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Yasuo Build Guide by DINfire99

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DINfire99

Yasuo Build

DINfire99 Last updated on July 10, 2016
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Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus Karthus is the worst pick against Yasuo (with Vel'koz). He has no mobility and he is so squishy so you will oneshot him.
Nidalee She can't fuck with you, especially before 6.
Veigar Veigar is basically useless against a Yasuo. He's squishy, has no mobility and his ulti his useless. Ask yourself why he picked veigar against Yasuo
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Hi everyone!

My name is DINfire99 and I am a Gold V midlaner from Italy.

Here is my personal lolking account

In this guide I will show you some tips, some tricks and even some advices to use Yasuo.

Disclaimer: If you aren't interested at all or you just think that writing a "low" ELO build is a kinda stupid idea because I am not Plat or above, please leave this page.
Now, we are ready to go.

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So, first of all, let's take a look to my Yasuo rune page:

You can see that this rune set is slighty different from the one on the top of the page: if you think that you are pretty confident with Yasuo then you should run this rune set but remember that the one n the top of the page has flat stats which help A LOT on ealry game trades.
So let's take a look at every single rune type.

Marks: We run AD flat red (that's so standard). The reason behind why I don't run critical strike chance runes on marks is because of the Infinity Edge season 5 nerf, wich now gives 5% less critical strike chance so we should run all marks and 1 quint without flat stats.

Seals: I personally run 9x Greater Seals of Scaling Armor which give a huge amount of Armor at lvl 18. Remember that if you want to use the rune set on the top of the page you should remeber that probably is better that you take Flat Armor seals if you are vs. AD Champs in lane, like Zed, Talon and Varus.

Glyphs: Here we are with the Glyphs. Basically I personally run 9x Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist because I think that there is no other stats that you really want on Glyphs to use Yasuo. Obvviously you can take Flat Magic Resist vs heavy early game AP.

Quintessences: I took attack speed quintessences because they help Yasuo a lot: Yasuo's Q Cooldown is reduced the more attack speed Yasuo has so you ABSOLUTELY want to hav some attack speed to have less CDR. AD Quints aren't worth at all because of the fact that most of Yasuo laning phase damages come from his Q.

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See on the top of the page for build example and other stuff.

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Skill Sequence

Most of times I start with E wich helps Yasuo a lot last-hitting the first minute and dodging enemy poke/skillshots. However there are many cases where you want to take Q as first skill. Also remember that sometimes you don't even want to level up your wind wall at lvl 3 (for example if you are vs Vladimir or Wukong). I also saw many pro players which maxed E but i personally enjoy a lot more maxing Q because of the sustained damage you can deal.

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Ignite and flash are your best friends. However, sometimes you will take tp (when you go top) and other times you will take Exhaust (it' a good choise especially vs. Syndra and Zed).

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Ranked Play

Yasuo hasn't been a good pick in soloQ from his nerf. However, since Zed has been nerfed, the most picked SoloQueue AD mid champs are Varus and Yasuo so it's a good pick. Most of times he's not blind picked because he's easy counterable.
Yasuo's real power is unleashed in Ranked 5's especially because he needs some strong engager like Malphite and Orianna.

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Pros / Cons

-Very strong mid/late game
-Strong pick in Ranked Team
-Very mobile
-He doesn't need any resource to cast his abilities
-Strong damages
-Wind wall and passive are very strong defensive opportunities
-Very fun to play

-Not the best champ in laning phase
-Situational pick in SoloQueue, especially because he's AD
-Very vulnerable to CC's
-Easy counterable, especially in toplane
-Depends a bit on how much fed he is
-His teamfight potential depends a lot on how many people are knocked up

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Team Work

Yasuo is one of the most team dependent champ because he needs a strong engager so he has to work a lot with his team.

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Yasuo can farm pretty easily in lane and outside because of his E-Q combo which provides him a lot waveclear. The fact that he his an AD champ also helps him last-hitting (I personally take like 7/8 cs per minute).

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That was my Yasuo guide. I hope it was helpful ad if you have any doubt you can write a comment right in the comment section below. Thanks for all, DINfire99.