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Yasuo Build Guide by Daesung

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daesung

Yasuo Guide, Can you handle your drink? UPDATED 4.20!

Daesung Last updated on November 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Learning the Wind.

In order to fully master Yasuo, you WILL struggle.
He is quite a high skill cap champion, especially after the recent nerfs he has received.
If you are unable to fully learn him over the course of a small time frame, do not give up. He can be very hard to learn but quite rewarding.

His outplay potential is amazing and so is his carry potential, you can probably 1v5 a team if you are fed and skilled enough. Never had a penta? Master Yasuo and laugh as you won't stop getting them.

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Starting Items Doran's Blade Health Potion ~ Standard starting items, I almost always use this regardless of my opponent as it is easy to outplay on Yasuo as he is quite a mechanical champion.

First back/Early game Avarice Blade Zeal Statikk Shiv Berserker's Greaves ~ Early game depending on how much gold you have, you will want to grab your shiv items first, you can skip boots before you get the shiv, if you buy a component of the shiv and have enough for basic boots, feel free to pick them up.

After your shiv you can start making your way toward tier 2 boots or just boots in general depending on your rushed items.

Attack speed boots and shiv will grant you enough CDR for Q at level 18 to have it maxed. You can also feel free to grab merc treads instead if you feel the need to because of cc or just pure rape damage mid.

Mid game Infinity Edge Blade of the Ruined King ~ You definitely want to pick up your infinity edge straight after boots/shiv. This will max your crit(especially with the runes) and increase your critical strike up to 200%. This is amazing and must be grabbed.

As for the next item(s) Do not go blade AND BloodThirster, you want to only choose one. Bischu(A famous player from NA/Korea) Told me that Bloodthirster is better for Team fighting, while Bork is better for split pushing. I completely agree and tried it myself and I almost always go BT now.

EDIT: This is now outdated and wrong, you want to go blade of the ruined king almost always now. :)

Late game ~ Late game you want to go for either of these items depending on the situation.

LW Last Whisper ~ for armor shredding and if you are outplaying and do not need the defensive just yet.

GA Guardian Angel ~ if you are being focused in fights by both AP and AD and need that extra life to change a team fight.

Omen Randuin's Omen ~ If you are being targetted by small AP and alot of AD, it gives health and armor and is great for slowing down enemies enough for you to catch them out with your dash(e)

Maw Maw of Malmortius ~ If the team is mostly AP. Or they have a burster who is fed like leblanc and the ***** won't stop focusing you.

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Match Ups!

When playing against akali, it is important that you be very aware of her Q dmg, she will almost always try to fight you if she has her Q proc'd onto you, this can easily be baited as you can Q just out of range of her auto and continue to dash or kite around. The entire lane pre 6 depends on you getting a kill early, if you don't and she isn't trash she will come back with seekers and ult and it will be ALOT harder. If this happens, try to stay away from her, farm up and roam. This match up is hard.

Karthus is a very easy champion to face as Yasuo, you are able to dash through to your minons and dodge his Q's so easily, he is also a very squishy champion. You can take full advantage of this by dodging his abilities with your dash, you quickly and rapidly stack your dmg and are able to easily harass using the technique that you will learn about in this guide. Easy match up. ~ Abuse him early, wreck him mid game and dominate their team late because you're probably 10/0 by now

Diana is an annoying champion for any melee person, the shield will annoy the **** out of you, however it is very easy to counter her by just simply waiting for her shield to proc and dashing away from her and then back in when the shield is gone. Of course you can't always do this as sometimes you'll engage and mid fight her shield will proc. Her dashes will also be frustrating and if you E while she E's you will be snapped out of your dash but the target will still have the buff on them, which means you won't be able to dash back to them. However in this lane her kill potential is not very high if you are cautious and you should be able to force her out of lane at least once pre-6 even if you aren't able to kill her. Medium match up, force her under tower and roam.

