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Master Yi Build Guide by Mash Jerni

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mash Jerni

YI - Jungle Just Got Wuju Styled

Mash Jerni Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is for Master Yi in the jungle. Master Yi is very versatile Champion with his ultimate and can also clear the jungle very quickly. This guide will outline how to jungle Master Yi as well as give you some strategies and tips that you can use when jungling Master Yi. Master Yi is also the best backdoorer in the game and can backdoor if your team is falling behind.

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This high attack speed rune page is chosen for one simple reason. The reason is that when Master Yi starts with a Vampiric Scepter he will heal himself more often and he will have a lot more sustain. The armor pen quints are there for when you enter combat with another player as you can hit harder if you ignore some of their armor.

There are some alternatives to this rune page the main alternative is to change your marks and quints to attack damage which helps with life steal as well, change your seals to armour so you dont lose as much health when hit, and change your glyphs to magic resist so when you engage with an AP champion you wont lose as much health as you would without magic resist, however you can gain armour and magic resist from items if you are losing to much health from enemies.

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I use these masteries as I find AD Master Yi is a lot better in the jungle as he is not as mana dependant as AP Yi, I also believe that AD Yi is all around better. The masteries I use are based around dealing damage as well as attack speed. In the defensive tree I use Tough Skin and Bladed Armour to clear the jungle as fast as possible. I chose summoner resoolve for the extra 10 gold every time I use smite. The armour and magic resist are for taking less damage also.

If you want to use AP Yi then you would change the masteries in the attack tree to AP masteries but keep the attack speed. You could also take 3 points from the defence tree and put them into the Havoc mastery in the attack tree if you want a little bit of extra damage although you shouldnt need it.

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The Vampiric Scepter is the first item on my list because Yi is the only jungler who has enough attack speed and damage to use lifesteal and not die or have to go back to fountain all the time. I get boots next so I can get around quicker and for the bonus attack speed again helping with sustain as well as allowing you to get to lanes quicker for ganks and to chose opponents down as Yi has a faster base speed than most other champions. I then build Infinity Edge for the extra damage which means you will get more health from your lifesteal as well as doing more damage. The 25% crit chance also helps because at later levels Yi hits extremely hard. The unique passive also helps when you reach later levels and you should have a very high crit chance which means most of your attacks will deal 250% damage. I then build Phantom Dancer for the bonus attack speed to deal damage faster as well as the crit chance and increasing your movement speed even further. The The Bloodthirster allows you to more damage and survive longer with more lifesteal. Youmuu's Ghostblade allows you to do more damage and crit more, you also get the CDR and armour pen. When you use the active with your ultimate you can solo turrets and inhibitors and destroy them in a matter of a few seconds. The Guardian Angel gives you the extra defences so you don't take as much damage as well as the passive essentially giving you a chance to finish off a structure or champion, or to get away when you come back to life.

The only alternative to this build is building 2 Phantom Dancers rather than a Youmuu's Ghostblade or a Phantom Dancer in place of the Guardian Angel if you aren't dying much.

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Skill Sequence

Yi's passive is amazing as every 7 attacks he strike twice, this is not as amazing on AP Yi as your basic attacks dont deal as much damage but for the sakes of this guide the passive is extremely good.

I choose Alpha Strike first as it does a fair amount of damage and it has 20/30/40/50/60% chance to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions. I max this first as you will be doing a lot of damage to minions and also doing the extra 400 damage a lot more often when it is at level 5.

I then max Wuju Style as it has a passive to allow you to deal more damage and when you activate it you deal even more damage.

I put one point in Meditate early but max it last as it will help sustain in the jungle as you will be able to heal if you find yourself a little low on health and then continue jungling.

I point points into Highlander (ultimate) at level 6,11 and 16 as is the case with most ultimates, the ultimate is best used to kill a champion or chase a champion down as if you kill a champion while Highlander is activve it has no cooldown and if you get an assist the cooldown is cut in half.

An alternative to this is to start off with Wuju Style so you deal more damage which means that your life steal will grant you more health per hit. You could also max this first for the same reason, although I still believe Alpha Strike is a better choice especially for jungling.

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Summoner Spells

I use Smite and Flash. Smite helpd clear the jungle quickly and can be used later in game to steal baron or dragon from the enemy team if you want. Flash is the other spell as it can be used to escape from champions who would otherwise kill you or it can also be used to catch a champion that would otherwise escape.

