!!sight ward sight ward sight ward

Solo Dragon mid game

Last Hitting! don't push minion lane and deny if you can, last hit the creep when it is on low hp! good a good Creep Score(CS)

Lizard Buffs are for cool kids.

Protect Ya Neck!

Know when to commit

Play Safe.