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Xin Zhao Build Guide by steffan267

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author steffan267

Xin zhao - Win Nhao(Jungle)

steffan267 Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there!

THis is going to be my first guide ever! and I apologize on forehand if my english is not the greatest because my mother language is not english.

I made this guide because i've only seen people do Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion, and well.. you waste a lot of earlie game gold on those Health Potions and there is a cheaper way!. My soultion is Vampiric Scepter !

I play at around 1450elo and most games i've played with Xin Zhao is in ranked.

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Smite.
Smite because it is a must for you when you jungle! Securing buffs/ dragon / baron nashor .
Flash because it is OP (just my opinion ^^) can be used for everything.

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I use x3 Flat armor pen quintessences( greater quintessence of desolation).

I use 9x flat armor pen marks( Greater Mark of desolation. The reason for that is i want to deal more dmg to the jungle creeps, so penetrating their defensives is a must!

I use 9x flat armor Seal( Greater Seal of Armor) because when i jungle i want to take less dmg from the creeps to substain longer.

I then suggest you use either flat or magic resist pr level glyph because i find myself very exposed as Xin Zhao. I go with the mr pr lvl ( Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist)

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My item build variates a lot and that is because Xin Zhao has to adapt to the game.
My "main" build is only for use when you have a tank on your team who can initaite. This is very important! and i will explain later. It looks like:

Dps builld
Vampiric Scepter>> Berserker's Greaves / Mercury's Treads >> Wriggle's Lantern(sell lategame)>> Trinity Force(starting with Sheen then Phage) >> The Bloodthirster >> Wit's End >> Spirit Visage >> Either Zeke's Harbinger , Infinity Edge or Banshee's Veil. Depends on our opponents and team.

The reason i build like this is:
Xin Zhao is very deadly if played correctly. THis build gives him utility, survivability and a lot of damage.

If your team does not have a tank i will suggest somewhat this build. Tho i never go Xin Zhao if i have no tank (because i just don't feel xin zhao should initaite just to get focused down):

Vampiric Scepter >> Mercury's Treads >> Wriggle's Lantern(sell lategame) >> Frozen Mallet >> Atma's Impaler >> Infinity Edge >> The Bloodthirster >> Wit's End/ Banshee's Veil (depends on the opposing team)

The reason for this is you get a lot of resist but at the same time you can bunch out a lot of damage.

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Skill order

My skill order is normally:

Three Talon Strike
Battle Cry
Three Talon Strike
Audacious Charge
Three Talon Strike
Crescent Sweep
I then max Three Talon Strike, then Battle Cry while putting a point in Crescent Sweep level 11 and 16.

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This is how i jungle:

You may at any time even level one leave your route to gank. With the Vampiric Scepter you can efford to loose a decent ammount of health and still continue your route.

To start with ask your team mates to guide your blue and guide the entrances to the red buff jungle.

Xin Zhao only needs the first Blue buff, so after that donate it to your ap carry mid.

I start with double golems, and now listen up! 1 autoattack then Three Talon Strike, one more autoattack then Smite it. Then just kill the other golem.(remember always use 1 autoattack before using your Three Talon Strike because it resets your attack animation)

Go to wraith camp and repeat this (Start by using Three Talon Strike on the big wraith to kill it faster)

Go wolf camp and kill the big one first

Then remember the one autoattack + Three Talon Strike and go do blue buff.

When your done, look if you have aviable ganks, if not Recall . and then
buy 1-2 health poition and a ward then go red buff, kill it and your ready to gank!
Picutre link


Xin Zhao is an excellent counter jungler also, i therefore always try to counter jungle when i have the oppourtinity. Earlie game i only counter jungle if i Flash off CD because escaping can be real tough without it.

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Mindset of the Win Nhao

When you play Xin Zhao you always got to judge every situation. Do not engage into battles that is hopeless unless you think you can make it happen!.

YOu have to keep track of:
Who am i against?
Which team mates are supporting me?
How much dmg and cc are they able to do?
do they have Flash up?
Is my team retreating?
are they low hp/mana ?
Who will go down fast?
Who needs to go down first? (At any time always focus Ad/ap carry's)

Earlie i said i only play if i have a tank on the team, which is actually real. My mindset for Xin Zhao is not engaging to get burstet down. Therefore always have a team with some sort of initaite and a tank /tanky dps top lane!

When you spot a team battle is upcoming you got 2 choices:
1. Hide/run around and flash/run to the carries from behind (recommended)
2. Stay tuned behind your tank, let the initaite happen then fly with flash+E into their carries.

Either way you gotta start Battle Cry>> Audacious Charge> Crescent Sweep>>autoattack>> Three Talon Strike= carry dead

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Thanks for reading!

Please rate, give comments and suggestions!

I challenge you to try this!
I always end up with feeling i've been very important to the game (which Imo is the only important thing)