LANE SWAP. ~ A good kayle, evenly matched in skill with you or even a little worse than you will still crush you. Half the time her Q will go through your wall, her auto attacks go through your wall, her invul is frustrating and annoying and she is just UGH.
Stupid advice for lane ~ Lane swap, ban her.
Real advice ~ If the above advice doesn't work or doesn't happen, play safe. Farm with Q, start with Q, windwall every time she Q's, try to be as safe as possible! Do not let her get a kill on you and you should be able to take her on once you get a shiv and outplay her. If not, roam bot for double at 6 or when you get shiv.
Very hard match up.

This is an even match up, you can windwall his Q when he ults or shadows and tries to double Q, you can windwall if fast enough and thus more than half his dmg is gone.
However he can ult your whirlwind and shadow your whirlwind making you unable to ult or he can just let you ult, shadow away and waste your ult. Very skill based match up, I suggest getting W at level 3 and spamming it pre-6 when he tries to Q then save it for when he ults, you can bait his Q's when he ults by windwalling as he lands, he will walk through you dash through him onto the other side and it's an easy block. Medium lane, skill match up. Pre 6 harass him and spam wall, after 6 wall, jump through it by dashing through him and easy block of half his dmg.

Hard lane pre-6 her damage will mess you up, her shield will block your crits and her stun will trap you from using your dash(the buff will appear on target but you won't dash there)
Tough lane at first, but after 6 save your wall and you are able to block her ulti dmg.
It will still be a tough lane but you should be able to outplay it if you kite.
Hard lane pre-6 then turns into medium lane, avoid 1v1 and kite her back until you are able to outdmg, block ulti with wall.

Easy lane, dodge all her skill ***** with your wall and your dash, should be able to easily harass and she is quite squishy, free lane basically.

Hilarious lane or even if he is in the jungle, block his Q(majority of dmg) with your windwall, easily turn on him and win the fight, unless he maxes E in which case you can dash away from it and bait it out. :) Pretty easy lane

Mmm pre-6 this lane is fine, easy to harass her and push her out of lane or under tower so she can't cs, but at 6 her cs under tower because annoyingly good, her dash makes it hard to even get your ult off, not only because she can just leap the other direction of your wind but if you try to get close to EQ ult, she can just dash away ~_~.
It's not a difficult lane... you may get a kill or two pre 6 but after that your kill potential unless she's terrible just skyrockets down. I suggest pushing and then roaming. Or getting a cc jungler to gank. OR bait her W out but once again if she's good, she won't do that.

Words cannot describe this girls burst. Wait nvm, insane burst? Idk.
advice? GL. Nah just kidding :) this lane is actually quite easy! You are able to just block her Q with your wall which makes her burst very low if she decides to double W or double chain but it makes her usual burst of Q R W unable to do, this makes it quite an easy lane, you can even block her Q W. Without Q her burst is pretty useless :) Just play passive when your wall isn't up and then when it is engage on her and harass.

This matchup was highly requested. Tricky lane, the trick to this match up, is harass her down early and fight her HOWEVER when she uses her parry, dash to her, dash away and then dash to a minion close to her and resume owning her. The entire trick to this is basically just stop hitting her with auto's or your Q(because yes your Q gets parried) until it is off, it's probably about 2-3s it is up on her. Not very long also save your wind for when she finishes her ult, she will appear right in front of you and is a free ulti for you ^_^.

Orianna is a strange match up. I'd say a medium lane, her harass in lane can keep you off minions because you're melee however last hitting with your Q is really easy as the CD is quite low, the range is pretty decent and you can dash around and avoid her ball. The issue with her is yes you can windwall her ball however if the wall is close enough to you she can still ult you through it. Skill lane, avoid her ball with your dashes but at the same time try to harass her, tricky but fun ^_^ Really enjoyable lane. Oh and a tip for ori, you can flash her ult if you are fast enough. :)

Ziggs can be frustrating for anybody to lane against, he will more than likely bait your shield out and harass with his Q. Something faker himself does is wait for the skillshot to be thrown and then dodge, if you know the cooldowns of ziggs abilities(you can always look them up) You should know when he's about to throw them and the moment he does, be prepared to move. Of course that's asking quite alot and nobody is faker :P So the best way I personally deal with this lane is bait out his cooldowns by dodging with your dash and then go in for the kill/harass. It's a medium lane. ~ Although annoying.

