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Yasuo General Guide by MrFappyPants

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrFappyPants

Yasuo - The unforgiven.

MrFappyPants Last updated on August 9, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, i am MrFappyPants, I main Yasuo in the middle lane. This will be my first guide!

Please do keep in mind this is my very first guide, made without any help!

Please comment giving me any feedback if i need some, Please Dont forget to RATE my guide :D

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Yasuo His passive Way of the Wanderer has two parts.
Resolve & Intent.
Intent: Yasuo has double the amount of crit chance, but crits deal 10% less damage.

Resolve: Yasuo Gains flow passively, when hit by an enemy champion / Neutral monsters, Yasuo Gets a shield protecting him from some damage for 2 seconds.

His Q Steel Tempest is Yasuo his bread and butter, The first and second casts thrusts out his sword in a line, dealing AD to all enemies hit, applies on-hit effects to the first target hit.

When using Steel Tempest Whilst using Sweeping Blade you deal AoE damage in a circle. Combine this to get alot of poke off.

On the 3rd cast of Steel Tempest Yasuo Gets a new skill in his Q slot. This is a fast moving whirlwind knocking up any enemies in a line.

Do keep in mind that Steel Tempest its Cooldown is reduced by attack speed, the minimum cooldown you can have is 1.33 seconds.

His W Wind Wall Is a Wall, made to block all enemy projectiles. So laning against a Ziggs Or a Nidalee Should be quite easy.

His E Sweeping Blade Has alot of potential. You can escape and engage with it.
Also, on both Wights, you can Steel Tempest The wight will reveal, then Sweeping Blade On it to escape.

His ultimate Last Breath Automatically Targets all airborne champions in a range of 1200 Keeps them into the air for 1 second and then deals Physhical damage. After using Last Breath Yasuo gets 50% Armor pen. For 15 seconds

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Pros / Cons


- Can easily acces a 100% Crit chance
- Deals Tons of damage!
- Has a good engage
- Has good CC with his ultimate.
- Has a semi-good dueling potential.
- Does not really need armour pen
- Has high mobility.
- Has a really good passive.


- Is very Squishy
- Is focused ALOT
- Needs to be in melee range to deal damage.
- Ultimate requires a knockup of some sort.
- Is countered by fast bursts.
- You may have to rely on yourself for your own knockups.

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When farming with Yasuo, Keep in mind you have to stack your Steel Tempest
Use this on the minions or to last hit minions who could be dangerous to AA.

When you have your 3rd stack of Steel Tempest Try Poking your enemy laner with it.

Make sure to always try to stack your Sweeping Blade And if hit full stacks, Target your enemy.

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Team Work

Since Yasuo his ultimate can only be cast on Airborne champions, it is almost a must to have someone with a Displacement / Knockup.

Good teammates are:

She has a tornado, just like yours. Cool eh? Also her ult can trigger your ultimate.
With Malphite You can get 5 man ults with a well placed ulti of Malphite.
Same for Zyra. You can get 5 man ults.
Good old Vi She is SO good with Yasuo, Her Q is a knockup, and her ult is a knockup aswell!

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Hard matchups

Zed Goes even with Yasuo. Skilled matchup.

You cannot block any of his abilities, you can however try to juke his silence with your Sweeping Blade

Kayle Is probaly the hardest matchup for Yasuo She can push waves out of control with her AoE damage, and is she lands her slow she can easily damage you.

Fiora is a pain in the ***, she is a really good duelist.

Akali Can easily burst you down, you need some more time to do this.

Soraka Even is she is getting a nerf, her silence will shut you down so hard, denying your mobility.

Karthus Can be hard to play against, but can be countered too. You can try dashing away from his low cooldown Q Lay Waste, but if he manages to slow you with his wall, you are in trouble.

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Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful tips for Yasuo:

- When you are going to roam to a lane, make sure you have got your Steel Tempest Stacked so you can launch your whirlwind.

- You can dash over almost any neutral camp, use this to your advantage, it will take a while before you master it, but its really worth it (Walk close to the creep, You can toggle creep focus off by pressing the ~ key, this makes it easier, then dash) Do keep in mind this will fail a couple of times before you master it, dont rely on it. Also, you need wards for any camp exept the wight.

- Always keep in mind your ultimate Last Breath can be interrupted before you even cast it. If you get Hard CC'd before you are able to trigger the ability, you cannot use it.

- Always try to Sweeping Blade on a minion instead of a champion, not only will it limit your damage, but also it should be your last resort incase they get away.

- If you have stacks on your Steel Tempest, you can dash on the target then use your Q+E Combo so its a guaranteed knockup, you cannot miss, unless if they have some sort of fast dash.

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The end

I hope you liked my guide!

Please comment giving me feedback if needed!


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