You could also choose Teleport as this would allow you to telport across the map and would assist u in backdooring. You could also choose Heal to heal yourself if you are low on health. You could choose Exhaust to help you against champions who deal alot of damage or you could use exhaust to slow them so you can escape. Ghost would give you movement speed to increase your versatility around the map and can help with ganks as well. Surge would work well with your ultimate and Youmuu's ghostblades active effect. Clarity is an alternative but is not useful for AD Yi as you can do a lot of damage without abilites but you might want to get it if you think you need mana at all time. Ignite would only need to be taken if you want an extra edge when you gank to finish off champions without having to risk dying from turret or running into a second enemy when you are low on health from turret hits. It would be fairly pointless to pick up any of the other summoner spells but some of the spells could come in useful but are purely circumstantial.

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Ranked Play

I don't advise playing Master Yi in ranked play until you have practiced jungle Yi in normals and have a good understanding of Master Yi's game mechanics and abilities, as well as understanding the best times to use certain abilities. If you can grasp these concepts then Yi is a powerful force in ranked play and his amazing backdooring ability can take your team from losing a match to having an advantage over your opposition and in most cases winning the match. I have played jungle Yi in ranked matches and I find his ganks to be extremely effective and his damage output to be extremely good.

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Creeping / Jungling

When in the jungle, the route should be Wolves>Ancient Golem (Blue)>Wraiths>Mini Golems>Lizard Elder (Red)> Wraiths (these are enemy wraiths and is optional, there is risk involved so if you dont want to risk dying then you can leave these wraiths out).

Although Master Yi doesn't need mana to do a lot of damage, blue is still beneficial and necessary in the early stages of the match as you need to use your abilties to clear minion waves easily if you are covering a lane, it also allows to use abilites agsint the jungle monsters to clear the jungle faster, or use ur abilties if you run into an enemy either in your jungle or if you are invading their jungle. The blue buff will also help you with ganks because to kill an enemy champion quickly so they dont get away or so you don't have to turret dive you will need to use your abilities, and blue buff will mean you will always have enough mana to use all the abilities you need to kill any champion.

I would also recommend that you get wards to ward baron and dragon as well as warding your blue and red buffs and you could also ward some bushes so that your team mates dont get ganked and so you can see enemy champions in the bushes. You may also want to ward the entrances to your jungle so if the other jungler tries to counter jungle, you will be able to stop him and your team mates will also know that your getting counter jungled and will be able to help you kill the other jungler, in effect allowing you to have an advantage over the other jungler in levels and items as you will be getting more gold when they are dead. (Wards arent needed in normal games but it helps to practice with wards in normal games as wards are something you must have and know how to use in ranked).

When in the jungle I would also try to stay in the jungle as long as possible before going back to the fountain. That way you will gain a level advantage over the other jungler again in level and you will be getting more gold while hes waiting for mana and health at his fountain. This doesn't mean sit in the jungle with 4000 gold, obviously go back to buy items, but you dont need to buy items as soon as you have enough gold. You can save up till 3000 gold then go back buy another item or get some of the lesser items that build into your other items.

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Pros / Cons

- Extremely fast clear time.
- Extremely mobile.
- Has extremely high attack damage
- Lots of steroids (Wuju Style, Highlander)
- High Sustain
- High movement speed to escape or chase down enemies
- Alpha Strike finishes right next to the first target (use it on enemy champions)
- Alpha Strike and Highlander allows Yi to chase down enemies easily
- Can backdoor effectively
- Can hit multiple targets in team fights with Alpha Strike
- Can clear minions waves extremely quickly and easily with Alpha Strike
- Ultimate has no cooldown on enemy kill and half cooldown on enemy assist

- Squishy
- Mana problems (especially early on) < Reason why you need blue buff (Ancient Golem)
- No form of CC
- If you dont get your items quickly you will not be as effective as you could be
- If you are fed you will be focused
- Is easily counter jungled <This is why you ward your buffs and jungle entrances

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Team Work

With Yi in the jungle you must support your team with ganks but they have to help you out as well and make sure that if they see something that involves your jungle that they tell you in case you missed it and didn't see it. Also if you get champion kills your team might get frustrated if you ks, my advice is apologise and state the fact that your ultimate refreshes on kill if you used your ultimate and tell them that Yi is highly dependant on his items.

In team fights you are a valuable asset as your alpha strike can hit every enemy champion if they are grouped up. You should also try to backdoor as you are one of the only champions who can destory structures solo and in a matter of seconds in late game.

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Unique Skills

This build has and extremly high amount of damage as well as a high amount of attack speed and movement speed along with your runes once the build is finished you will be pretty much unstoppable.

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In the jungle you are farming all the time but keep on farming at later levels when you are out of the jungle, also dont be scared to go and clear some minion waves if one of your team mates isnt in their lane or they are getting over run by minions.

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Overall Master Yi is an extremely powerful champion and if you pratice and grasp his mechanincs and know what abilties to use and at what time to use them, as well as knowing when to backdoor you can dominate almost any champion 1v1 and are a valuable asset to any team in normal and ranked matches.