All credit for swain counter goes to: Falseogod(

About Swain: Decrepify Q and Nevermove W bypass wall, Torment E and Ravenous Flock R don't. However, Swain can bait because his E and auto particles are REALLY similar and a smart one will always cast Q first on you to bait wall. Snare can be dodged with E if you're careful. However, I don't recommend all ins at all, ever, unless you started ahead or are getting a gank. Swain devours melee champs and his ult forces you to decide between walling the particles or engaging, you can't do both due to range restrictions.
My best advice is to push him really hard post 6 since Swain doesn't push super well himself (post 6 is better, but still..) and gank sidelanes, since you're more mobile.

Thanks again to Falseogod for that advice on Swain as it's not a match up I have had many times, and he's a swain god.

Guide Top

Basic mechanics for beginners. ~ How to lane, duel and teamfight.

How to lane ~ In order to lane as Yasuo, you should pick up your Q first, picking up your E(Dash) second and dash 1 or 2 times through the minions(Try to last hit with it and then use your Q on your opponent and dash back through a minion to quickly escape any harrass, this is a great tool and I use it almost every game, dash Q dash. You can even stay there for extended periods of time if you need to so Dash in, Q auto auto Q then Dash out.

If you are unable to get first blood you may get ganked early so possibly take your wind wall level 3 if their jungler is somebody like lee sin and requires a projectile to engage or your enemy laner has a projectile cc.

If your opponent is higher elo, they will probably time your flash(roughly 5:00) be aware of this as they may tell jungler or engage before your flash is up. Yasuo has become weaker in lane phase so try to save your flash! If it can't be helped then it can't be helped but you need to ward up and play safe if your flash is down.

After level 1, you will want to last hit with your Q's and stack it to the 3rd one. This will once again push your lane if you are not careful with it, this isn't a bad thing if you are warding and taking into consideration where the enemy jungler is, your opponent will miss out on cs. After your Q is stacked enough for whirlwind, you will want to dash through a minion and either A) Dash to your opponent and Q for the spin knock up and dash away or B) Dash to a minion and then throw your Q out at your opponent. You may also C) Just plain throw your Q to them, however this one is quite easy to dodge if your opponent isn't brain dead.

You are able to solo wraiths, fairly early. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. Remember you ARE pushing lane more than likely, you should be dominating your opponent in cs, you lose your kill potential and gain a potential for being ganked so this opens up your 3rd option, low elo junglers may rage you, explain what you are doing if they are not happy. Take the wraiths after pushing your lane to the tower. This gives enough time for the lane to be shoved back into the middle.

EDIT: The above is actually no longer true with new jungle changes HOWEVER, the jungle is always quite low around the wolf or razor camps so you can roam in there and try to kill the enemy jungler when you are pushing up or possibly roam top or bot for a gank, even blowing summoners is worth your roam.

DO NOT sit under their tower if you have no clue where the jungler is and you have little to no wards. This is a rookie mistake, please do not do it. You are reading a guide because you want to improve or learn the champion, this is a dumbass mistake that I made for about 100 games. ~ derp. If the lane is pushed and you have no wards or cannot see the jungler, what do you think you should do? Go back and get wards ~_~. Or if you're a badass just plain and simple back and buy your crit items with no wards, just don't sit there.

But Skyichi, what should I get first attack speed or crit? Well young one, go ahead and get crit first. I would rather hit twice as hard than .2s faster. However this IS preference and you MAY go attack speed items in the shiv first.

