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Yasuo Build Guide by BentHo3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BentHo3

Yasuo Mid Build "Ninjas, I hate those guys"

BentHo3 Last updated on June 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This my first guide so I hope this is going to help people who want to playYasuo.

There are some tips on learning how to play Yasuo!
I hope you like!

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Pros / Cons


+ Nice Blocker with Wind Wall
+ No Mana
+ Easy Farming with Steel Tempest and Sweeping Blade
+ Long Range and short Cooldown Ult Last Breath


- No real escape spell
- Really hard to master
- Knock-up needed for using his Ult Last Breath
- Complex Champion

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Here are the Champions who could help Yasuo to use his Ult


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Boots of Swiftness I choose these boots because of their passive which reduces movement slowing effects by 25% to escape when you get ganked.
This build is based on farming a lot to be strong in the late game.

Berserker's Greaves you could also take these boots to harass your opponent even more and to have great sustain with attack speed and your lifesteal.

Ninja Tabi You can also choose these to get some extra armor at the beginning, but yasuo is a late game champ and in the late game he already has armor and extra 20 armor wont change much, and the passive of ninja tabi doesnt really help because his passive already gives him a shield to absorb damage.

Trinity Force This item is just excellent for farming it gives you movement speed for each minion/monster you kill, the spellblade passive is also good on yasuo's Steel Tempest and Sweeping Blade to deal more damage after finishig your build.

The Bloodthirster Life steal is always good and Bloodthirster is very good for Yasuos Q Steel Tempest which is considerated as an auto-attack.

Ravenous Hydra Like I said before, Lifesteal is never bad and the passive is really helping to farm easier and do damage to the surrounding opponents.

Infinity Edge I think this is one of the best items for Yasuo it gives a good amount of damage and a lot of critical strike chance which is doubled by his passive.

The tank Items are very essential for Yasuo to survive in teamfigths and to counter your opponents.
You have to buy some tanky items for Yasuo or he will die quickly when he gets focused.

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In the Yasuo Champion Spotlight video from Riot you can learn simple combos.
Here you can see how it works which start at min 4:40. Click Here

After charging your Flow bar you can engage to deal some damage to your opponent.

Here’s a simple combo you can use.
Dash to a minion with your E Sweeping Blade, hit your opponent with your Q Steel Tempest and dash back to another minion with your E Sweeping Blade

After lvl 6 you can get easy kills with your Ult Last Breath and after you opponent got knocked-up.
You just have to use your simple combo to get your opponent low and then to finish them off with your Finishing Combo.

Use your Q Steel Tempest on a minion to get your first Q stack, then Dash to a minion E Sweeping Blade
to be in front of your opponent,

Q Steel Tempest her to get the second stack, then use your last Q Steel Tempest, to knock-up your opponent, when the opponent is knocked-up successfully use your Ult R Last Breath
is going to deal so much damage that you can finish him with a last Q Steel Tempest thanks to his low cooldown.

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In teamfights stay in the middle to use your W Wind Wall which can help A LOT. Try to hit as much as possible your opponents with your Q Steel Tempest Knock-up to ult and to dealing a tons of damage.
In teamfights focus the ADC, I think that yasuo is one of those champion (ADC counters) who could easily kill ADCs.

If you’re not strong enough try to position your W Wind Wall in front of your team to protect them against projectiles,charge your Q Steel Tempest to knock-up your opponent to ult them to start the fight and dash back to your team so they can easily clean up.

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Yasuo is a very strong champion but he’s really squishy.

It doesn’t matter, he looks awesome!

Have fun playing Yasuo! I hope this guide helps.

Thanks to DoomSavior9 for helping me on this guide.

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After a few matches here is the result of the build!