But but but Skyichiiii kunn, What about boots before shiv? NO.... no ~_~. Your shiv will give you about 5 ms less than regular boots, get your shiv first hyung. After you get Shiv, you should be able to easily crush your opponent the damage and power spike is incredible, believe me you can probably solo your opponent that was just owning you, as soon as you pick up a shiv.

If you are versing a skillshot heavy person then you can grab boots first, but ONLY if that's the case.

How do I duel as yasuo? To duel as yasuo, you can do this many ways.
A) Kite, Dash through minions and your opponent in order to dodge his skill shot attacks. Run back while spamming Q backwards, run Q run Q run Q ULT, ignite dash Q dash out.

B) Dash to minion, dash to minion, dash to opponent, Q AA AA Q ~ one of two things will happen here, you are either strong enough to follow up with another Q and then ULT and kill or you are going to dash back to a minion and then repeat for the kill.

C) Q through minions to hit them, dash then Q, AA, Q and ULT. ~ You should be able to dash to them again for that last second hit to ensure the kill if needed.

If you are currently engaged in a fight and it is 1v2 and you have shiv, kite. You can turn that around and double kill if you have your shiv and kite well enough to hit them both with an ULT. ~ Mechanical outplay.

How to teamfight ~ This one is pretty straight forward, use the techniques for dueling but apply them into a teamfight, this is very situational. You will either be jumping around from person to person while adding in some Q's in order to confuse your opponents and dodge the skillshots. Or you will be kiting until you are able to get your whirlwind off and then ult in, you should be focusing the fed person(usually adc) alternatively you can engage if you team has knock ups by ulting, this will usually put you in the center of a team and thus alot of people do not do this, however you are able to easily dash out if needed plus the CC and huge damage burst followed up by your team engaging you will more than likely be winning the fight.

Really yasuo's teamfight is just all about rushing in, dealing tons of damage and if needed dashing the hell out. Your dash can easily be used as an escape if you position correctly :)

Once you've mastered or at least read/learnt these basic things, please move on to the Advanced mechanics!

Guide Top

Advanced mechanics ~ Dashing through jungle walls. Direct Input and kiting.

You are able to jump over every single jungle camp in the game, using the jungle monsters.

To do this easier, you will need to go to your options, in the first tab open and scroll down to the 2nd last thing that will say "Target Champions Only" I have binded this to the button on the side of my mouse so I can hold it down while clicking. Bind this

Please refer to Bischu's Yasuo Jump guide for video tutorial on how to do it:

0:10 - Hotkey adjustment

Blue Side

0:55 - Golems

1:35 - Wraithes

2:30 - Wolves

3:00 - Wight

3:30 - Blue

4:25 - Red

Red side

4:50 - Blue

6:05 - Wolves

6:25 - Wight

6:55 - Wraithes

7:55 - Red

8:10 - Golems

8:25 - More dash combos´╗┐

This hasn't changed, you can still do this.(4.20)

~ Direct Input ~ This is basically instead of clicking a far distance and waiting for your character to go there, if you click for nearly every step your character takes, it will not only improve your reaction speed/time but will also slightly get your character to places faster, the character is an extension of YOU, the KIT is what you are playing, but you are essentially the yasuo in the game. That's you controlling everything, the KIT is what makes the champion. All pro players use and do this.

Kiting ~ This is so key with Yasuo, he scales off your mechanical skill, if you are a good player and can outplay people this is YOUR CHAMPION. Kiting is so much fun and can change a game in a matter of seconds, you have a short cooldown damage spell that deals about 100 damage + 100% of your attack damage(maxed) and when you are full atk speed(CDR) you can easily have it on about 2s or lower CD. so they will HAVE to get in range of your Q to try to hit you at all, You want to be spamming your Q constantly as they chase you, it's easy and it's free damage and will gain you stacks in order to whirlwind, ULT for the turn around, be sure to always Q as you are coming down from your ulti.

This has been a Yasuo guide by Daesung/Skyichi(IGN), please rate and like(if you enjoyed it) as it is my first guide, I would also like feedback <3